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Anyone know any good Fantasy Football blogs?

I thought SB Nation had one, but I don't see it in the list. Anyone have one that they recommend? I got a tempting trade offer and need some advice.

Sunday Ticket now available on PS3 without DirecTV subscription


So, a lot of people have been saying that the NFL should offer Sunday Ticket to all cable outlets, not just DirecTV. This is maybe the next best thing, as anyone with a PS3 can get it now, or anyone who wants it can buy a PS3 and then get it. Personally, I think 340 is pretty steep since most Cowboys games are already shown on TV, but if you are in an area of the country where they are not seen as often, this could be great for you.

Troy Aikman and Drew Bledsoe to solve the oil spill?


Jacques Cousteau's son is a partner, too. I hope it can work. And if it can't, I hope someone figures out what can, very quickly. It's getting a little grim down here in Florida.


My plan to take the Cowboys to the SB.

Everyone else was doing it, so I thought I would too.  Obviously we need OL depth.  And I don't mean depth like serviceable backups, I mean guys who can legitimately challenge a starter.  Stop...


What will it take to restore your faith?

Obviously this blog has been busy over the past week, with a ton of good arguments on just about every side.  One thing that seems to be clear: a lot of fans have lost faith in at least parts of...

Good article about Romo and Williams


It's nothing new, but I found it interesting.

Plaxico gets 2 years!


I found the link after reading it on PFT: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/category/rumor-mill/. Anyway, that sucks. Guy had talent, and while what he did was dumb, he didn't hurt or kill anyone.


Here's what I think would be great for our playoff hopes:

Obviously, the best case is if the Cowboys win out.   The next simplest route is an ATL loss this weekend, which means that if we beat NYG and Philly, we are in.  If Dallas beats those 2 teams and...

For me, it's Julius Jones. I found out two years ago that he smokes cigarettes and just can't think...


For me, it's Julius Jones. I found out two years ago that he smokes cigarettes and just can't think rationally about him after that.


Who do you want to win, Eagles or Skins?

I hate both of them with a passion, but I think I hate the Eagles more. I think it's better for the Cowboys if the Eagles win, because if the Boys win and the Skins lose, we jump up in the...

USA Today Arcticle about the Cowboys' D


Like most USAToday articles, it's more highlights than substance, but it talks about the D needing to improve.


I know it's early, but let's talk draft needs.

Obviously, we're only a quarter of the way through the season, but seeing the post about the Cowboys having a lot of picks got me thinking.  What are the Cowboys biggest needs for next year?  C...


What former Cowboy do you wish was on the team now?

First, I have to say that I think this has been done before, so full credit if I borrowed your idea.  Second, I love the Cowboys, and have been a fan since around 78, so that's as far back as my...


Mickey Spagnola, I'll accept your apology.

So, after the Browns game, I wrote into DC.com, and actually got my letter selected by the website.  My letter was very similar to the fanpost that I wrote on this site, addressing my concerns...


I wish the Cowboys tackled like the Eagles.

One thing that I noticed during that great game was how well the Eagles wrapped up when they were tackling.  That was part of the reason that I think that they were able to do well on Barber. ...

ESPN.com calls the Cowboys the top NFL franchise.


They did a power ranking of all of the teams since the merger, and confirmed what we all knew: "The Cowboys might not be your team, but they are indeed America's Team."


Romo has to take it to the next level.

He's very, very good, no doubt about it.  But, he needs a little more ball security to be on the level of Brady and Peyton Manning, or former Cowboys greats.  Particularly inside the 20s, where he...


I hope this is allowed.

If this is not okay, please delete. I need some people to fill out a Fantasy Football League. We've got 6 but would like 10. It's not for money or anything, but just for fun, so if you've never...

80 Man Battle Royale!


I don't even want to hear anyone talking about how Wade isn't enough of a disciplinarian anymore.

The Cowboys were bidding against themselves.


Jeff Fisher confirmed on Fox Sports Radio that the Cowboys were the only team interested in Pacman Jones (2nd item). I'm glad Jerry stood his ground and came out with a deal that covers his assets.

Screenshots of Jones and Jenkins in Madden




Chris Henry is wanted for assault.

With all of the talk about the possible Pacman trade, I found this to be a sobering article.  Chris Henry and Pacman were teammates at WVU, and have been poster boys for bad behavior in the NFL....

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