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TSN predicts Strome & Nino with Big Club


From the semi-interesting, I'm just looking for more hockey news world, TSN released their list of top 300 point-getters projections, and a couple interesting notes: - obviously JT and MM are 1-2 - Streit is 3rd, then it gets interesting - Strome listed as 4th highest and 146th in the league - followed by Nielsen, Okposo, Bailey, HeWhoShouldNotBeNamedsky, Boyes, Grabs, and then Nino Maybe Nino not as surprising with everyone that is in front of him.. (grasping at straws with this, I just want hockey articles)

Forbes Value of NHL Franchises


no surprise the Islanders are very low on this list with only the Blues, Coyotes, Blue Jackets lower Although I don't know how we received that 4% bump mentioning in the article for deciding to move to the Barclays last year?

A Dearth of Quality Center Backs


Sure our Centrebacks are terrible, but maybe everyone else's are terrible too... but ours seem to be worse. Interesting article, I know a few names have been thrown around here as replacements this summer but are any of them really going to make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, especially since none of them aren't in the top tier. (Granted: Marcotti's Top Tier is definitely up for debate)

Jason Banton Cut?


Sorry if this was posted somewhere else... I did a quick look but didn't see it anywhere... Mentioned in one of the threads that the red card could hurt his chances not to make the team.. I'm not saying that's the main reason he was cut, but you gotta think that it hurt his chances of making the team Again, apologize if this was posted elsewhere.

Hagman Placed on Waivers


With everyone clamoring for a trade... Niklas Hagman was placed on waivers today.. He's only 31, was hurt 2 years ago.. but otherwise has had a decently successful career. Personally, I think he's definitely better than Rolston, Pandalfo, and probably Reasoner (he's better than some of our young guys too, but I'm talking about the vets on our team right now) I really want Snow to put a claim in for him, thoughts? (also the link is to McKensie's twitter... I think you can see it without being signed in but idk about that stuff... hope I'm not giving everyone access to my twitter account haha)

Islanders Camo Auction


Rough break for the Isles it seems (although I'm not really sure how the normal game-worn jersey auctions go) Multiple jerseys have 0 bids made for them (as a recent college graduate, $300 is a bit too much for me to "start the bidding at") Also pretty confused about why there's a Nino one, since that absolutely was not game-worn. Basically just ask how these auctions usually go and is this a bad sign to have such low amount of bids on them?

Craziest Location You've Heard "Isles Suck"


Craziest Location You've Heard "Isles Suck"

Last Saturday, I went to an Oktoberfest in Timonium, MD (town north of Baltimore).. It was Saturday so I was wearing my Tavares jersey in preparation for the night home opener... I think I had about 15 people come up to me randomly (granted, this was an Oktoberfest, so people are drunker than normal settings) and all of them had one clear message one way or another.. "Isles Suck" I had the obvious Ranger fans who I understand why they would say that, a couple Philly, and even the occasional Pittsburgh fan.. but then I had about 3 or 4 Caps fans come up to me and say sh*t.. I have lived in B'more for quite some time now and I've never had a problem with the Caps.. (they are kind of my second team, since they are always on and closest local hockey team) So I was just curious what one of the most random places people have heard the always so creative "Isles Suck" yelled at them from fans of other teams.

NHL Center Ice / GameCenter Discussions

Editors' Note from Dominik: I changed the heading slightly; let's treat this FanPost as our annual chance to trade notes/experiences on Center Ice and/or GameCenter. This seems to be an annual way...

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