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Recent Article about Klay Thompson's and other SG's Value


Interesting article on Thompson and SG's in the league today in regard to value.

2014 DRAFT - Balance's Talent Evaluation

Some of you may not know me well around here but I'm a long time member and big time college hoops fan. Every year I show up in most of the draft discussions/post. I believe I have a pretty good...

Marcus Camby


The Toronto Raptors have negotiated a buyout of Camby's Contract and he will soon be a unrestricted FA once he clears waivers. Should the Warriors go after Camby? Couldn't we use one more big-man? He's got experience, doesn't expect to play big minutes and is still a good defender, isn't he?

Andre Miller Travel


I haven't read all the game threads in on the site so please excuse me if this has been covered to death but am I the only person in the world that noticed Andre Miller took three steps in that final drive to the hoop which won the game for Denver? How does a professional ref miss that? It's an isolation play, there's not much else to watch! And, why isn't the media all over this? Isn't controversy their best tool? Let's make some noise about this.

Nikola Vucevic


I think i was the only person on this site that actually wanted to draft this guy but last night he put up his second 20+pts & 20+rebs game against Miami. Here are the links I posted a couple years ago. Also some comments on Klay. I'm glad we got Klay but that's only because we were later able to trade for Bogut. So I still maintain he was the better draft choice and will have better long term value. It's interesting to think how different our team would be and the domino effect if we had drafted him. Would we have traded Monta? Missed out on Barnes? Etc. Either way, I still wish we would've drafted this guy.

How GSW run the "horns" offense


I thought this was a decent breakdown of a very common play the Warriors and many other teams in the NBA run. But, our outside shooting makes it particularily effective and there's a lot of different options.

For you young guys who didn't get to see Mark Jackson ball


I thought it was appropriate, after this historically successful road trip, to give Coach Jackson some love.

JJack - Triple Double against Warriors, 3.21.12


JJack - Triple Double against Warriors, 3.21.12

Terrance Ross workout video. I know everyone looks good in a highlight video, especially a workout...


Terrance Ross workout video. I know everyone looks good in a highlight video, especially a workout video, but this has got to be one of the most impressive ones i've seen. I don't believe any of the shots were duplicated so just by the sheer volume and array of shots in a single workout is pretty crazy. I'm not ready to take him at 7 but he looks like he could be the steal of this draft, depending on when he's selected.

Hate to have to post ANOTHER Perry Jones FanShot but this one is very good. For those that didn't...


Hate to have to post ANOTHER Perry Jones FanShot but this one is very good. For those that didn't watch him numerous times in HS and college. this is a break down of his strengths and weaknesses. and i love my sleeper Kim English getting some screen time in this clip. I really hope we scoop him in the 2nd round.

Warriors Draft Workout


in a six-player group Wednesday, their second of three draft prospect workouts this week. The group, headlined by New Mexico forward Drew Gordon, included Baylor’s Quincy Acy, Norfolk State’s Kyle O’Quinn, Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor, Long Beach State’s Casper Ware and Buffalo’s Mitchell Ware.


Curry for Davis

Just a fun hypothetical question. If Charlotte lands the #1 pick and wanted stephen curry, would you trade Stephen Curry for Anthony Davis?

David Stern on One & Done's


Pretty good article which made me think..... So if the NCAA has such a huge problem with the NBA taking their players after just one year of college, why do they still have a rule that stops students from returning to college after they declare for the NBA? I mean, why couldn't a student declare, have his "rights" drafted like the overseas players do and stay in school for their Sophmore season if they so choose? Maybe there is a way to allow that team, and or sponsors, endorse him as a student athelete so that he's getting paid and still getting an education.


Public Speaking 101 - Fail

I'm late to the discussion but Lacob should've known better. This was Chris Mullin's Night. How could he not see this coming? The reality is, he probably did and didn’t care. Here’s the...

So after striking out in free agency and dropping SEVEN million on Kwame Brown does anyone think...


So after striking out in free agency and dropping SEVEN million on Kwame Brown does anyone think maybe, just maybe we should have drafted Nikola Vucevic? Klay Thompson better be pretty damn good because SG's are a dime a dozen.


New Owners, Same Problem

Our new owners need a good look in the mirror, a "coming to Jesus" so to speak. Do you guys know what I mean? Here's the deal; typical new owners think they can just walk in the door. Put...

Thompson the next Reggie Miller?


I know he's not popular on this board, probably because he dosen't carry much hype but, how many of you have actually watched him play? Or Alec Burks for that matter?

Pre-Draft workout video: Klay Thompson and VUCEVIC.


Interesting break down and video of both these guys. Thompsons jumper looks like pure money but he looks weak, not explosive and if he keeps dribbling behing himself as he's doing in these workouts, he's going to get stripped. He needs to put the ball ahead of him and let it lead his direction. What about my man Vucevic? If he's not he second coming of Sabonis, then i don't know who is. Do it, do it.

Alec Burks DX strength and weakness video


I like his potential but if he can't defend, it doesn't matter how tall or long he is. And, if he can't shoot out side, he might struggle in a half court settting. Plus i think his athleticism is over rated. It's good but not elite. He's not Super quick or explosive.

Chris Singleton DX Strength and weakness video


I've been comfortable with selecting him with the 11th pick but after watching this video, it really underwelms. He has good size for a SF and we certainly need the defense but this video really doesn't highlight the intensity that you hope a defensive speacialitist would display. I think the laid back demeaner in his interviews doesn't help his stock either. Judge for yourself. Personally, if we don't land Marcus Morris, i'm leaning toward Leonard or a gamble on the Euro trash. This draft is super weak.

Under the Radar, Skilled 7 foot center?

50 I originally thought he'd be available in the 2nd round but that doesn't look at all possible anymore. The more you look at his production/ size ratio he could be a real steal out of this draft. Nikola Vucevic - from USC


Draft Talk...

Mason Plumlee and Jordan Williams going head to head on ESPN right now. These are two of the top ranked centers that could be available in the 1st round of this years draft and should be on the...


Would you make this trade for JaVale McGee?

With all the talk about Biedrins there are a lot of people who want to replace him.  The problem is, who is better or might be better than he is even with his problems.  7 foot centers with talent...

Magic Johnson Partner of New Warriors Ownership?


He was once tied to interest in the Warriors with Mark Mastrov. He just sold his partial interest in the Lakers. The question is why?

here's what we got.


here's what we got.

Udoh over Monroe? Really?


Udoh over Monroe?  Really?

Monroe Interview - after W's pre-draft workout.


Monroe Interview - after W's pre-draft workout.

Riley, are you listening? We NEEd a star. A "true blue-blood three".


Riley, are you listening? We NEEd a star. A "true blue-blood three".

1- Curry/ Bledsoe 2- Mayo/ Williams 3- Johnson/ Maggette 4- Patterson/ Wright 5- Beidrins/...


1- Curry/ Bledsoe 2- Mayo/ Williams 3- Johnson/ Maggette 4- Patterson/ Wright 5- Beidrins/ Turiaf/ Jordan Does anyone like the line up? We trade monta for Mayo plus 1 of their 3 first round picks (Bledsoe), we trade Randolph to Minn for thier 4th pick (Wes Johnson), we draft Patterson with our 6th Pick, and draft Jerome Jordan with our 2nd round pick to add size off the bench. We'd have a young, fast, athletic, skilled and effecient team. I think Patterson would be a great pick and roll player with Curry. He can pick n pop or finish strong at the rim. Bledsoe backing up Curry would be a luxury. Wes Johnson will replace the excitment that Randolph gave us plus the can strech the floor with his 3pt shooting. I think this would be a smart, high basketball IQ type of team. I think these guys would be great pieces to put around Steph Curry. We'd also get some cap relief by dropping Monta's contract. Together with Radmans expiring contract would give us some money to work with going forward.

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