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Mike Sherman's Valedictory


I saw this over at BTW, if you haven't already bookmarked the site, you should. Narcolepsy jokes aside, I think a lot of Coach Sherman as a man. Hey, any overweight, 50...

Practice Report From The Asset


Greetings to all of you that are Jonesing… I was able to catch up with The Asset for this week’s Bowl Practice report and as always it’s quite interesting. I mean, what’s not interesting about...

Practice Report From The Asset: Kool-aid Edition


Sometimes change is a good thing—especially with proper hindsight and context. Before I give you what has to be one of the most "glowing" reports we’ve gotten from The Asset, I’d like to point out...

The BCS System: Rate Not, Lest Ye Be Rated


Can the BCS computers pick next week’s—or last week’s—winners? There’s a great scene near the climax of the 2001 film Zoolander in which Hansel, played by Owen Wilson (hook ‘em), grabs a late-90s...

jones Top Ten 2011 Season in Review


Welcome to the first annual Jones Top Ten season in review. What follows replaces the annual bowl preview, largely because the bowl season sucks. Outside of a handful of games, any given Saturday...

jones Top Ten - Week Fourteen - 2011


Well. Now that all the air has been sucked out of the room, I’d point out that a few football games not involving Alabama were actually played. Want to hear about them? Great! Enter the Honey...

Mondays In The Humidor With The Big Cigar


This episode of the Humidor happened on a Monday in November. We sat on the information because we’re fans and didn’t want to derail or distract from what has turned out to be a pretty damn...

Practice Report From The Asset (Updated W/ Thursday Tidbit)


I know that Humidors and Big Cigars are on everyone’s mind at this point but first things first. We have a ball game with the Baylor Bears this weekend, gents. And, it’s an important one. Texas...

Quick Update From The Asset


I know I owe you a Humidor and I promise I'll post what I can by the end of the week. At this point, however, I think it's best for everyone involved if we table the meat of that article for now. ...

jones Top Ten - Week Thirteen - 2011


If you had been with Lewis and Clark, Oregon never would have become a state. My wife the navigator does not generally put up with my smart-assery and this was no exception. If you had been making...

SCOREBOARD -- Early Grades


I am ecstatic about that win, not because I care so much about beating TAMU as a thing itself, but because listening to their cud-chewing fans low about a win would have driven me to a Hormel...

Practice Report From The Asset: Jaxon A Go?


I'm going to hold off on the Humidor post until after the Aggie game. There's a lot of information from my guy that would divert our attention from the task at hand--pulling off the upset in...

Quick Recruiting Report From This Weekend (DGB)


I posted this on Recruitocosm, but I thought the Barkers that don't venture out past this site might enjoy this update mainly because our only hope to have a more explosive offense next season...

Practice Report From The Asset(s)


I had a chance to catch up with The Asset last night and he gave me the latest and greatest from Monday's practice. I was also able to connect with another source who clued me on some goings on...

The Texas Leviathan: Why We Must Stomp the Aggies


In Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes famously described the plight of man in his natural state, uninformed and uncivilized. He said: “In such condition, there is no place for industry, because the fruit...

jones Top Ten - Week 12 - 2011


Nonsense is my favorite multi-purpose catch-all word. My own aloha, I suppose. Smartly defined right out of the M-W.D., nonsense captures “foolish or meaningless words or actions.” But I think of...

Practice Report From The Asset


Sorry for the belated practice report but I just got home from Milwaukee, which is Algonquin for "The Good Land." Algonquins must have been drunks in my opinion (no racist), because everyone in...

jones Top Ten - Week Eleven - 2011


Conference re-alignment has not completely dulled my enthusiasm for college football, just partially. Roughly about to the same extent the Transportation Safety Administration has dulled my...

Practice Report From The Asset--Show Me Style


I had a chance to catch up with The Asset to talk about what's going on with the Longhorns in practice and from a team standpoint this last week. That has to be welcome news to those like me who...

Quick Tidbit From The Asset


From the guy who first told you Shipley wouldn't play against Texas Tech, there's some much better news on that front. Jaxon Shipley participated in practice yesterday and looks like he will be a...

jones Top Ten - Week Ten - 2011


Fathers forget how hard it is to come inside. Our timing always stinks; we have no appreciation for ending a game in the front yard or driveway at the proper moment. We believe that shower time...

The Rest of Saturday Open Thread


Broyles is out for the year. A&M is 5-4. K-State vs. Ok State. Alabama vs. LSU. What do you have to say? And...

Practice Report From The Asset


Ash got the most reps again this week and he made the most of his opportunities. If you follow @Recruitocosm on Twitter, you already know that Ash had his best practice as a starter and is...

Mondays In the Humidor With The Big Cigar


Finally was able to catch up with El Cohiba Grande after a three week hiatus. The Cigar had some thoughts on Ash packages and QB’s ash-ing in general, but he also rolled up with some attrition...

Your Texas Tech Preview: We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!!!


As the administrations of both institutions attempt to prop up the rivalry between Tech and UT without A&M being in the picture, I am reminded of one of the long-standing great high school...

Gray and Brown = Spartan Army?


Go to 1:30 of this clip. Enjoy. Reminds me of the famous MTV Cribs episode where Steve Francis described an extra bedroom in his house as "this is the room where Cat stay when he stay over."  And...

Team Report From The Asset


Sorry it’s been a while guys, but I’ve been real busy in Nueva York. I was able to catch up with both the Big Cigar and The Asset while sitting in La Guardia, but I’m going to hold off on the...

Big 12 Midseason Report


Since 9 doesn't technically have a halfway point, we'll jump the gun a bit before we get to 5: 1. Oklahoma State - I like the athleticism on both sides of the ball. Weeden and Blackmon get most of...

jones Top Ten - Week 8 - 2011


My mom didn’t cotton to bored children. If you ever said I’m bored, she would counter with a list of activities. If you didn’t chose one, then she would tell you that your boredom was your own...

A Practice and a Program Update From The Asset


No Big Cigar this week because of some of the heat he took from the Case McCoy disclosure so we’ll take a respite from the humidor. Look, especially for those that don’t know, we were told that...

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