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Andre Johnson on NFL .com


Almost sounds hopeful from Andre. . . . or maybe I'm dreaming.


OT: BRB World Cup watchers -- gab about the world cup with your friends from BRB

The world cup is starting today. I think I remember watching Klinsmann playing in the world cup and if you were a fan of Argentina (and I was) then Klinsmann was one of those players that you loved...

JJ Watt & Jadeveon Clowney get nod from Yahoo Sports for "what if" scenario in World Cup


Haha! An entertaining piece where the Yahoo tries to envision what the USA World Cup Team would look like with our best NFL athletes on the World Cup team.

Great nfl top 100 vid about Troy Polamalu


I just became a new fan of Ike Taylor because of him talking about playing on the same defense as Troy Polamalu. LOL Ike Taylor is hilarious! This must be what it's like to play with Arian Foster. Muahahaha! Good stuff!

Five best teams for Andre Johnson


For me, this had a surprise ending. Y'all might enjoy it.

AMEN They're fixing the broken Zebras!


They got rid of 11 zebras (Good lord! let's hope they were the shitty ones! ) amongst other silent changes to officiating after 2013 season.


A Letter to Andre Johnson and The Texans

The Letter to Andre Johnson Dear Andre Johnson,1st I want to thank you so much for all the joy you’ve brought to Houston.2nd I want to tell you that if you are authentically not having fun...

Happy Birthday to Momma Bridgewater!


NFL Draftee Teddy Bridgewater Surprises His Mom With a Pink Cadillac Teddy's surprise for his mother's birthday.

Defending Bridgewater: "Turn on the tape"


"What’s being said in the media is not necessarily being said in draft rooms by people who are being paid to be in the know and who need to do their due diligence and homework," says Texas assistant Shawn Watson, who served as Bridgewater’s quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator at Louisville. "I just know in the end, he has all the traits for a can’t-miss player.
"I’ve seen his accuracy. I’ve seen his competitiveness, his decision making. I’ve seen how he’s been such a great student, learning how to enhance his game, to use his eyes as a weapon, develop his feet, develop his pocket awareness, learn to be a full-field read guy, take us to the line of scrimmage and put us in the right play or spin our protection to pick up the blitz."

Defending Bridgewater: "Turn on the tape"

Does Size Really Matter? article 2


A slightly different take on the size question and where do scouts place hand size when they evaluate a QB.

Does Size Matter? For QBs that is . . .


Article from 2009 but it explains some reasons why size does matter for QBs, As a football novice, I wish he'd been more explicit as to which QBs were tall vs med vs short. But it's still an interesting article that covers the 3 heights over the course of at least 16 games in three years. Maybe someone here on BRB can do one that is more current or more explicit. =D


Are Our Expectations of Rick Smith's Saturday Picks Realistic?

I was grumbling about how I thought Rick Smith takes Saturdays off in the draft. Then I got to wondering. What am I really expecting in rounds 5, 6, 7? So I went to the wikipedia and looked at...

Bucky Brooks analysis of Teddy Bridgewater


A good analysis of Teddy Bridgewater even after Bridgewater's Pro Day.


If you were The Rams @ #2 would you take Sammy Watkins then run with it?

You know sometimes when you're doing a timed test it's better to zip through and answer the easiest questions first instead of wasting time agonizing over the harder decisions. As I was looking...

Josina Anderson interviews J Clowney


I liked her direct questions even if your natural inclination was to think that it might be rude to ask him such questions.

Russel Wilson's QB guru talks about Teddy Bridgewater (who just happens to be student of said guru)


"Teddy has all the intangibles to be special," Weinke said. "He's similar to Russell Wilson in terms of elusiveness, sensing danger with pocket feel. His accuracy is as good as I've ever seen."

Cool article on how to throw a football


The talk on ESPN about Peyton Manning saying that he does throw many "ducks" got me to look up WTF is a "duck" in the context of football. The best I could get was way down in the tips section of this article where they say how to avoid a "wobbly duck". Which I gather is a description of how the ball flies through the air.

Put Your Coaching Khakis On, BRB

You're now head coach of the Houston Texans, and one Battle Red Blogger has some questions for you. Let's all learn something together.


Why we shouldn't wait for the Whiz

Ok so back in the days when we hired Kubiak from Denver we had to wait until Denver finished off deep in the playoffs before we could even INTERVIEW him because that's the rules. And honestly it...

NFL.com grapevine: Houston Texans plan to hire new coach by Tuesday



The video is short and gives a good recap of the info on the hunt for a new Texans HC. The following quotation is a good summary of the Dec 29th update UPDATE: Rapoport reported Sunday on NFL Network's "NFL GameDay First" that the Texans will interview Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, per sources informed of their process. Houston has strong interest in him, per Rapoport, and Whisenhunt could be the final candidate interviewed.

Quit Teasing Us, Teddy!


Bridgewater was asked whether he thinks he is ready for the NFL.
"Of course I do," he said. "I feel that I’m ready, but I also feel that I’m not. It can go either way."

In what areas does he feel he can improve?
"Just the little things. For one, I can get bigger. I’m not as heavy as I was last year, but I can attribute that to my mouth surgery. ... If I was 10 pounds heavier I could have more zip on my throws."

- Teddy Bridgewater via the MIami Herald.

Does Wade see some Romo in Keenum?


An upbeat look at Wade Phillips' approach to coaching and preparing Case Keenum

Texans release Ed Reed? What? Huh?


I just read it. I don't understand it. What?


Thank you to Gary Kubiak and the Texans

Thank You! In keeping with my belief in invoking the "Attitude of Gratitude" - I want to make a special post just to say thank you to Gary Kubiak and The Texans (staff and players). The...



That's THREE Special teams "talents" that Marciano was too shitty a coach to develop. Trindon Holiday Jacoby Jones Quentin Demps Kubiak won't do it. Smith needs to pull the trigger and...

Andre Johnson wowed by one DeAndre Hopkins trait


A great article by Chris Baldwin at Culture Map Houston. I'd never heard of this publication before. I found it by looking around Arian Foster's Facebook page. The article covers how the first bit of OTAs are going and how Arian Foster, Keyshawn Martin and others are working very hard to improve.


You know you're starved for football when. . . .

Ok this has hit me twice in the last 7 days so I figured I'd start this thread. Most recently I was listening to a business channel and I absentmindedly heard the speaker say "first quarter"...


SBNation ads taking over the whole screen?

I just followed a link to an article that went straight to SBNation.com. And like 80-90% of the screen, above the fold, was nothing but Applebee's ads. Ok this is me taking the opportunity to tell...

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