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We should all show gratitude toward James Harden and Kevin McHale.

Having watched that last shot of Game 6 dozens of times, it's become obvious to me that while the lion's share of credit for Dame Lillard's series-winning buzzer-beater should of course go to Dame...

Portland tittering again over its "Trail Blazers" basket-ball squad.


Again, the City of Roses is tittering as its plucky, resourceful "Trail Blazers" basket-ball team attempts to win the fourth game out of five against the "Rockets" of Houston, Texas. A positive result this evening would result in Portland's winning the playoff series and moving on to the next round to face either the "Spurs" of San Antonio or "Mavericks" of Dallas. Our gritty bunch of cagers must be awfully fatigued after the long train journey from Portland to Houston for tonight's game, but they and their supporters would happily embrace the promise of several more train trips to Texas. Tonight's game "tips off" shortly after 6:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Supporters may receive frequent score updates by stopping in at telegraph offices throughout Portland; special "food carts" will be set up outside, serving fried tallow, watery beer and heavy irony.


Penthouse to outhouse: the night in 2001 the Blazers began their 5-year decline.

Today I saw on Facebook, via the Portland Trail Blazers, this factoid: "Did you know Portland has won at least 40 of their first 58 games for the first time since 2001?" I thought, surely they got...


Our best trade asset is Aldridge. Olshey shouldn't be afraid to make a deal.

We need size, we need better interior defense, and we desperately need depth. We also have free-agency money and an All-Star in his prime who's semi-likely to walk away at the end of his current...


20th anniversary of Bream-Cabrera: audio of the entire bottom of 9th

As we continue to try to wash the taste of that debacle of a Wild Card game from our mouths, I offer TCers something to remind us of much, much better times for Braves fans.


For the Braves to win the WC game, they'll have to overcome their history.

Now I know why I'm so absolutely terrified of this one-game playoff: historically speaking, they'd be better off playing on the road.

Bucher: OKC, Scott Brooks "not close" on contract extension; Blazers in waiting?


"The clock is ticking," says a source close to the negotiations. Personally, I think they'll eventually come to an agreement, but it sounds like if things fall through there's a good chance Scott Brooks will be the new Blazers coach.

Stein: UFA G Deron Williams To Pick Either Nets Or Mavericks

Marc Stein of reports that unrestricted free agent point guard Deron Williams will sign with either the Brooklyn Nets or the Dallas Mavericks in free agency. ------------------------------- When NBA free agency begins at midnight July 1, Brooklyn Nets star guard Deron Williams will be choosing from a two-team list that only features the Nets and the Dallas Mavericks, according to sources close to the situation. Sources told on Saturday night that, while this summer's No. 1 free agent remains "up in the air" about which team he'll ultimately chose, Williams already has made the decision to narrow his list of potential destinations to those two franchises. ------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Looking for Braves fans in Portland, Oregon

Hi, I'm an ATL native who's been in Portland since 1997, so I'm particularly sad about Chipper's impending retirement because he is the last link between my growing-up Braves fandom and my current...

Here's a Blazer playoff streak that really needs to end: The Blazers have lost their last SIX...


Here's a Blazer playoff streak that really needs to end: The Blazers have lost their last SIX playoff home openers: 2010, game 3 (Phoenix); 2009, game 1 (Houston); 2003, game 3 (Dallas); 2002, game 3 (Lakers); 2001, game 3 (Lakers); 2000, game 3 (Lakers). Let's see a different result Thursday night! Yes!

A milestone for Nate McMillan can be reached with a win tomorrow night. After digging himself a...


A milestone for Nate McMillan can be reached with a win tomorrow night. After digging himself a hole with a 53-111 in the first 2 seasons of the Blazers' rebuilding project, Nate is now 242-243 during his Portland tenure. He can finally reach .500 if the Blazers beat the Warriors at the RG.


What if you had seen the Wallace trade in the Trade Drawer (POLL)

I know this should be a FanShot, but I didn't see a way to add a poll to a FanShot. So it's a FanPost. Anyway.

Two former Blazers rank among least valuable players in the NBA


Of all the advanced metrics championed by John Hollinger, the one I find most useful is EWA -- Estimated Wins Added -- which is essentially PER adjusted for playing time. The EWA gives the estimated number of wins a player adds to (or subtracts from) above (or below) what a "replacement player" would produce. As of today, the bottom 10 players in EWA are: Maurice Evans, Hawks (-1.2) Keith Bogans, Bulls (-1.2) Chris Duhon, Magic (-1.3) Derek Fisher, Lakers (-1.4) Rasual Butler, Clippers (-1.5) Ronnie Price, Jazz (-1.5) Travis Outlaw, Nets (-1.6) Steve Blake, Lakers (-1.7) Joel Anthony, Heat (-1.9) Stephen Graham, Nets (-2.3)


Why it hurts so bad: the Blazers' star-crossed history with big men (for newbies)

For those of you who aren't regular Blazersedge readers, perhaps not even Blazer fans, and have come here to sympathize, rubberneck or pile on, welcome! The Greg Oden Wake is in full effect. If...

What?!? CBS developing sitcom based on life of Colin Cowherd?!?


Former KGW sports guy and current ESPN Radio bloviator Colin Cowherd will be a producer in a development-stage sitcom about the life of...Colin Cowherd. Expect a lot of obvious points delivered as if they were coming from a place of deep profundity and insight. And a lot of subplots about how underrated Mark Sanchez is. I mean, come on. Colin Cowherd?!?

Anybody know when 2010-11 schedule will be released? And do you think David Stern would put Heat...


Anybody know when 2010-11 schedule will be released? And do you think David Stern would put Heat @ Cavs on opening night? Can you imagine the ratings?

CORRECTED: Blazer history looks MOSTLY kindly upon being 2-2 in a 7-game series. This is when it's happened:

  1. 76-77 Finals vs. Sixers. Won series 4-2
  2. 89-90 WCSF vs. Spurs. Won series 4-3.
  3. 89-90 WCF vs. Suns. Won series 4-2.
  4. 91-92 WCF vs. Jazz. Won series 4-2.
  5. 91-92 Finals vs. Bulls. Lost series 4-2.

A look back at the Offical 2009-10 Prediction Thread


Looking at the predictions for how the Blazers would fare in 2009-10, it's interesting that not a single commenter predicted 51 or fewer wins for Portland this regular season. A few of you threw out 52, but most gave straight-faced 60-65 win predictions. No one predicted major injuries. No one predicted the major display of heart and cojones our Blazers showed this year, expecting simple dominance instead. Question: Let's say the Blazers had a charmed, relatively injury-free season (like OKC has enjoyed) and got the 63 or so wins people were expecting. Would that really be any more satisfying than what they've accomplished this regular season, with all the adversity? What do you thinK?


The 5 worst performances by an opponent at the RG this season

I left last night's game with about 8 minutes to play. Usually I stay to the end, but as a fan of the game of basketball I was disgusted by the mailed-in, heartless effort by the New York Knicks...

More evidence in Kevin Pritchard's favor


The pick that KP turned into Jerryd Bayless is poised to set a very dubious record. Way to go, KP!

A fantastic piece of NBA journalism, even if it is about the L*kers.


The title is right: ex-Jordanaire and 3-pt specialist Craig Hodges, now a shooting coach for the L*kers, apparently lacks a filter between his brain and his mouth. Which is a big reason why this piece by Dave McMenamin is so entertaining and insightful.

I want Dallas in the first round


I don't care that they added Haywood and Butler. Or that they won 13 in a row. They lost to the Knicks. At home. By 34. In March. This is a team that can be taken in a 7-game series.

Bonus to BE Night: A big load of PCP!


Try to take care of your hydration/food/bathroom needs during timeouts, because you don't want to miss Monday's halftime entertainment. The Portland Cello Project does awesome arrangements of pop and rock favorites and gets talented singers to put the revamped tunes over the top and get everybody excited. I don't know everything PCP will do during the halftime set, but my friend John is singing a-ha's "Take on Me" with them, and then my other friend Brian will be singing what should be an amazing rendition of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." Stick around at the half, won't you?

Rod "Boomtho" Benson quits his blog to improve NBA chance


"I'm taking a step back and quitting the Yahoo! blog game. I would consider it more of a Brett Favre retirement, but still, I'll be away from the blog as long as I'm in the NBA realm. It just seems that I'm closer than ever and I'm no longer going to give anyone a reason to scratch me off their list." Best wishes, Rod. Doesn't look like there's a spot for you in Portland but I hope you can catch on somewhere.

Must-see vintage Blazer video: 1980 playoffs - height of Billy Ray Bates mania


Must-see vintage Blazer video: 1980 playoffs - height of Billy Ray Bates mania

Mark Stein: Byron Scott out in N.O.


If true, the Blazers will be playing the Hornets in the latter's first game without their coach. Who knows how this might impact the Hornets' play.

The Jim Rome "Smack Off": Dear Lord, what are they TALKING about?


It's going on right now. I tuned in because I heard "Chad in Portland" from the MSP was going to be a contestant. I listened to about 20 minutes and have no idea what the hell these people are talking about. I mean, yeah, they're talking smack, but I don't know who they're talking about, nor do I get all the lingo they're using. Talk about in-jokes! Can anybody translate this stuff? Or tell me why anyone should give a crap?

You think our announcers are homers? Check THIS!


The Hawks play-by-play guy Steve Holman (who's been at the mic since the '80s) has some serious hate for DWade! What do you think? Out of bounds?


Game 5 Haikus: give it your best poetic shot.

Perhaps it's the rain, or perhaps it's the 3 cups of strong coffee, but I'm feeling a bit poetic today. Let's get creative as we get ready for the Blazers to make their stand! The game: haiku. T...

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