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"When your husband makes love to you, it's my face he sees!"

----Rebecca De Mornay, "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" (1992)

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Saban Ball

Football coaches are notorious creatures of habit.  Our coach, Nick Saban, is no different.  And though our 9-3 regular season is disappointing when considering the hype with which the year began,...


My Theory

On the other post I commented: Does anyone else think it’s odd that we didn’t offer/strongly pursue many of Auburn’s best recruits last year and now a scandal like this is surfacing?...


Rockin' Out: Auburn Style

"Bein' the One" An 80's Rock Ode to Auburn by White Trash Gary and the Maulers   Hit it boys...guitar! Oh, little brother, little brother, we got you on the run You saw our wins, you saw...


Are we missing a blue collar element?

Tough loss today, guys.  I just want to throw out an idea I've sort been stewing throughout this season to generate discussion.  I'm not trying to call out players or insult the team. Do any of...


RBR Celebration Thread

My wife works in management for a big corporation.  As a man who usually despises all things administrative, I give her a pass (she's my wife...kind of have to).  I do, however, overhear some of...


Watching the Television

When you guys aren't watching Alabama games and college football, what shows do y'all enjoy watching on the television?  I've never been a big TV fan and if not for sports I'd rarely turn the thing...


Apologies to Greg McElroy

First off, let me apologize for making fun of Greg McElroy.  I was being a little hostile (albeit tongue in cheek, but I had momentarily forgotten I live in an overly sensitive world without a...


Thoughts on Mississippi

Not an inspiring effort by any means, but it's better than a loss. We're still showing most/all of the same problems and I personally think this was why Coach Saban was so displeased at halftime...


South Carolina = Lame

I was upset when South Carolina lost tonight.  I really was.  My issue is simple.  South Carolina is lame.  Before I explain, let me say that the BYE week controversy has been well-chronicled here,...


How are y'all handling the haters?

I've never been a guy to talk trash.  It's not my style.  The people around me should know this by now.  I try not to be obnoxious with my fandom.  I realize that most of my peers like other teams...

In Satan's lair, there is a lockbox with the words "LES MILES (2)" written on it. Inside is the LSU...


In Satan's lair, there is a lockbox with the words "LES MILES (2)" written on it. Inside is the LSU coach's soul. There is no other possible explanation. The Hat clearly has made a deal with Lucifer that allows him to win nearly 80 percent of his games as coach of the Tigers, capture a national title and make more money than all but a tiny fraction of working Americans. And doing it with a unique flair for coaching lunacy in pressure situations.

Pat Forde's take on Miles I normally don't care for the guy (and I really want to know what Forde was thinking when he had to interview Saban last Saturday since he's disparaged Saban in the past), but this was funny.

The Dangers of Chop Blocking

ed.- bumped from the fanposts Chopping, cutting, chop blocking...call it whatever you want, but the act of hitting a defender in his shins to nullify him is as dangerous now as it ever was.  Every...


Affecting the Quarterback

One of the issues I've recently seen debated amongst the fine people at Roll Bama Roll is the Crimson Tide's pass rush (or statistical lack thereof).  In simple terms, sacks get a lot of...


Weddings and Alabama Football

  Think of me as you will, but I balance my life around Alabama football games.  Sure, it might seem stupid.  Yeah, it's just a game.  I would never argue otherwise.  It's entertainment.  It won't...

Early Lines Have Bama at -38 to -41 vs. San Jose State


For all you gamblers out there...it is almost time. Head to the local sports book, call your sleazy bookie, or deposit some funds in your off-shore online betting account. We've got some wagering to do.


1968 Baltimore Colts

Usually when people talk about Alabama's connection to Super Bowl III, they mention Joe Namath, the game's MVP.  He led the New York Jet offense in the monumental upset of 13-1 Baltimore with...

The NFL Network Loves Don Hutson


The above link will take you to Hutson's spot on the NFL Network's Top 10 Records That Will Never Be Broken. But they also feature him in two other lists: Top Ten Single Season Performances and the NFL's Top Ten Pass Combos with QB Arnie Herber. Hutson was a major star in the early days of Alabama football and he is without a doubt our greatest contribution to the NFL. These clips tell his story if you're interested.

George Steinbrenner, admirer and close friend of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, has died at the age of...


George Steinbrenner, admirer and close friend of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, has died at the age of 80.


Winning a National Championship

Summer vacation, a teacher's best friend, and a great time to fix up the house, get in shape, and win a national championship in EA Sports 2004.  Sorry, Dwayne Walker, your services will not be...


Mark Ingram in "The Road"

Perhaps I've read too many books by Cormac McCarthy, or perhaps I've watched, read, and thought about Alabama football too much, but I just had the most awesome dream ever.  Less than four minutes...

Five Questions with Eddie Lacy


I can't believe anyone would interview this young man without asking him the obvious question. Whatever.

This is the streaker from the BCS championship game.


This is the streaker from the BCS championship game.

In the 2009 season, the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated each of the National Champions from the last...


In the 2009 season, the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated each of the National Champions from the last four seasons (Florida 2008 and 2006, LSU 2007, and Texas 2005). That's pretty darn cool in my opinion.


Is Bama in unchartered waters?

Looking at the final AP rankings, I wanted to ask, if anyone knows, is Alabama the first team to finish number one in the AP poll with victories over both the number two (Texas 13-1) and number...


Embarrassing Admissions for the BCS Championship Game

I think it's time, friends.  We really pulled out all the stops, revealing things we should have taken to the grave, for the SEC Championship Game against Florida and we received the exact outcome...


I'm back

To quote the Zodiac Killer in a 1978 letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, I'm back with you.  That's right, folks.  You thought I died?  Wrote me off as a has been?  As a dilettante of the...

Forde's take on Bama vs. Texas


The most interesting bit of information in the entire article is below: Texas has played two teams in the Sagarin top 30. Alabama has played seven.

Heisman Pundit.com picks Ingram as the Heisman


Heismanpundit.com has picked Mark Ingram as the next Heisman Trophy winner. FINAL HP HEISMAN POLL (12/7) Total Pts (and 1st place votes) 1. M. Ingram--46 (4) 2. T. Gerhart--43 (2) 3. C. McCoy--36 (1) N. Suh--36 (4) 5. K. Moore--11 (1)



I know the popular mantra at Alabama is that we're all about winning championships instead of individual awards, but I am seriously rooting for Mark Ingram to win the Heisman and for some of our...

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