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I'm a Chicago Boy who fell in love with the White Sox as they were Winnin' Ugly. My cat was named Kittle. I still know every word to the Super Bowl Shuffle. I watched the Bulls win title number three at a high school graduation party and title six at a bar in Iowa City. I get a big smile on my face just thinking of October 26, 2005. I went to Iowa for Law School, practiced in Kansas City, and now work at the University of Alabama.

Beyond the teams listed, I root for the Crimson Tide, Royals, and whomever plays the Cubs.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago White Sox
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAF Iowa Hawkeyes
  • NCAAB Iowa Hawkeyes
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • EPL Tottenham Hotspur
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Report: Mike Munchak to be next Penn State Football Coach


Could Penn State finally have found its new Lion King? There are reports that current Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak will be named as the next head man in Happy Valley.

Spanning the Empire: Your Pizza Bowl Open Thread


An Open Thread for our first B1G Bowl Game.

It's Coming...


Today at 3 PM EST, the NCAA will release its findings/penalties against Ohio State. We will be here to discuss whether it's a Christmas present for those in Columbus, or those in 11 other B1G cities.

Former ND QB Dayne Crist eyeing Wisconsin


Apparently, Wisconsin wants to become the New York Yankees of college football. Let those second tier KC Royals-esque programs (like NC State and Notre Dame) develop players for three years. After they've been seasoned, the Badgers will buy them up on the open market. Well, I have news for the Badgers. You can't buy your way to a championship.* In fact, last year's purchase was an abject failure.** I suspect that this year's purchase will be as well.*** * Except when it works. ** This was determined on a scale on which Russell Wilson was held solely and entirely accountable for failing to stop two Hail Mary passes thrown by opposing quarterbacks. No other plays were considered in reaching this conclusion. *** Dear God, please don't let this work again for them.

Immediate KneeJerk Reaction - The Bowl Pairings


How many of these things will the B1G win?

He's next... Final BCS and B1G Bowl Projections: BCS: LSU v. Alabama Rose: Wisconsin v....


He's next... Final BCS and B1G Bowl Projections: BCS: LSU v. Alabama Rose: Wisconsin v. Oregon Fiesta: Oklahoma State v. Stanford Sugar: Michigan v. West Virginia Orange: Clemson v. TCU CapOne: Nebraska v. South Carolina Outback: Georgia v. Michigan State Insight: Penn State v. Oklahoma Gator: Ohio State v. Florida Texas: Iowa v. Texas A&M TicketCity: Purdue v. SMU Pizza: Northwestern v. Toledo Kraft Fight Hunger: Illinois v. UCLA Queso: Minnesota and Indiana

Assorted B1G Bowl Chatter


Making sense of the B1G Bowls.

Leach to Wazzu


OK, so it's not directly B1G related, but Mike Leach, everybody's favorite pirate coach, has apparently signed on to go to Pullman, Washington. It's indirectly related in this way: the idea of Mike Leach in Champaign scared the bejeezus out of me. Maybe they'll get another coach as good (or better), but Leach at Illinois could have been scary.

Ohio State Hires Former Bowling Green Head Coach


He may have done some things after that as well... Per his agent, Urban Meyer has accepted the position as head coach of The Ohio State University. He comes to Ohio State after having last coached at Florida. Here's my question: considering his inability to stay in any job for more than five years, how long do we think Meyer will be at tOSU? I'll set the over-under at six, and I'm playing the under.

Ron Zook Fired by Fighting Illini


All things end badly. Otherwise, they wouldn't end. We're guaranteed at least three new coaches in the Big Ten next year. Fans of eleven teams will miss seeing the Zooker at Illinois, but as JDMill tweeted yesterday, it's time for #Brewster4Illini

Post Week 13 - 2011 Bowl Projections


Picking all of the bowls as we head to Championship Weekend.

You can see more shots here. The trophy is nice. Unlike the Cy-Hawk debacle earlier this year, it's...


You can see more shots here. The trophy is nice. Unlike the Cy-Hawk debacle earlier this year, it's obviously a football trophy. It's obvious the two teams involved. And, importantly, the game sponsor, (local grocery chain Hy-Vee) is not mentioned on the actual trophy. That's good for continuity. It's not Floyd of Rosedale, but it's not the Land-Grant Trophy either. It'll work.

RicRod Named HC at Arizona


Former Michigan Man Rich Rodriguez was named as the new head football coach at the University of Arizona. I'm betting that he has them in the Pac-12 title game within three years.

Post Week 12 Bowl Projections The Big Ten should be sending thank you cards. To Baylor. To Iowa...

Post Week 12 Bowl Projections The Big Ten should be sending thank you cards. To Baylor. To Iowa State. To USC (and that's weird to say). Upset weekend increased the likelihood of 2 Big Ten BCS teams to a point of near certainty. And the Michigan pick that this site had early on doesn't look so ridiculous any more. In fact, if two SEC teams are playing a rematch, expect to see the Maize and Blue (expecting a win over Ohio State) as the first replacement pick on Bourbon Street. Also good news, while the trip to New York is out of the picture, losses by Navy and C-USA make it much more likely that all 10 (and you better beat Indiana, Purdue) bowl eligible Big Ten teams will have a home. Right now, I'm calling... BCS Title: LSU v. Alabama Rose: Wisconsin v. Oregon Fiesta: Oklahoma v. Stanford Sugar: Michigan v. West Virginia Orange: Virginia Tech v. Houston Capital One: Nebraska v. Arkansas Outback: Michigan State v. Georgia Insight: Penn State v. Texas Gator: Iowa v. Florida Car Care: Ohio State v. Texas A&M Ticket City: Purdue v. SMU Pizza Bowl: Illinois v. Northern Illinois Hawaii Bowl: Northwestern v. Missouri On the Couch with the Queso Bowl: Indiana, Minnesota

After being touted at the start of the season, BTN2Go is now a live working product. As of...


After being touted at the start of the season, BTN2Go is now a live working product. As of yesterday, you can download it from the iTunes App Store. This will be helpful on Saturday as you have Iowa-Purdue on your television and Michigan State-Indiana on your iPhone/iPad. Good times. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Charles Pierce with a Strong Statement about Penn State


We're quick to blame in America. We're also quick to want to move on. I think that Charles Pierce nails it in this piece. It's worth reading the whole article, but this section is dead on in my mind: "There will now be a decade or more of criminal trials, and perhaps a quarter-century or more of civil actions, as a result of what went on at Penn State. These things cannot be prayed away. Let us hear nothing about "closure" or about "moving on." And God help us, let us not hear a single mumbling word about how football can help the university "heal." (Lord, let the Alamo Bowl be an instrument of your peace.) This wound should be left open and gaping and raw until the very last of the children that Jerry Sandusky is accused of raping somehow gets whatever modicum of peace and retribution can possibly be granted to him."

Post Week 11 - 2011 Bowl Projections


Picking the bowls after 11 weeks. Can you get to six and still stay home?

Week 11 in the Non-Con: What I Want


What do we want in the Non-Con this week? Northwestern to give a hoot.

Ohio State faces failure to monitor charge


"In a signal that tougher penalties likely loom, the NCAA has notified Ohio State University that it is facing a charge of failing to monitor its violation-plagued football program. Failure to monitor is the second-worst finding the NCAA can impose on an athletic program. Ohio State announced the NCAA findings this afternoon and that it would cut five scholarships over a three-year period beginning next year. The NCAA allows football programs to have 85 scholarship players. A spokesman for Ohio State athletics said the self-imposed punishment would not mean the Buckeyes would pare back to 80 scholarships over the next three years. He said that the team might not use, say, two of the 85 in 2012, one in 2013 and two in 2014, for a total of five over the period. The NCAA previously had notified OSU that it was not being accused of failure to monitor or the worst charge — loss of institutional control. The NCAA’s move to invoke the charge now means that the NCAA considers the violations committed by Ohio State to stem from a central problem, rather than individual misdeed."

As Always, Joe Posnanski has the Best Take

This time about Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno. "Joe Paterno has also been ripped in various places for not doing enough, for not reporting the incident to the police himself, for not stopping a longtime coach who, if the charges are true, is a monster. I have heard from many, many people who have strong opinions about Paterno and have reached conclusions, and I understand. But this is where my thoughts trail off… I’m writing a book about Joe Paterno. I need time. This story, for me at least, needs time. This thing is so vile, so grotesque, that it is human nature to want everyone to pay. Innocent children were hurt, scarred, and as a parent this is something so horrible that I cannot even think of a penalty harsh enough. There is no way to see this thing clearly now, not for me, anyway. Writing about Joe Paterno is a challenge for many reasons, but probably the greatest challenge is that his personality attracts extremes. He is called saint. And he is called hypocrite. He is a hero. And he is a villain. He is real. And he is a phony. And I believe deeply that he is none of these things… it wouldn’t be much fun or a challenge to write about him if he were a simple label or a simple man. I came to State College to write about a real man. I won’t tell you anything surprising: This terrible, evil story has made it harder."

Post Week 10 - 2011 Bowl Projections


Picking the BCS and B1G bowl games.

Former PSU Coach Indicted on Felony Sex Charges


{UPDATE: PSU Athletic Director Tim Curley is being charged with failing to report the potential crimes. When Joe Paterno first heard of one allegation, he immediately reported it to Curley. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly stuff.} Well, this is a whole lot of ugly. "Sex abuse charges have been filed in Centre County against Penn State coaching legend and Second Mile charity founder Jerry Sandusky. The charges follow a more-than two year grand jury investigation that began when a Clinton County teen alleged inappropriate contact against the 67-year-old former coach. During the investigation, older allegations from 1998 surfaced as well. In the older case, Penn State police investigated inappropriate touching in a shower. The charging paperwork has not yet made it to the District Magistrate Judge's office in Centre County. However, felony charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse of someone under 16, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault of someone under 16, indecent assault of someone under 13, and corruption of minors charges have been filed in the state court docket system. The offense dates include 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2005. There are 40 counts included in the paperwork filed against him."

How Alabama Became College Football's Greatest Team


The Atlantic with a great article on how Alabama became college football's greatest team. My favorite quote: "You could make a very good argument that Notre Dame or Michigan or Southern Cal or Oklahoma or Nebraska has a gridiron history as glorious as Alabama's. You can make a good argument, but you'd be wrong."

We had a request for more Ohio State content, so here is Brutus getting beaten down by the Ohio...


We had a request for more Ohio State content, so here is Brutus getting beaten down by the Ohio Bobcat as the Ohio State football team Tebows in awe. Think of this as a Tuesday open thread to discuss whatever B1G Things are on your mind.

An Open Letter to Kirk Ferentz


Dear Coach Ferentz, it's time for a change.

Post Week 9 - 2011 Bowl Projections


Picking the B1G and BCS Bowls after 9 weeks.

Spanning the Empire: Your Week 9 Open Thread

Spanning the Empire: Your Week 9 Open Thread - Will Sparty or Wisky get a rock when they trick-or-treat this weekend?

Apparently, Minnesota has already resigned themselves to losing. Badly. #FreeFloyd


Apparently, Minnesota has already resigned themselves to losing. Badly. #FreeFloyd

What is wrong with Minnesota? OK, lots of things, but what's up with this? Iowa came in for their...


What is wrong with Minnesota? OK, lots of things, but what's up with this? Iowa came in for their walk through today, and the players were surprised that Minnesota already had the halftime score from tomorrow's game up on the JumboTron. Seriously, Gophers, if you can't believe in yourself, why would anyone else?

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