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Dwight Passing on Chicago - Its the Shoes!

"And as one high-ranking sneaker executive says, 'Adidas simply cannot have its two signature players on the same team in the same market. … Derrick is the face of that market, owns that market, and Adidas can’t possibly have maximum bang for its buck with Dwight there.'" A lot of interesting stuff from Woj on Rose, Howard and Adidas.

Hornets want Gordon or Curry for CP3

Boston, Houston and Dallas would be willing to trade for Paul w/o a contract extension. Prediction: He is in Boston by Christmas.

KC: Thibs has made calls to JRich and Crawford; Bulls targeting ball-handling starting guard

Update: "Bulls targeting ball-handling starting guard" "The Bulls have discussed the full $5 million midlevel exception over four years with Butler's camp. They either have done or will do the same with Jason Richardson and Jamal Crawford. Coach Tom Thibodeau has called Crawford and Richardson, a source said."

The Monta Ellis Solution

The solution to the 2 guard position is obvious, but we've been ignoring it.   Delonte West?  Tracy McGrady?  Come on.  The Bulls are going up against a colossal power in the Heat.  They have...

NBA Players Considering Decertifying Union

[From the FanShots. Your depressing lockout news thread for the weekend. -ed.] Boom! goes the season.

Thibs Unliked by Players?

"I know several players on the Bulls and nobody really liked Tom Thibodeau, but that's OK," said Tolliver, a reserve perhaps best known for his YouTube parody of LeBron James' "Decision" last summer. "You don't have to like the coach. You just have to be able to play for him." I guess he doesn't know Rose.


Pick Your 2012 Olympic Team

Extreme lockout boredom has set in.  No news, no player movement, not even negotiations to talk about.

A trade always is possible, but the most obvious move is to chase Orlando’s Jason Richardson or...

A trade always is possible, but the most obvious move is to chase Orlando’s Jason Richardson or Denver’s J.R. Smith in free agency...Richardson, 30, is a mature player who has made the playoffs just three times in 10 NBA seasons. Smith, 25, is talented but erratic. The Bulls probably believe a veteran team with championship aspirations could keep him in line.

-Mike McGraw

Thibs on Jimmy Butler

[Lets use this as our Jimmy Butler introductory press conference thread. Starts at Noon CST and will be streaming from our good pals at CSNChicago -ed.] "He's a wing. I think he has the ability to play both spots. Those two spots are very interchangeable with us. We're comfortable with that. And if there's a small range-shooting power forward, he can handle that. He did that a lot in college. We think he has great feet. He can guard big guys, small guys. The first step will be for him to contribute in practice."

Unguaranteed Contracts Still in Play After New CBA

Don't throw away those Keith Bogans trade scenarios just yet!


Will the Bulls Make a Move?

  The Bulls are in an excellent position to make a move right now.  Despite being near the cap themselves, the Bulls still have opportunities to make trades and deals before and after the draft...

$45 Million Salary Cap?

So the Bulls better win this year because we might not be seeing basketball for awhile.


NBA Officiating - Conspiracy Theory (Hornets/Lakers)

Quick Fanpost - I found this series of events in the Hornets-Lakers series pretty interesting.


NBA Playoff Game Thread 4.16.11

Heat v. Philadephia, Atl v. Orlando and Portland v. Dallas today.  After an exciting Bulls game there is nothing better than watching MVP runner-ups Lebron James, D Wade, Dwight Howard and Dirk...


NCAA Tourney / Draft Watch Thread

Hey guys, its the NCAA tourney, yfbb approved of a thread (and who cares, he isn't around anyway - I guess he is the one person in the world without a mobile device) so lets dump all our random...


Around the Heat, I mean NBA Thread 3/6/11

As the Heat lockerroom turns into an episode of One Life to Live, lets turn our attention to some of the other NBA teams who ESPN may consider important.  After a brief break (did ABC have a 2nd...


What do the Bulls need to do to win a title THIS season?

One of the more interesting questions facing the Bulls right now is whether or not they should play their cards close to the vest, be patient, and wait until next year to  go all out for a...


Kind of Unconventional Trade Idea(s) Thread

We all have been disappointed with the Bulls play over the last couple of weeks.  With Noah being out a slight downturn had to be expected, but still these losses have been discouraging if you...


Around the NBA 12.23.10

3 games tonight.  Magic v. Spurs, Heat v. Suns and Bucks v. Kings.  A chance to see the hated Heat and the new look Magic and Suns

Donald Sterling Heckling Baron Davis

Reason #3,096,054 why the NBA is my favorite sports league.

The Clippers remain as disappointing as ever, but they have finally found their man, so clueless...

The Clippers remain as disappointing as ever, but they have finally found their man, so clueless it's as if he was born to be this organization's spokesman. He likes to speak in contradictions, so he's almost always right as well as wrong and as joke's go, Vinny Del Negro is a hoot.,0,1845117.column?page=1

Poopsworld: Noah holding out for $70 mil?

Doug Thonus via Poopsworld. I find it hard to believe that Noah will get $14 million a year under a new CBA, but I would feel better if he was signed before the start of the season.


Team USA vs. the Ruskies

Early start to quarterfinal game.


NBA Top 30 Shooting Guards (No Current Bulls)

Do the Bulls have a hole at shooting guard?  We've been debating the merits of Rudy, Henry and McGrady for a while now.  Kelly Dwyer is ranking the top 30 at ever position (Rose was #5 point...

Paul demands trades to Knicks, Lakers or Magic (Broussard and Dwyer weigh in)

Call the wah-mbulance, Chris Paul wants to follow in Lebron James' footsteps. "Paul's list of preferred destinations consists of the Knicks, Magic and Lakers, and members of his inner circle already have sent word to the Hornets of his desire to be traded to one of those teams, sources say. If Paul has his way, he's played his last game in a Hornets jersey";_ylt=AspCRUg.om2uLNXbco4Tml68vLYF?urn=nba-257453

Miller hopes to decide by end of week...

Will he pick us or won't he? I'm prepared to burn my Miller jersey at the first sign of trouble.

Bulls Coaching Search a 2 Man-Race

"Unless Phil Jackson or Doc Rivers gets involved, the Bulls’ coaching search looks like a two-man race between Maurice Cheeks and Lawrence Frank."

"I love Chicago," Wade said. "But my heart is here in Miami."

Time to start crossing some names off the 2010 free agency list... No Lebron, No Wade...


Bring Rudy Fernandez to Chicago (Pritchslap the Blazers)

Rudy Fernandez is unhappy in Portland (who wouldn't be).    He wants to start, wants to play more, he wants to be closer to family and friends, he wants his nickname "Spanish Fly" to take off,...


BlogaBull Bracket Challenge and Draft Tracker (Sweet 16 Update)

Hey guys.  I know there is interest in the NCAA Tourney on this site.  And I know most of us will be following it looking for new talent (considering the current state of the Bulls).  With that...

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