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Wednesday Practice Report From The Asset


First I’d like to discuss my son who quarterbacks the Texas Colts in their 8 year old division. Offset power I , fake 22 blast boot right for a TD on a wheel route to the team’s best wideout. The...

Tuesday Practice Report From The Asset


Let’s begin with the position that has most Longhorn fans choosing sides like Capulet vs. Montague or Hatfield and McCoy, no pun intended. The Asset tells us that Garret Gilbert had a solid day...

Mondays In the Humidor


Consider this the inaugural edition of a new feature we’ll be running at the beginning of every week. If you remember our stuff from last season, a lot of the Big Cigar information came from the...

Texas Basketball: Update on Jaylen Bond Kevin Thomas


Before we get to the meat of this story, I would like to acknowledge this as the best lead image in the history of barking carnival. Future Bill Simmons, ftw. Boom goes the dynomite. -V Rick...

Dan Beebe Responds to AM's Letter


No joke here. "The letter received today from Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin will be addressed by the Big 12 Conference Board of Directors," he said. "It remains our strong desire for Texas...

Aggies Send Formal Notice

123 the Big 12 office informing Dan Beebe of TAMU's intentions to explore leaving the conference--as was reported by the Big Cigar two days ago. Someone get Touchdown Jesus on the Horn. And one...

2011 Texas Tech Football Preview: Red Raider State of the Union


First off, I want to thank the Barking Carnival intelligentsia for scheduling my SOTU just after Scipio’s masterpiece. Thanks fellas now I feel like one of the rappers in the movie 8 Mile. ...

2011 Oklahoma State Football Preview: Cowboy State of The Union


I've given Mike Gundy quite a bit of grief around here regarding his wardrobe selection. However, most of it is largely undeserved as typical individuals tailor their outfit selection to appease...

2011 Iowa State Football Preview: Cyclone State of The Union


Personally I hold a bit of animosity towards the state of Iowa right now. Not because of some undue bias against backwoodsman whose sustenance relies on an agrarian existence. I'm from Texas for...

Tuesday Practice Report From The Asset


The Asset delivers once again, albeit a much smaller helping of information than the last dozen reports. Hell, it was shells today so there wasn’t much honest to goodness football information to...

Big Cigar With Some Realignment News


I had a chance to catch up with the Big Cigar about all the moving parts in the pending realignment game. One puff of smoke and you could tell this stuff is getting ready to heat up big time. F...

Monday Practice Report From the Asset


You can’t be the original home of Practice Report if you don’t continue to provide practice reports. Once again, that dude with the cutesy name, the Asset, has you covered, undaunted by Bellmont’s...

August Camp Thoughts From The Big Cigar


I had the chance to catch up to El Cohiba Grande to find out what he was hearing about the shiny new version of the Texas Longhorns. Now if your primary haunt is Barking Carnival and you don't get...

Friday Scrimmage Report From the Asset


The scrimmage tonight was supposed to be the definitive battle for the starting quarterback position. The Asset tells us it wasn’t. Not to say the QB play was poor, it was actually pretty good,...

Thursday Practice Report From the Asset


Life isn’t fair. Vince Young plays for the Eagles and I’m not allowed to tell you about the plays the Texas Longhorns are installing for Oklahoma. But I do get to wake up and talk to great people...

Wednesday Practice Report From the Asset


Welcome to Barking Carnival, where membership has its privileges, and practice reports. I just caught up with the Asset and he had a veritable jug of Kool Aid for information after yesterday’s...

Tuesday Practice Report From The Asset


He's emboldened. He's refreshed. The Asset gives you the goods. As always, the first position mentioned in this practice report is the quarterbacks. The definitive word from the Asset goes as...

Monday Practice Report From the Asset: The Offense


Monday’s practice report is going to have to be a tad vaguer than the scrimmage report. In an effort to bring you more detail in Saturday's scrimmage report, the Asset and I may have out-kicked...

Love (Of $$$) Will Tear Us Apart


I’m the fourth in a row in my family to have my name. The first one, a native of a small town in Central Texas, was a Longhorn. His son, my grandfather, was a military man and an Aggie. My...

Scrimmage Video Up At Texas Sports Dot Com


Here it is. And in my best Dennis Green voice with respect to David Ash, if you're going to crown his ass, crown him. Holy cow that kid can spin it. In all seriousness, I get that this is just a...

Scrimmage Report From the Asset and Overall Thoughts From Another Source


I’d like to apologize for being in Vegas the last few days—that apology goes out to our readership, the blackjack dealers, and first and foremost my liver. Thank goodness the Asset never sleeps or...

Stick a Fork In It...

101 looks like the Aggy's goose is cooked. The SEC votes against an invite to A&M, per ESPN. Now, this doesn't preclude a future move for Aggy. Maybe even a near-future move. But what it DOES...

Are You Ready For Some Football?!


It's time to forget about Jurgen Klinsmann and Bob Bradley, and Alex Morgan and Hope Solo, and put aside our hatred for El Tri for the moment, as the self-appointed MOST EXCITING AND BEST LEAGUE IN...

Thursday’s Practice Tidbits from The Asset


Highwayman here filling in for JS while he and Tips are making their way to Sin City for the Cosm's little field trip this weekend. Luckily, Haysuess was able to phone in some practice tidbits via...

A League Of Their Own


Sometimes siblings need to try and make it on their own.  Especially the runt – the smaller, less talented, less desired, whinier of the two. Sometimes they’ve got to try something new, on their...

Perry Wants Hot SEC Action


In addition to a desire to bring really good hair to the White House and international politics (suck it Sarkozy), Rick Perry wants to bring A&M to the SEC. He talks about it in this ESPN Dallas...

Practice Report Number Five From the Asset


First let’s get the bad news out of the way. Evidently the Staff wasn’t pleased with BarkingCarnival/Recruitocosm posting information on specific plays along with specific information on...

Practice Tidbits Number 4 From the Asset


Another day, another practice report from The Asset—but this time it’s tackle football of the full pad persuasion. Again, not a lot of information from this workout as the coaches are doing more...

Travis Lewis Out for 8 Weeks?


The news is spreading fast that OU senior LB Travis Lewis has suffered a broken bone in his foot and will miss eight weeks. Looks like future stud Corey Nelson will get the call. ...

Practice Tidbits Number 3 From the Asset


First, I'd like to thank the Mothership for tapping us on the shoulder to post these practice reports. I feel like the fireballer from double A getting called up to the big leagues. Barking...

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