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QMJHL Overage Player Jean-Francois Plante

So I left a comment in the prospect review of Daniel Audette, about Plante who had a break-out year and is probably a big reason, why Audette’s production went up so drastically. He had 33 goals...


Three Buyout and Retained Salary Candidates that Should be on the Devil's Radar

Free Agency makes General Managers do stupid things. I don't know if it is the media attention, the klieg lights, the feeling of authority that comes with writing checks for several million...

Cory Schneider Says he wants 60 games


Sounds like he wants solid commitment to be unquestioned long-term starter with 60 games to sign. Don't know if this is really news. Everybody kind of knew this would be part of his asking price.


Idea for Management: Upgrades for a Fee

It is disheartening to see, game after game empty club seats behind the Devils bench game after game. Keeping club seats and lower bowl seats empty game after game, makes the Devils look...


Which Devils Have Been Affecting the Score?

So back when the Devils had played 34 games, I posted a chart showing how each player was doing in relative goal differential. Essentially I looked at what players were on the ice when goals were...


Schneider Replaces Brodeur in Stadium Series Game: A Perfect Passing of the Baton

I truly believe that if it were not for Lou Lamoriello, Martin Brodeur and Jacques Lemaire, there would be no New Jersey Devils in 2014. The organization's trajectory in the late 80's was...


"Goalsie" is to scoring as Corsi is to shooting

Ryan Stimson's excellent tracking of passing, zone exits, "shot attempts generated" and his derivative "Corsi Contribution," (as well as some discussion regarding the usefulness of hits as a...

Another Forbes Story


So according to this story the recent buyout included, $260M in assumption of debt ($160M Syndicate loans, $100M in unidentified debt attributable to "NHL, Barraway, MSG, Prudential, on nearby land.") But according to Gullitti NHL wasn't loan, but advance not requiring repayment; MSG contract was securitized (not a loan) and we might presume the same about Prudential (although I hadn't heard of debt to Prudential). Knowing that Barroway debt was $30M, there is about $70M in debt that was never identified, unless that is the "nearby land," which I can't imagine. Might this include money owed to Chambers from the January buyout by Vanderbeek? Are any of these numbers reliable being that they came from a source that just two weeks ago reported that an NHL buyout was imminent?

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