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Zach Lowe Of SI Interviews Josh Howard

10 Why Utah? Howard: It was really looking back at my years playing in the NBA and coming to Utah, and seeing that home-court advantage they had, as far as the fans coming out and...

Looking Like One Season, Howard U? - The Downbeat - #643


Where are the Utah Jazz heading this season and how does the current roster play into that? Also, what will that final roster look like?

Utah Jazz Sign Josh Howard


Breaking news from Chris Broussard Josh Howard has agreed to terms with Utah, source says — Chris Broussard (@Chris_Broussard) December 15, 2011 More on this later of course. Say your goodbyes...

Utah Jazz Player Previews - Derrick Favors


Derrick Favors might have some unrealistic expectations of him heading into the season.

Jerry Sloan In LA? - The Downbeat - #642


Mehmet Okur and Alec Burks bring different things to the Jazz. But they compliment each other well.

Utah Jazz Player Previews: Enes Kanter


Enes Kanter finally gets his shot at professional basketball. What can we look forward to in his first year in the league?

The Baseline - The Downbeat - #641


The Jazz have a new defensive philosophy under Tyrone Corbin. Will it work?

Utah Jazz Player Previews: Al Jefferson


We take a look at Al Jefferson and hope for more.

Is Andrei Kirilenko Asking For Too Much? - The Downbeat - #640


Andrei Kirilenko is looking for a salary in the $8 million range. Is that too much?

Utah Jazz Player Previews: Paul Millsap


Despite earning his starting spot last season and doing nothing to lose it, Paul Millsap is out again to prove he belongs.

Where Are The Utah Jazz Heading? - The Downbeat - #639


The Jazz might appear to be rebuilding but signs appear to show otherwise. Also, how a twitter campaign helped bring back Earl Watson.

Utah Jazz Sign Enes Kanter and Alec Burks


Enes Kanter's nightmare is over. He'll officially be able to play the basketball. Both he and Alec Burks signed their rookie deals today and will be in practice tonight according the the PR rep...

Utah Jazz Re-Sign Earl Watson


Free agent Earl Watson is back with the Jazz.

Fesenko Friday Without Fesenko


It's time for your weekly caption contest of your favorite rehabbing, yet to be signed, big man. Let's read your best and remember to rec your favorites. Training camp opens today for the first...

Utah Jazz To Debut New Alternate Uniforms


Due to league rules, the Jazz couldn't introduce an alternate uniform last season when they got new unis. Now they can. At noon today they'll be revealing the new ones. There shouldn't be much...

Opening Day Open Thread


Training camp starts today. Free-agency becomes official. All hell may break loose. Make sure you're here when it happens.

Who Will Step Up And Lead The NBA Out Of This? - The Downbeat - #638


Just when the league was looking good, it got ugly. Who is going to turn the league around?

NBA Lockout Ends And Chris Paul Is NOT A Laker.


According to Ken Berger the NBA owners' board of governors has approved the new CBA and the players voted in favorearlier today. Season officially back on. Oh, and Chris Paul is now a Laker. Oh,...

Jamaal Tinsley Has Agreed To Terms With Utah Jazz


Jamaal Tinsley is the lastest Jazz backup point guard.

RIP Rip - The Downbeat - #637


Is Earl Watson leaving the Jazz?

No Complaints About The Utah Jazz Schedule - The Downbeat - #636


The NBA schedule is out and we take a look at the Utah Jazz's lot. Also, what do the Jazz do in the front court to get everyone minutes?

Utah Jazz Fans -- And Front Office -- Have To Be Relieved - The Downbeat - #635


The NBA schedule comes out today and it doesn't look good early for the Jazz. Also, there must be a sense of relief that the Jazz aren't having to deal with Deron Williams trade rumors.

Early glimpses of the schedule leaking out. Looks like the Jazz will be playing the Lakers in LA...


Early glimpses of the schedule leaking out. Looks like the Jazz will be playing the Lakers in LA on December 27th. That would be a relative late start for the Jazz given that there are five games tipping off on the 25th with another set to start on the 26th. It could also mean that the Jazz will be playing their second game of a back to back or perhaps in the middle of a B2B2B themselves? They'll get another crack at LA early after beating the Lakers in LA late last season for the first time in a decade. More from LA Times I know you're all sobbing for the Lakers right now. If you want the conspiracy, then of course you have to mention how this favors the Lakers because they won't have to have a B2B2B down the stretch to break their old, weary, legs.

The Year Of The Doe? - The Downbeat - #634


Jazz fans have been waiting for CJ Miles to have his “breakout” year. Is this his year when he puts it all together? Also, what will Tyrone Corbin bring to the Jazz this season?

Raja Bell On Whether The Players Caved


From Sports Radio Interviews, We had you on before the new CBA was in place. Now the CBA is pretty much done. Were you disappointed how the new CBA came out? Did you guys cave? "Yeah...look I...

Fesenko Friday Has A Fever And The Only Cure Is More Fesenko Friday


Since the NBA is back in action, let's get Fess back in action (and hopefully Fess will be as well). It's time for your weekly caption contest featuring your favorite rehabbing free-agent big man....

The Boys Are Back In Town - The Downbeat - #633


The Utah Jazz players are trickling back to Salt Lake. Also, what's in the future for Andrei Kirilenko and the Jazz?

We're Playing Basketbaaaaaaawl (Almost) - The Downbeat - #631


The NBA unofficially gets underway as the league has opened up training facilities to players.

The Best Part About The Lockout Being Over Is That We Don't Have to Talk About the Lockout -The Downbeat - #530


The ink on the pages of the newspapers declaring the lockout over isn't even dry yet and the trade rumors for the Jazz are flying.

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