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jones Top Ten - Week Seven - 2011


Among my many neuroses, I have a problem with people who turn left when it is completely unreasonable to turn left. This is one of the many cultural battles that I have lost (right up there with an...

Practice Tidbits From The Asset


I'm not going to do redacteds or even a full-blown report this go-round just to see how it goes. However, we'll have a Q and A this Friday if you still need a fix. So real quickly, The Asset tells...

Mondays in the Humidor With The Big Cigar


First off in this week's version, I'm not going to be able to provide the full-blown report from the Big Cigar because, quite frankly, some of his answers are in-house stuff that would hurt the...

Diary of an Aggie Fan in Lubbock


Dear loyal fellow Ags (Whoop!), I wanted to transcribe this post, first of all, to tell you all how proud I am to be a Fightin' Texas Aggie. Second, to make sure all Aggie fans were aware of the...

REDACTED Practice Report From The Asset


To begin this report, I have the inclination to apologize. I’ve been sitting on this report for over a day and I’m still at my wits end on what to report. First, a little background. I haven’t...

Show Me Hypocrisy


I'm not sure what's more ridiculous, the fact that Gary Pinkel wears a visor at night or that he incessantly whines about the LHN broadcasting high school games knowing full well that KOMU, a...

Mondays In the Humidor


I opened the door to that familiar cubbyhole not knowing what to expect. It had been nearly fourteen days and this was, well, this was OU week. What could the Cigar have in store for the Jesus? ...

jones Top Ten - Week Five - 2011


Robert Fulghum did his best to convince us that everything we needed to know we learned in kindergarten. We are supposed to share and take our turn and be kind and, perhaps most importantly, not to...

LHN Sneak Preview: A Day in the Life of Dodds


I had a chance to talk to my source again, who broke the Vatican City meeting. Like I previously mentioned, he's well connected on the ins and outs of pretty much everything. We'll refer to him...

Practice Report From The Asset


With the Humidor shut down for renovations until next week, I did have a chance to catch up to everybody’s favorite part of the balance sheet—The Asset. Although he was brief and asked me not to...

jones Top Ten - Week Four - 2011


The storefront reads "In God We Trust." It’s written in biblical/motivational font on a functional building in a dilapidated strip center. I assume it is either a Charismatic church of some sort,...

Practice Report From The Asset


I had a chance to talk to The Asset who although was speaking with a whisper had some information that may come across as more of a shout. The report is a case of good news/bad news, zero-sum type...

Mondays In The Humidor


Sometimes, we can be locked out of the humidor, especially when the Cigar goes on a week long bender in Los Angeles followed by cleaning vomit off the leather in the G-6. So, sorry about the...

Tales from West Point


My tens of loyal readers parents out there might recall last year’s wildly ambitious Tales from series. I had an umpteen week plan to do something loosely football related near NYC and blog about...

Dreams Unfulfilled, Graduate Unskilled -- NCAA Athletics and Exploitation


Taylor Branch’s article in this month's Atlantic Monthly (it's more than Andrew Sullivan now!) about how the myths of amateurism and student-athletes allow the NCAA and its constituent schools to...

jones Top Ten - Week Three - 2011


Every time the Eagles’ Desperado comes on, it raises my stress level. This happens in some odd places, like behind the customer service desk at my neighborhood grocer where the girls are listening...

The Nerd's Guide to College Football Fandom


Or: Academic rankings are more interesting when football is half the grade Americans love rankings like their freedom. They also love the freedom to read too much into such rankings despite their...

Practice Report From The Asset


Due to popular demand we're going to continue to provide practice tidbits from The Asset. However, we're not going to get into specific plays in the interest of protecting the team. Even...

Report: Dodds to Meet with Vatican


A source has indicated that Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds is scheduled to be in Vatican City next week to discuss conference realignment issues and expanding the Big 12 should Oklahoma and...

Mondays In The Humidor With The Big Cigar


I had a chance to catch up with El Jefe and talk some Texas vs. BYU football. As you can imagine the Cigar was in good spirits after the dramatic come from behind win in DKR on Saturday night. He...

Texas Releases Depth Chart for UCLA


The notables: McCoy and Ash are co-starters with Gilbert listed third. Ashton Dorsey is a starter at DT after grabbing the position by its haunches and humping it into submission vs. the Cougars. ...

Some Quick Thoughts On The BYU Win


I just wanted to get these thoughts up just after re-watching the BYU game. I’ll have more later from the Big Cigar and The Asset with some "aftermath" themed pieces and hopefully some forward...

jones Top Ten - Week Two - 2011


Whatever happened to Gnarls Barkley? Zach the Eldest and I are listening to the song Crazy on the way to a morning run. It reminded me that I had actually seen Gnarls Barkley at ACL Fest years ago....

David Ash Is Your New American Idol -- Give Luck Its Due


Everyone who has ever played a team sport knows that you cannot sabermetric everything. There comes a time on every team where a player makes or breaks a reputation for reliability, capability,...

Some Quick Hitters After Rewatching the Rice Game


Watching Rice vs. Texas for eleventy billionth time I felt like I needed to add my thoughts before we roll into our Friday Q&A and then obviously into game day. This falls right about seventh on...

BYU Game Week From The Asset


I-Right 33 Cross-buck. Live it. Love it. Learn it. It’s a simple counter play that is predicated on the success of base plays like I-Right 22 Dive and I-Right 34 Blast. Funny that--plays that...

Mondays In the Humidor: The Cigar on The Ash Package and More


I suspect Saturday night’s Texas vs. Rice happenings made the Big Cigar’s evening rather satisfying. Just after David Ash and Jaxon Shipley took back-to-back Wildcat snaps I pictured El Cohiba...

jones Top Ten - Week One 2011 - Labor Day Edition


Any man who ponders a small plastic toy from McDonald’s while children chase each other through enormous plastic tubes resides in the full throes of adulthood. So I hold Greedy Smurf. He smiles....

David Ash: Red Light on the Redshirt Talk


There seems to be a bit of misdirection coming out of the Texas program this week and, while familiar, it looks nothing like Bryan Harsin trickeration. Just the same, it is meant to disguise and...

Practice Report Video Up: A Couple Tidbits


Here is the release from Pravda. First, a pretty cool interview with Duane Akina and Major Applewhite discussing Quandre Diggs. He does look like a natural at PR and DB. Next, a HORRIBLE deep ball...

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