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Vintage video: Bill Walton's last moments in a Blazer uniform


This was just uploaded to YouTube today by "wiltatkansas," a Spaniard with an astounding collection of vintage NBA/ABA videos (seriously, go through the whole list sometime, it's impressive). It's Game 2 of the 1978 WCSF, Blazers vs. Sonics, 1st and 2nd quarter action. At 00:50 the Blazers are beat down the court for a fastbreak bucket, and a limping Bill Walton calls timeout in order to take himself out of the game. I wasn't positive because the video skips ahead a bit after the timeout, but a quick check of David Halberstam's "The Breaks of the Game" confirms what I thought: these are Bill Walton's final oncourt moments as a Blazer. The would-be dynasty, in effect, ended right then and there.


It's finally happening! The MSP is turning into Jim Rome.

First, lest anyone (especially you Gavin and Chad) think I'm ripping on the Morning Sports Page, I'm really not. I've long been aggrieved by 1080's pathetic Blazers coverage (their morning...


These teams did it, and so can the Blazers.

It's been done 14 times in a 7-game series since 2000. 2008 Pistons (1st round vs. Phi) 2007 Spurs (1st round vs. Den) 2006 Nets (1st round vs. Ind) 2006 Heat (ECSF vs. NJ) 2006 Mavericks (WCF...

Negative example, I know, but worth noting for perspective


I seem to remember a certain Western Conference Finals in which the team with the homecourt advantage lost it early on by getting drubbed by nearly 30 points. Said team came back to (barely, and painfully for us) win the series. Apples and oranges? Perhaps. But it's an example of how a horrible home loss does not necessarily spell doom.


Smack Talk from L*kers Ground dot Net

I've got some quotes from L*kers Ground to fire everybody up for tonight (not that anybody here needs encouragement!) Lakers take this game easily. They are going to embarrass Portland tonight. L...

EDIT: Martell Webster's uncle (or maybe not), former NBA center Marvin Webster, found dead in Oklahoma age 56


Sad news. I remember watching Marvin Webster back in the '70s/early '80s. Condolences to Martell and the rest of the Webster fam. Update: Posters have questioned whether Marvin Webster was actually Martell Webster's uncle. The original version of this story stated that this was the case, but it was redacted from later versions. I have long seen the Marvin/Martell connection stated as fact on the Internet. It's possible that this is just not true and that Marvin's death has led to some factchecking.

One of Canzano's most out-of-control columns


I have never been a fan of John Canzano's rather, shall we say, over the top way of writing, but today's column about Kevin Love's family takes the cake. It's the usual blend of Canzano-style hamfistedness and self-insertion, just taken to extremes. My favorite part was his encounter with Przybilla. Did it really go the way Canzano described it? Did Joel see him with a far-off look in his eye and say hey, John, a penny for your thoughts? Seriously? But most of all, this column was a masterpiece of paragraphs that aren't really paragraphs, just quick declarative statements isolated to look more meaningful and dramatic than they really are. If you follow the bald-faced wonder at any length, you know this is Canzano's calling card as a literary stylist. Here are, verbatim, whole paragraphs from today's column: "Emily Love is 15." "What?" "You were expecting Kevin here?" "Not one." "Not two." "But three." "And maybe it's right there." "Not weird before." "Weird now." "And that really tells you all you need to know." Does this man have an editor? Because that's what I want to know. It's the least we can ask. As readers of Portland sports media.

Hawks fans praising the Blazers


Read the comments -- true, they're doing it partly as a way to rip the Hawks, but it's nice to see our team get so much respect from out of town. Lots of teeth-gnashing about not drafting CP3/Deron OR Brandon Roy.


Seeking clarification of the "letting the ball roll on the floor" rule

This season I've noticed more than ever the practice of letting the ball roll on the floor before picking it up in order to advance the ball without the clock starting. I'm not sure how this got...

The 2002 event that led to all of THIS.


Here's the reason why we're all here madly debating trade scenarios. Looking back on it, it seems nuttier than ever that this player was given this much money for such a long period of time. May Paul Allen and KP never do anything this dumb.

Paul MRI result: mild strain; "day to day," won't miss ASG


It appears that, barring a setback, the Hornets will not be suffering a devastating blow to their playoff position efforts.


Followup to "most hated player" thread -- teams

Throwing the Blazers out of the equation, which teams do you like/hate the most? I know most hated is a topic that's been tossed out before, but how about non-Blazer teams you would actually root...


Good prospects for Sat.: Utah pretty bad on road, horrible in back-to-backs

As of tonight's win over the Clips, the Blazers are in 5th in the West, and 2.5 games ahead of Utah, which is in 9th. The game on Saturday at home against the Jazz is looming huge -- Portland could...


Suns headed for full-on crisis mode, possible rebuild?

At the most recent check, the Suns were down 29 points to the Bobcats. This with their full complement of players, I might add. After this game Phoenix will be 23-18 and looking increasingly like...

Bonzi Wells Dominates China.


Apparently the Bonzi-China honeymoon is particularly sweet.


Poll: This 10-game stretch will make or break the season.

Last night began what is the Blazers' easiest extended stretch of the season. It includes a whopping 9 games against teams with losing records. It includes 8 games against Eastern Conference foes;...

All-Star Voting - Could Yi actually be an All-Star starter?


Some thoughts as All-Star voting heads into the homestretch: 1. Will China's Sport Ministry intensify its compulsory "vote for Yi online" initiative to get favorite son Yi Jianlan a completely undeserved starting spot in the ASG? He is currently about 150,000 votes behind KG for the second spot. 2. Would you be chagrined or amused if Yi beat out KG for the spot? 3. What changes should be made to ASG voting if Yi makes it to Phoenix in a capacity other than playing on the Sophomore team? 4. Will votes suddenly be "lost" if it appears Yi is going to be a starter? 5. Finally, here's a list of some players who've gotten more votes than Brandon Roy: Rafer Alston Jason Terry Jamal Crawford Luis Scola LUKE FREAKIN' RIDNOUR (?????) Turkey Glue Mehmet Okur B-Roy's vote total is a disgrace.


My first Blazers game - 1979 - it was a weird one.

I grew up in Atlanta a fan of the Hawks. My dad was a season ticket holder (he says he thinks he paid $200 total per seat in 1978), so as early as I can remember, and even before I can...


"Cretinous"; "barbaric": the Rose Garden crowd last night

Just like Garnett himself, apparently Boston fans can dish but not take it. A fan comment on the Boston Globe story: I was at the game. Good to see so many Celtic fans there. Yes, the game was...

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