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User Blog

Costas Live

Its a complicated issue; the Penn State drama that has taken place since last fall. Tonight, Bob Costas offered a group that wants to present a different side to the entire story. In their...


Reviewing our Roster

Since we get killed every year by the over signing people, I decided to look into the matter myself. In order to do so, I decided to look at everyone that is eligible from 2009 up to our current...

An update on Devon Walker


The Tulane Player who suffered a severe neck injury this past fall

Go Cradinal


Go Cradinal

Overtime edition

Go Cradinal!


Go Cradinal!

your late evening thread

Saturday Evening Thread


Saturday Evening Thread


Question about back channel communication

Just was thinking about how all these coaches know each other and if after a game they don't communicate a bit to see what the opposition was attempting to exploit. Part of the reason I thought...

Class move by Ole Miss


Honoring Devon Walker


NSFW - Its Meltdown Time

ed.- ok folks, it's fairly obvious y'all want your weekly meltdown time and we'll likely get poisoned if we don't provide it. so here's the deal; ots doesn't have time to troll through blogs and...

Notre Dame to play dress up as well


I am embarassed for them, even though I hate them.

Sims waiver granted, able to play this season


A bit of good news for the Cavaliers and ofcourse our former QB. Wish him the best, and I know I will be pulling for him to do well so long as it doesn't conflict with our interests.


The Curious Case of FSU

Its now widely being reported that the Florida State Board of Trustees have publicly slammed the new ESPN/ABC TV deal and are openly interested in discussing membership with the Big 12. It would...

Tony Mitchell, Charles Hankerson won't return to UA basketball team next year.


Tony Mitchell, Charles Hankerson won't return to UA basketball team next year.

per Chase's twitter, not a shock on Mitchell, Hankerson seems kind of left fieldish.

And the plot thickens


Looks like Petrino went to the Damon Evans school of bright ideas.

Richt signed thru 2016


Hard to imagine that a guy that only beat unranked teams last year would get a new 5 year deal, but that is what happened. With a player arrest record that would make Phil Fulmer blush, at least they have their "God fearing man."


Pac 12 looking to play a game in China

Pete Thamel tweeted this earlier, and I clicked the link with subject in mind, and since I am not a subscriber, I can't link the article the article. Anyway, the idea is to have Stanford and Notre...

Syracuse Assistant Basketball Coach now Acussed of Child Abuse


Only postivie I can think of for the PSU mess, is that victims know that the public is outraged by these allegations and will support those that step forward if they have been victims.


Volunteering sometimes has its unexpected benefits

So tonight I am helping a buddy out with a charity he works on here locally. It just so happens that the event is before a local high school football game. With that in mind, I decided to check...

Because its now the proper time.


Because its now the proper time.

Florida's Easley assualted a former player for Bama post game


Strange news out of Gainsville, don't know why Myles would be there.

Hanks to miss first two games


Seems we messed up some sort of documentation


Conference Expansion Talk

Ok, so lately again there has been a lot of chatter about conference expansion. Personally, I absolutely loathe the notion, and am very happy with a 12 team conference. Thats not to say that I am...

Sentimore to transfer?


Sentimore to transfer?

Don't shoot the messanger, but just heard this on the radio in the ATL as a big rumor. It was said that he went before the team's review board (comprised of players?) to determine if they wanted him to stay or not. If he is out I am guessing that verdict was a no.
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