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Pelton: I'd trade LMA for #1 pick


Pelton: I'd trade LMA for #1 pick

Mark (Portland) [via mobile] Would you trade Aldridge for the #1 pick? To me, it seems like 4 years of low contract plus 4-5 more years after that is better, but most Blazers fans seem to prefer Aldridge.

Kevin Pelton (3:57 PM) I would. To me the big advantage is the low cap number for the No. 1 pick in the summer of 2015, which would give the Blazers the opportunity to re-sign their starters and potentially add someone else. And there's the chance Aldridge walks then, in which case it would be great to get a valuable asset for him. But I can sympathize with fans who don't want to break up a quality team for a player who might never be as good as Aldridge.

Lowe: Don't Underestimate Wesley


Don't Underestimate Wesley I’m not sure any player has shuttled between "overpaid" and "underpaid" more often in popular conception since the Blazers swiped Wesley Matthews from Utah via the full midlevel exception. But here he is, humiliating a listless James Harden in the post, raining triples, and hounding Harden on the other end. Matthews can slide to bulkier small forwards if need be, helping to unlock Nic Batum’s flexibility on defense. Daryl Morey wishes he had a wing like this.

Blazers #2 in point differential against playoff teams since the All-Star break


That seems encouraging. Portland +4.0. Spurs a ridiculous +9.3. Rockets 14th at -2.1. via @johnschuhmann Beverley & Howard back for Rockets tonight


I'll be interested to see how they look, especially Beverly. I still don't quite follow how he's back from a meniscus tear after 8 games.

Devaney: Greg Oden and the end of microfracture surgery


Devaney at SN says Oden may go down as the last NBA microfracture patient. It's great that the Blazers have rebounded and Oden's back to playing basketball, but the what ifs still linger for me...

Babbitt heating up


Babbs has found his stroke and is finding some minutes lately for Nizhny. He scored 21 in 24 minutes in the game above. Check the video for some nice LB highlights including a nasty two-hand stuff at 1:55, and some classic Babbitt lowlights on D. Come for the Chalupacabra, stay for the slo-mo jumpshot footage.

Sorry, but I can't stop watching the Reno Kid. Wish he were still around at the end of our bench.

From Russia with Love: Luke Babbitt update


Check out 1:20 for a rare glimpse of the Chalupacabra (#5) himself. It appears that Babbitt packed both his trademark tall socks and his defensive gameplan (look busy) on the road to basketball redemption. BC Nizhny Novgorod won their October 20th game against Kalev/Cramo 92-84. Babbitt chipped in 2 rebounds and 2 fouls in 4 minutes off the bench.

Nizhny currently sits at 2-3 in the VTB United League. NN is led by former NBA center Primoz Brezec, averaging 14.8 points and 4.6 rebounds per game, and former UCLA swingman and New York Knicks 2nd round draft pick Dijon Thompson, averaging 13.7 points and 6.3 caroms per contest.

Babbitt is currently the 10th man in the rotation, averaging 6 points and 2.3 boards in 12.3 minutes per game. His role has been increasing of late, however. In Nizhny's recent loss to league-leading BC UNICS Kazan, Luke Babbitt's socks scored a season high 11 points and added 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, and 1 steal in 26 minutes of action.

Damian Lillard 19th all time rookie MPG


Ben mentioned Lillard's minutes in his (nicely done) awards article today. Turns out that as of now, Dame is in 19th all-time for minutes per game as a rookie. Some impressive names above him, including 7 hall-of-famers. Sidney Wicks (14th) is the only other Blazer on the list. Most recent rookie above Lillard? Lebron in 15th. You never know. This FanShot could win you a pitcher at trivia night.


Lillard ROY would be unusual (w/ Poll)

In an early-season fanpost (Lillard's Road to ROY), I looked at ROY races in the Magic/Bird era to determine how well stats had predicted the winner. It turned out that PER was a pretty good...

Scott Danger: Blazer anatomy lesson


LMA is HUGE. He’s taller than every player on the Wolves and his arms/chest are gigantic. I never realized that LMA was that big before. Unbelievable. Pek still has a broader chest, but not by a lot. Damian (L)illard is compact but built like a brick house. Outside of LMA, he was the most muscular player on the floor last night. I was worried his size would hold him back in this league, but not anymore. Also: [...] Ricky (and Lillard) both play the point guard position with that thousand-yard stare that makes it seem like they aren’t looking at/focused on anything when they’re actually processing a million little things at once.

Scott Danger ( had some cool observations from sitting courtside at the Blazers-Wolves game. He shared them in a comment thread at The Basketball Jones.

Caption: "Actual NBA Players" via The Basketball Jones


Caption: "Actual NBA Players"  via The Basketball Jones


Lillard's road to ROY

Blazers' rookie guard Damian Lillard has hit the ground running. His strong play combined with early season injuries suffered by #1 pick Anthony Davis finds Lillard on top of's Rookie...

Kenneth Faried, man


16 & 14 in 34 minutes tonight including the game clinching block and run out dunk. Regret may be a useless emotion, but it doesn't hurt to evaluate past decisions. Why on earth did we go against seemingly every analyst (and fan, for that matter) to reach for Nolan Smith above the Manimal? When they can get an NBA skill (rebounding) at #21, how on earth does a team talk itself out of it. I remember the rumors that we had an under the table agreement not to draft Faried as part of the Dre for Felly trade, but nothing ever surfaced. Or maybe it was another PA point guard crush? Sometimes it's silly to look at drafts in hindsight because often most of the league is wrong about a player. In this case, though, it seemed like everyone but the Blazers would have gone Faried over Smith. I would love to hear the inside story on what went down. Faried would have been so fun to cheer for in the Rose Garden. Especially on a rookie contract.

Lowe: Felton #2 in hockey assists


At this point the sample size is pretty small, but it was still funny to see R-Felt tied with Nash for #2 (D-Rose is #1). What do you guys think about the hockey assist as a potential box score stat? Lowe notes that it depends a lot on the skill of the non-PG passers on the team, but then regular assists depend a lot on the skill of shooters/finishers on the team. Here's the definition as it stands: "Player X passes to Player Y, and Player Y then records an assist after holding the ball for two or fewer seconds and taking zero dribbles."

SVG might be available


If Dwight pushes him out, we'd be crazy not to make a run at him, right? If nothing else, pressers would get a lot more entertaining for Ben. He could help Wes and Nico with their handles, too.

Bayless playing well


Bayless is having a nice run for the sad sack Raps filling in for injured Calderon. Last five games: P / R / A 29 / 2 / 6 28 / 6 / 9 16 / 4 / 10 20 / 4 / 7 16 / 2 / 6 He did foul out of two of those games--some things never change. He's also posting the best season of his career with a PER of 17.4 while hitting 42% from distance. I'm interested to see what kind of offers he gets this summer as he heads into free agency. Still have a soft spot for B-Rex and hope he finds a good fit this summer.


Graphical probabilities of Nets' lottery pick

I was pretty confused about the protected lottery pick and what the chances of different scenarios for the Blazers would be. Of course, there are two unknowns at this point: New Jersey's eventual...


Salvage the season in 3 easy steps

*Spoiler Alert* in case you've been DVRing the season and were planning to catch up right before the playoffs, well, this year's Blazers probably aren't going to the playoffs. I see absolutely no...

Not often you see a straight up game-winning block (well, OK, Westbrook had one on Batum this year...


Not often you see a straight up game-winning block (well, OK, Westbrook had one on Batum this year I guess). It definitely seems like Biyombo has a chance to be something special. He's now second in the league in block% at 7.4. Weird thinking he might have been a Blazer if Cho had stuck around. At least his development gives the Cat fans something to watch.


Poll: Predict Nate's future in coaching

Let's assume that Nate's time in Portland is coming to a close. He'll leave the Blazers with a career winning percentage just over .500. Vote in the poll below and also leave a comment with any...

Martell making grown man mistakes


This sums up so much about my memory of Martell. Still one of my favorite Roy-era Blazers to root for, though. Also, nice hair.

Dante Cunningham game-winning tip


Nice to see DC's found a home in Memphis. Ironic mouthpiece for the win!

Double rainbow of sadness: 1) JBay is getting shorter 2) We never got to see him with a...


Double rainbow of sadness: 1) JBay is getting shorter 2) We never got to see him with a mustache I miss you tiny raptor man. via The Basketball Jones

Schuhmann: Value of the corner 3


Interesting look at how the Spurs have transitioned from relying on the most efficient scoring option (inside restricted area) to the second most efficient (corner 3) as Tim Duncan has become less effective in the post. One thing that caught my eye was that both Batum (#4) and Wesley (#8) both make the top 10 list for corner 3's attempted over the past two seasons. Maybe "doing a Portland" is not such a bad strategy after all.


How many more seasons does Sarge get (poll)?

With players, we often talk about the importance of showing one "NBA skill"--something a player does at a consistently high level that all but guarantees he'll stick around in the league. Now, I...

J-Craw's getting his looks with the best of them. Do you think his current usage is too low, too...


J-Craw's getting his looks with the best of them. Do you think his current usage is too low, too high, or about right for the team? source:


By the numbers: which Blazers are clutch (w/ poll)

Quite a bit is already being made (probably unfairly two games in) about 4th quarter lineups. Specifically, Felton has had a few boneheaded plays that resulted in turnovers early in the shot clock....

Andre Miller starts WITH Ty Lawson


Didn't see that one coming. Smart move by Karl? Halfway through the 4th Lawson has 21pts, Dre has 12 assists, and Denver's up 15 on Phoenix. It's like the reverse CP3/Chauncey thing. Nene and Mosgov also started together.


Poll: Most surprising unsigned 2011 UFAs

This year's free agent class was pretty thin, but there are still some familiar characters unsigned. Some of the veteran names will probably sign with contenders for the stretch run. At least a...

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