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Atma was originally a Knicks Fan

  FACT:  A year ago a few of us went on the web and found his old personal webpage with him in a .... KNICKS JERSEY.   He listed his fav teams as the Knicks then Golden State.  Hmmmmmmm... I guess...


Deleting Posts - Annoying or Necessary?

I wrote a post about Jack breaking his summer long silence which happened to be linked on a fanshot as well... but my post was deleted.  I think it was out of line, I mean that's a huge deal I...


Stephen Jackson Launches "Jack 1 Foundation"

Our team Captain has been true to his stature as the Community Outreach champion of the dubs by launching the Jack 1 Foundation: h...


Nellie wins $6.3M suit against CUBSICLE!!

HA HAAAAA GOTTA LUV COACH!  He wasn't holding on to this grudge for no reason, he was right!  Stupid a$$ Cuban has to pay him mwahahahaha   I...


Marcus Williams may START at PG

There's a serious chance this guy might make it into the starting rotation alongside Monta Ellis ... the 23-year old backcourt!  That'd be something.  At first I was skeptical, but after reading on...


Meet Ron Artest's New Agent: Ron Artest

In a sad, yet humorous development, Ron Artest has been emailing ESPN all weekend stating that he (still) truly regrets not opting out of his contract and that he is now acting as his own agent in...


OPINION: BD Did The Right Thing / FACTual OPINION: Monta WANTS OUT

The Video It took me a few days to come to terms with all of this, but this video right here allowed me to understand why Baron did the right thing and I'm still proud to call him my favorite...


Sixers interested in Andris - Maggette finalizing with Spurs

[While chugging directly out of my pepto bismol bottle] Here's another one to watch out for in this summer of HELL.  The Sixers, after considering Josh Smith are also looking at Andris.  Yes he's...


Sources: Monta Ellis interested in the Knicks

It's happening guys.  It's happening.  If there's one team out there that will throw ridiculous amounts of money to someone, it's the New York Knicks! They're starting to gain interest in Monta,...


Warriors talking to Maggette/Summer League Roster

ttp:// Golden State has reached out to forward Corey Maggette, another Clippers free agent, according to two league sources....


Arenas GONE - $111M with Wiz, less than max =(

Can't believe it.  Mullin needs to go.  Needs to go.   ahhh ahh ahh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh  ahh ahhh...

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