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Kirk Hinrich is Killing the Bulls Softly With His Offense

Kirk Hinrich is one of the worse offensive guards in the NBA.  He isn't just bad.  He isn't just streaky.  Of the guards playing major rotation minutes in the NBA, Hinrich is one of the worst...


All Star Weekend Open Thread

I figured I just start a thread for general all-star festivities happenings.  Taj Gibson scored 2 pts and my girlfriend asked me to turn the TV (Olympics - really?) and get on the computer.  I felt...

KC Makes the Case for Tyrus

[From the FanShots. KC makes some solid points, and the conclusion is accurate: it's over now, but the Bulls could've handled this year much better. -ed.] "But part of successful coaching is managing personalities. When Thomas came off the bench to average 16 points, 10.3 rebounds and two blocks in 30.3 minutes in his first three games back from injury in late December, the time to start him and allow him to play through some mistakes arrived. Instead, Thomas came off the bench to play just 15 foul-plagued minutes on Jan. 2 against Orlando. He has played more than 30 minutes just once since — on Jan. 20 at the Clippers — and tallied 18 points, six rebounds and three blocks while doing so."

Bulls Have Eye on Two 2010 Free Agents - Sign a guard / trade for a big man


"The Bulls are thinking big next summer. The plan is to sign one of the two guards, then use remaining assets to trade for Chris Bosh or Carlos Boozer. If a trade doesn't work, they'll try to find a way to re-sign Tyrus Thomas." Throw away comment or insight into Bulls plans?

Del Negro Unable to Control Bulls

[From the FanShots. This is great stuff. I wonder where Ken Berger got his info? Another national writer takes on VDN and the Bulls here. ] The Bulls don't look like the bundle of chemistry and sunshine we were promised in the summer. I have a question - do the Bulls vets have a problem with giving the ball to Rose?

Thunder Acquire Eric Maynor for Bag of Chips, Back Rub


Wouldn't it be cool if the Bulls used their vast wealth to improve the roster... nah. With the Bulls expiring contracts they should try to get a good player on a salary dump. They should, but they won't.


Open Game Thread #24: Bulls vs New York Knicks

[Sorry! Not sure what happened, I had one scheduled -ed.]]Go Bulls

Hollinger Projection: Bulls 32-50, 12th in East


According to Hollinger, the Bulls only have a 17% chance of making the playoffs. I guess he hasn't been watching them play...

Play James Johnson. Play him at PF.


Thonus makes a good argument for getting Johnson more minutes. I'm ambivalent on whether they label him a PF or SF, but Hunter should never see 22 minutes. That is unacceptable.

Hinrich to Miss 1 to 2 weeks

[From the fanshots. This may get ugly. And I AM sort of bummed I won't see Hinrich-Gordon on Tuesday. -ed.] Courtesy of Doug Thonus who got the info courtesy of This is the exact situation we signed Lindsey Hunter for. As a veteran basketball player / grief counselor; he should be able to navigate the team through the misery that is his and Pargo's play.

Just thinking out loud as we scour the East: Shouldn't Chicago at least be looking into Iverson?...


Just thinking out loud as we scour the East: Shouldn't Chicago at least be looking into Iverson? Ben Gordon's scoring has been sorely missed, John Salmons hasn't been able to recapture last season's second-half mojo and the Bulls, although very close to the luxury-tax line, have two open roster spots and would not go over the tax line if they signed Iverson to a prorated veteran minimum deal. We repeat: Just thinking out loud.

Taj Gibson Represents Everything Wrong with the Chicago Bulls (A Rant)

I'm trying not to hate Taj.  I'm trying.  But it is really hard.  Its not his fault.  He is just a symbol.  Its like dating any girl with the same name as an ex-girlfriend you hated.  Or turning...


The Time is Now to Trade Deng

Luol Deng is playing his best basketball in 3 years.  He appears healthy, confident and fully recovered from whatever plagued him the last two years.  Thus, there is no better time to trade Luol...

Thunder Extend Sefolosha With Multi-Year Deal


Because when you get a chance to lock up the Swiss Mister, you have to do it.


What will the Bulls rotation look like?

Preseason is finally over.  It seems to get longer every year.  The Bulls, in my opinion, performed fairly well.  Outside of Lu Deng, I thought all the players performed well.  The Bulls are... Interview with Gar Forman


Every player had the greatest summer of their lives. Deng will be back to top form. Rose is ready to step up and lead. Hinrich will resume his all-world defense. Miller's farts smell like daisies.... Its actually a pretty good interview. The money shot - "He [Deng] says he is ready, and the doctors have given him a clean bill of health. He feels good, and he’s been working, running and playing. We expect him to return to when he was in top form the year before last, if not better. Luol is only 24 years old, but this is his sixth year in the league and he has become a veteran. We need him to become a leader also, and our expectations are very high for him."


Over / Under Bulls 2009-2010 Season

The Bulls roster is pretty much set; its been a slow August for NBA news.  I don't see much player movement on the horizon until we get to the All-Star break.  With things having settled down, its...


Who Should Start Game 1 for the Bulls Next Season? (w/poll)

According to VDN, the starting line ups are not set.  So we as fans should be ready for anything.    


Three Step Plan to Make the Bulls a Contender

After a summer spent arguing about what the Bulls should do to make their team relevant, I've come to the following conclusions/solutions.  The plan involves scrapping the 2010 plan (to some...


Trade Proposal: Boozer and Brewer for Gordon and Tyrus (and garbage?)

It looks like Carlos Boozer will not be opting out of his contract.  It doesn't look like the Pistons are prepared to make him a large offer.  This trade proposal is contingent on two things -...

Toronto Looking to Sign and Trade Bosh


Straight from Bryan Colangelo's mouth, Toronto may be looking to sign and trade Bosh so that they and he can get the most out of the deal. Anyone who thinks Bosh will be staying in Toronto is crazy. The only question to me is, can the Bulls outbid Bosh's other suitors (Miami, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, etc.)?

Hollinger looks at PER rankings, decides ROY race


Hollinger, our favorite statistical savant over at ESPN, has declared Brook Lopez the ROY, Marc Gasol second solely based on their PER scores. I have no problem with PER but Hollinger's over reliance on that one indicator to make every point is a bit annoying. I think it is interesting that none of the rookies who rank in the top 5 in PER (for players with more than 1,000 minutes) are the focal points of their teams offense.

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