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Huge Bama football fan living in Birmingham, AL.

Married with three adorable kids.

Also love to play and coach soccer.

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User Blog

CJ Hampton Chooses Ole Miss

Whelp, CJ stuck with his Ole Miss commitment. Not sure if I should be surprised or not with this news as he was previously committed to them in the first place. Anyone know the background details...


Kalvarez Bessent flips to Auburn

Two top corners flip to Auburn. First it was Stephen Roberts and now Bessent. No shock on Roberts but Bessent is interesting to say the least. What's weird is that we have a track record of top...


De-commit from Viane Talamaivo

Apparently there's been a flip from Bama to USC as Talamaivo has chosen to stay closer to home. I'm not buying the closer to home bit. I think it has more to do with USC recruiting and our OL class...


Why I'm Worried - Check the Stats

Hey guys, we need a stats piece to compare this Bama team to previous years.We used to do the running totals by year. Would love to see an update on that one. Until then, I've done some digging and...


Hey Johnny, We're Coming - and Hell's Coming with Us!

The week is finally here! It couldn't have come soon enough as we have been waiting a LONG time for this one. Last Year's Game I remember the last time we played you and your team. To be brutally...


Geno Smith Suspension

Holy bad decisions Batman!!!! So we're two weeks away from kickoff and about to settle in for Va Tech game prep, so let's go out, get blasted and get a DUI - because THAT'S SMART!!!! I mean that...


Bama wall-paper

I saw a Bama version for a houndstooth wallpaper and decided to do my own. Here's the wallpaper I thought I would add to the collection. Let me know what you think. Those pictured include: K...

Shaun Dion Hamilton

Shaun Dion Hamilton, a 4 star from Montgomery Alabama (Carver High School), has committed to play for the Crimson Tide. Shaun is 6' tall and 240 lbs and will be part of the 2014 class. From what...


The Big Bang - NCAA v. O'Bannon - The case that could change "Amateur" Sports

Sports Illustrated has a good article detailing the case and it's significance. For those who have yet to hear about it, here's a brief summary: Back 2009 there was a case about the NCAA profiting...


Derrick Henry - Knee injury during today's practice?!?!

Has anyone heard about this!??!? Apparently practice was stopped due "to a loud popping noise" heard when Henry was doing some sort of lateral cut drill. Dude went down fast and they are holding...

Captain Alabama

I found this on the interwebz and just wanted to share. Whoever did this has some photoshop skills.

Marvin Shinn at Spring Practice?

So I thought Marvin was leaving. Anyone else hear about this?


Of Serious Nature: Can you help?

I wanted to reach out to the RBR members and see if there was any interest in supporting a new cause. While I know this could be seen as a donation/charitable giving pitch, please read and...


Marvin Shinn - Done with Bama?

If anyone else has info on this let us know. I saw an article a couple of weeks ago speculating Shinn's eminent departure, but wanted to wait and see if something more substantial came out. Per...


Other Bama Sites - In case you are interested

While RBR is obviously my destination of choice, and the only place I post - there are other sites out there. I'll do my best to provide links - but know that more and more, we're seeing pay sites...


What the ?!@?! Some Direction Please!!!

So here we are with a massive body count - most mods have left the building, and I feel like baby who just had his pacifier taken away for good. I don't know about you guys (and gals - who are...


Picking up The Pieces

So Kleph is gone, Todd is going, Nico doesn't post much. Matt's a B'Ball guy, but been posting on football lately. Who's left and who is stepping up. Frankly I have far too much of my time...


Hey Domers - Nevermore!

Once upon a BCS meeting, while they pondered with ale and good eating, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While the Domers prodded, with no fear of napping, suddenly there...


Notre Dame Hate Thread - Bring the Heat!

I didn't see this out there yet and felt obliged to post. Feel free to add yours. Here are my top ten reasons to hate the Domers: 1) Too good to join a conference - If this isn't some sort of...


Hey Auburn - We're ready - Prepare for the Storm!

So there I was watching our season slip away as we completely dug a hole in exactly 1 quarter of football against A&M. Then we come back and have a chance at another miracle drive - just to see it...


Good luck this weekend!

So here we are again with two heavy-weights battling it out with BCS championship stakes on the line. It doesn't get any better than this. For those outside of our conference, who may...


So is Our Offensive Line Really That Good? 2011-2012 Stats Comparison

When the season started, I was really excited bc I thought we were going to have the best offensive line since 2008. That year we MAULED opponents and this was supposed to be the year where we had...


2012 SEC Roster Comparison

After worrying about our personnel losses to date, I went to take a look at the rosters posted over at ESPN as I was curious about the percentage of youth as part of the total roster. I wanted to...


7v7 Coach Common Link to AU and MSU NCAA Investigations

There are two stories out there sharing a common person of interest in ongoing NCAA investigations into both MSU and Auburn: Nashville-based 7v7 coach Byron De'Vinner. As you'll recall, Jovon...


Marcell Dareus' Brother a Victim in Alabama Triple Homicide

Not sure if this was posted somewhere on RBR and I missed it, so I wanted to be safe rather than sorry. I just caught this article on Yahoosports.com. I had heard about a shooting in Pelham this...


Catch 22 - Do we really benefit from playing teams like WKU?

After watching a very subpar performance by the Tide this past weekend, I started thinking (perhaps too much) about the pros and cons of playing lower tier teams. I would like to get your thoughts...


The Bama vs. Michigan Game - It was a pleasure meeting you.

I just wanted to send out a quick post to this group in case you may be interested. I just got back from the game and wanted to to let you know that I had the oportunity to meet a few Michigan...


Need some advice about where to eat in Midtown/Dallas

Can you help a fellow Tider out? We're looking for some good places to eat with a nice/unique atmosphere. Anyone have any ideas? We're specifically looking at places closer to Midtown....

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