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Excellent Profile of Javale McGee


This article is awesome. He is so much easier to enjoy now that he is off my team.


Free Agency Question

I haven't been on here much lately so forgive me if this has already been covered.  Obviously we need to spend alot of money in FA to meet the minimum.  I'm curious about the best way to spend it. ...

Matt Bowen article on Concussions


Good read. Also heard Jim Kelly on a podcast yesterday where he admitted he was having memory/cognitive issues and had seen a neurologist and was told he had some scar tissue buildup on his brain. Scary stuff.

Steinberg gives the lowdown on the Post Game Locker interviews


I thought this should be fan posted because it was interesting and directly adressed alot of incorrect assumptions recently made on the site. FWIW I don't understand why any reporters are allowed in the locker room, seems much easier to have a seperate conference room.

Mice Droppings in the food at Verizon Center?


So ESPN did an outside the lines feature on how unsafe stadium concessions are. Verizon center was by far one of the worst in the Nation. Ted has some work to do!! On an aside considering how much food Prada and Kyle get served at games they've got to be cringing right now.


Awesome Breakdown of Big Al's effectiveness for us last year and how his role will change in the 3-4

KC Joyner had this article about Haynesworth and making the switch to 3-4 NT.  I think he will be a DE but it was still informative.  Since it's an ESPN insider Article I thought I would cut and...

Atleast 1 Redskin recieved HGH treatments last season


How worried are we about this? It seems they have a damning amount of evidence against atleast 1 Redskin. Who's knees were bothering them last season?

McNabb 8th best QB in Madden '11


One ahead of Romo. This of course means we are def. going to the Super Bowl this year.


Non Draft thought

     So I have been having this slight problem lately.  I am just not good at rooting for McNabb yet.  I thought the trade was a much bigger gamble than a lot of people on HH but have accepted...


ESPN Insider Breakdown of Dan Williams

Since the Skins brought him in this week I thought I would throw Dan Williams up there.  Since we might trade down there is a shot we could look at him.


ESPN Insider Breakdown of Bruce Campbell

Take the jump for the breakdown.  I really like his point on not overvaluing one facet of a position.  I had been hoping he would drop to us.


ESPN Insider Breakdown of Anthony Davis's College Metrics.

Here is the draft lab for Davis.


ESPN Insider Breakdown of Trent Williams College Metrics

I really enjoy the draft lab series on ESPN insider.  It adds a another perspective I find very valuable.  I know alot of people here on HH hate Metrics and Advanced stats but I find some of them...

Skins actively shopping Haynesworth


Well, Al. It was a great year and $30 million dollars.

Football Outsiders take on the McNabb trade


Love Football Outsiders. Gotta agree with their take on this.


Some Random Draft Thoughts Post McNabb

Don't really feel like giving a big write-up but wanted to throw a thought or two out.   1)What does this mean with the #4 pick? - For the sake of argument I am gonna rule out Bradford at that...

Skins take advantage of uncapped year


Interesting article by the FBO. This is the kind of thinking I wanna see. The last part about the next CBA possibly being retroactive is kinda scary but Snyder carries alot of weight as does his good buddy Jerry Jones(I hate writing that) so I'm not TOO worried. I also like how we can now recover some money from Hall or Haynesworth if they go off the deep end.

Larry Johnson?


I really hope not. That dude is done and is a royal POS.


Antonio Bryant?

The post is reporting that we are bringing in Antonio Bryant for a FA visit and might sign him.  I honestly didn't think we would look at WR but it's what is happening.  Not sure what to make of...

Fargas Cut by the Raiders


I think this guy might be a nice pickup for the right price. He's a tough runner.


Anyone from the BF Community gonna be at the Wiz-Warriors game on Friday?

I'm going.  Struggling to round up anyone to go with me but I am definitely going and would be down to meet up for drinks beforehand with any BF members.  Hopefully we will get a nice win in our...

ESPN ranks teams future prospects and Wizards finish 24th?


Not sure if anyone caught this article on ESPN. I thought it was a pretty good piece. I was a little surprised at first but to be honest I can't argue with it really. Our roster is a mess of mismatched players and we still lack a top player who is above average at defense AND offense(essential for any good team IMO). Basically we are hoping for a Gasol like trade for any chance of being in Championship contention in the next few years. What are your guys thoughts on this? Prada can you either bump this fanshot or write an analysis of the piece?


A discussion on HH

So one of the hardest parts about this season, for me, is the element that it has brought to HH.  There is always the usual people who hop on Sunday’s after the games to put up poorly written hate...

Shopping Monty


I've been advocating trading him to DT-needy Carolina all season. I'd love to get a 6th rounder for him.


Thoughts on Boycotting, Paper Bags, etc.

This is a really low point for me and all Skins fans.  I have been feeling the frustration we all feel and looking for somewhere to vent my anger.  I have been unsure of what to do or how to try...

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