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Huge Bama football fan living in Birmingham, AL.

Married with three adorable kids.

Also love to play and coach soccer.

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  • NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide
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User Blog

Game Predictions: Week 1

Every week I'm going to put one of these up to test our RBR prognosticators in order to separate the players from posers. Since I know there are some of the superstitious ilk who won't predict an...


Jordan Jefferson in Jail and suspended indefinitely

Not so good knews in the Bayou. Jordan Jefferson has been charged and is currently in jail and trying to post bail. This will no doubt have play a huge distraction factor going into the week. I...


Need your help

Will be traveling with a small group for a bachelor party in NOLA on Labor Day weekend. What place(s) offer the best combination of game viewing, decent eats and reasonably priced beverages...

Trent Richardson pic


So am I excited about the upcoming season? Why yes. Yes I am.

Just saw De'quan in the airport. I asked where he was going since the season was just about to...


Just saw De'quan in the airport. I asked where he was going since the season was just about to start. He said they had the weekend off. I asked him if he was planning on playing any pickup basketball and he got a good laugh from that question. Dude was FIT.


Make Your Season Prediction for the Tide

Here's a challenge for you: give some details on how you think the season season plays out for BAMA. Here's my prediction. 1) Kent State - W - 49-7: The Tide comes ready to play as certain spots...


And the Exodus Continues

Just heard a few minutes ago per Finebaum: Keiwone Malone, a wide receiver who was part of the 2010 recruiting class from Memphis, TN, was suspended indefinitely along with Sentimore. As you may...


Why we don't want BAMA at Preseason #1

While it is great to boast about lofty rankings (which really don't mean anything) at the beginning of the season, precedence showed us last year that reality played out far differently than the...


Putting Things in Perspective

As anyone who doesn't live under a rock should know by now, Alabama was hit with one of the worst natural disasters in the state's history. On April 27, 2011 more than 60 tornadoes ravaged Alabama...


Top Ten Movies by Genre: Sports

New week new genre. This week we'll focus on best sports movies. I'm going to try and pick from each major sport first and see what's left, but feel free to go with your overall favorites if you...


Top Ten Movies by Genre: Comedy

UPDATE: Here are the latest rankings as of BamaThrasher's post on Apr 6, 2011 2:07 PM CDT: 1) Holy Grail 2) Airplane 3T) 40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, Animal House and Office Space 4T) Dumb...


Best Drinks - Need Your Help

Trying to get a good list of drink recipes. So any of you who can speak from experience and can give me some ideas, I would be most grateful. Also, if you could give me an idea of parts/oz. or...


Top Ten Movies by Genre: Sci-Fi

Update: We're going to have Fantasy as a separate genre so I'm updating my top ten to reflect a purer sci-fi mix. I'm also putting Fantasy (LOTR, Harry Potter, etc) in here but EXCLUDES Super...


Top Ten Movies by Genre: Horror

Update: Done with Horror flicks - no changes since last post. Sci-fi is next Monday - unless I can find a good Bama article about Spring practice to re-post instead. 1T) Psycho & The Exorcist 2...


Top Ten Movies by Genre: Westerns

Last Update for Westerns: I have to go work on a few things tomorrow so Thomas Walker Esq's post on 3/17 12:38 PM CDT is the last one to get the votes in. Truth be told, there were a bunch of...


Top Ten Best Movies Evah!

Slow day... So if you had to recommend some must see movies what would they be (yes you can include a trilogy as 1). Here are mine: 1) Original Star Wars trilogy - I think I watched Star Wars...


HBO Special - How many players get paid?

So the HBO Special (scheduled for March 30th - I think) about Auburn may also include an interview with Chris Keys of Alabama. From what I hear it's supposed to be mostly about Camgate, but adding...


The new age of recruiting...Pros/Cons

So after a tumultuous journey this past recruiting season, we have witnessed some pretty crazy stuff. What has really proven interesting is the impact of social media and how it can sway or heavily...


How you became a BAMA fan

So it's obviously the off-season and most of us are going through the early stages of BAMA postpartum from another passing season. I've gotten to know more about the RBR faithful, had the pleasure...


More on this weekend's recruiting visits...

Was trying to find out more about this weekend and I was able to dig up the below. Anyone with a paid subscription to Rivals or Scout? All I could get was pretty generic stuff. If you learn/read...


Shannon Brown Going JUCO

A little update on the recruiting front: Sannon Brown, a current verbal commit for the 2011 squad is going JUCO. Here's the link: http://alabama.rivals.com/default.asp. He was being recruited as...


Christmas cards from "Friends"

Since it's a slow day and most are busy with last minute shopping - while I have to work (no I'm not bitter) - I wanted to take a quick survey. By now most Christmas cards should be out in...


Many thanks to the RBR crew!

Twas a couple of weeks before Christmas and RBR was merrily blogging, well except Pete - locked onto some poor poster he was busy flogging.   With the regular season complete and other...


Play-for-play 101 - How to cash in and stay eligible

If you have a talented son wanting to play D1 college football and feel you can cash in on his talents, here's a quick "how to" guide to ensure success - or - if caught shopping your son around -...


Dear Santa,

Hope your doing well in the North Pole. I have been very nice this year and thus deserving of the listed items below. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to clarify in...


IB Week - Hey AUBS Thanks for the Extra Motivation!

  As we prepare this week for grocery shopping and some good eating, this marks year 2 of the Iron Bowl being played on Friday. Personally I didn't like it at first, but I have come to embrace it...


You have just entered the Camlight zone.

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which can be proven by man. It is a dimension of speculation and innuendo - vast as space and beyond any singular opinion. It is the middle ground between...


Feds involved due to extortion?!?

Was out to lunch listening to Jox and the ongoing Cam melodrama. They mentioned that the reason the feds are involved is due to extortion. Does this make sense to anybody? I guess if Miss St. was...


It may be fantasy land, but you're welcome to join in.

Getting over the LSU loss, sent me into a temporary trip into the pit of despair. So I decided to jump into my happy place (which could still play out to be true) and the following occurred: Sat,...


Stopping Mr. Camtastic

So I've been watching Auburn to see what kind of team they have and I have to say I'm impressed with Cam and Fairley (sp?). While Cam has been doing almost all of his damage with the run, Fairley...

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