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Greg Monroe Highlights


Greg Monroe Highlights

Kings Pre-Draft big man work out.


Kings Pre-Draft big man work out.

Ed Davis Highlights


There should be more talk about Davis. 6'10", 7 foot wings, 36" vert.

Greg Monroe SAC workout video.


Greg Monroe SAC workout video.


Solid Source with Direct Info: Randolph for Cousins?

I just heard form a solid source with direct info from a name we all know in the FO that the "rumored" trade was Randolph for a shot at Demarcus Cousins. As a straight up trade, I'm not sure I'm...

WSJ: Buyers Circle Warriors



Like it or not, Greg Monroe is our guy

Being a Warrior fan has led to love this time of year.  The NBA playoffs, the combine and the coming draft.  I cherish it less only to March Madness.  As a huge college basketball and fan I’ve...

Just found this.


Just found this.


Final Draft Idea, makin da case for James Johnson

I've over exhausted myself with this draft and this is my final word. I am locking in my final pick.... James Johnson and here's why; 1) he's a black belt and I love ninjas because they are sneaky...


The truth shall set us free

I believe it was Joseph Smith who defined truth as, "seeing things as they really are, really were, and really will be".  If I haven't lost you yet hang with me as I try to show things as...


Are we too small at the SF?

We discuss a lot of team issues here.  The PG situation I'm sick of discussing and I haven't heard this one yet; the SF position.  I'm inclined more and more to think that Nelson feels we have a...


Most likely, I think Riley & Nellie draft...

As over zealous W's fans we often play this draft game as fantasy GM's.  We more than most team fans have pretty good experience in this game as we're almost always here for the lottery...


Nelson & Terrance Williams?

Should the Warriors draft Terrance Williams?   Kawakami suggest that Nelson is hot for him.  I initially thought like many of you may that it doesn't make sense.  But, does it?  Our biggest team...

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