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Longtime mega hardcore Canucks fan. Recently returned to Vancouver after living in New York for three years. Prior to that, lived in Boston for three years, hence the name. Still on the Canucks season ticket waiting list... supposedly it'll take me 2-4 more years.

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Which Former Canuck Player Would You Want Back?

So today apparently is "trade for someone who used to play for you" day in the NHL. The LA Kings have trade Simon Gagne back to the Flyers in exchange for a draft pick. And shortly thereafter,...


On goaltending

Here are just a few stats and records to roll at you: With respect to single seasons, of the 250 best sv% ever (qualified by having played at least 25 games) in a season: -Roberto Luongo is tied...



So I don't know about you, but I've thought about it a bit, I don't know if it makes much sense to keep both Luongo and Schneider on the same NHL team any more, but that's just me. Which...


Goaltender Acquisitions as General Manager

I didn't do any exhaustive research so there are likely plenty of lesser names missed, but here's a comparison of goalie acquisitions as GM by Nonis and Burke, followed by some brief analysis... ...

This is what my dog thought about the Canucks-Kings game. Zzzzzzzzzzz

This is what my dog thought about the Canucks-Kings game.  Zzzzzzzzzzz


Trade Hodgson this season.

Cody has been playing great for us. He's performed above and beyond all reasonable expectations and has been a difference maker in many games. I'm absolutely in love with this kid, and I think...


Beantown's Two Cents on the latest Nontroversy: CoHo's Minutes

So both Dan Wagner at PITB and Cam Charron here at Nucksmisconduct have given their two cents each about Cody Hodgson's minutes today, and I thought, hey, I've got some change in my pocket too,...


Beantown's thoughts on the Habs

Now that I've trolled the Flames here on Nucksmisconduct (and enjoyed every moment of it), I thought I should be equal opportunity and take advantage of this very very very very VERY rare period in...

Beantown's new lawyerboner article!

Hey all... I guest posted a piece up at Canucks Army about why I think the CBA rule that requires players like Miettinen, Wellwood and Nabokov to pass through waivers after leaving the KHL to sign in the NHL is a bad rule for everyone. Check it out and feel free to let me know your thoughts here!

Every hockey fan should read this article

From the NY Times, an in depth story on the life and death of Derek Boogaard and the role of fighting in hockey. Further cements my position that fighting has to go.


Excerpt from Beantown's fan Journal: The Epic Flames Rivalry!

Hey gang! So I don't know if I mentioned this before, but for Christmas 2009 my parents got me this super cool Canucks journal for a gift, and I've been using it ever since to keep a diary of my...


It's time to play "WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE FAIL?"

                            Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's everyone's favourite game that I just made up... "WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE FAIL?"  The game where you, the faithful followers...


The Legend of the Snack Goal

These numbers are clear: over the last 119 games, the Canucks sucked at keeping the puck out of their net late in the third when posting a shutout.

Beantown's latest lawyerboner article

Hey all- I wrote a little piece for Canucks army this morning on the whole business of what was going on with Dallas taking Nystrom at a higher cap hit than they needed to and what happens if a team falls below the cap floor. MAJOR CBA nerd-out and a solid lawyerboner for Beantown! Let me know what you think.



If Boston makes the SCF, much like that stupid Predator Lodge changed its name in round 2 and the Shark Club changed its name in round 3, there's no fucking way I'm going to hang around here with a...




Ryan Kesler

Some Ryan Kesler love after the LORD becomes a beast vs Nashville


Who is the worst hockey writer?

I was trying to create an ultimate list of the hockey writers that just flat out piss us off the most with their douchery, and I think I've come up with a plausible top six.  Let me know if you...


Beantown writes angry letter to Globe and Mail

So this correspondent "MacGregor" that the Globe and Mail has covering the Canucks has been REALLY pissing me off with the ridiculous trolling Canuck-hate he seems to have.  I've been bugging...

Puck Daddy has D. Sedin and Luongo in top 5 of his Conn Smythe Watch

Shockingly absent from the list? Laurence Gilman. My hands-down pick!

Ryan Kesler : the interviewer bomber The complete collection.

Ryan Kesler : the interviewer bomber The complete collection.

Beantown's verdict on the NHL's latest CHARAde (get it?)

Alright alright alright. I know you're all waiting for my perspective on the whole Chara thing.  And it's this: what Chara did was sketchy, but, outcome aside, it was well within the norms of...

Canucks tv game day report. Check out Kesler mugging for the camera during the Higgins...

Canucks tv game day report. Check out Kesler mugging for the camera during the Higgins interview... he's becoming quite the camera slut on this road trip, eh? Also, I think Kristin Reid looks good on a nice Arizona afternoon. Love her outfit.


Zona tries to erase his douchery from the interwebs

So I went over to C&B to respond to some typical Derek Zona douchery, as he was basically shitting on the Colorado Avalanche in an "I told you so post" about how their fans are just irrational and...

You know it. You know it. That's how we roll.

You know it. You know it. That's how we roll.

Dedicated to his dudeness, Chuckles Canuckles

Dedicated to his dudeness, Chuckles Canuckles

WAACH wasn't particularly keen on the Lapierre acquisition, and although he's entitled to his...

WAACH wasn't particularly keen on the Lapierre acquisition, and although he's entitled to his opinion and whatnot, and I'm sure he agrees with me that Smithers, BC, is a wonderful magical place filled with wonderful people who have wonderful judgment, I thought I'd offer a different perspective on what Lappy brings to the plate. Why I like Lapierre -Played all 19 playoff games for the Eastern Conference finalist Habs -averaged 12:20 min per game in playoffs -excluding Tom Pyatt (only took 7 faceoffs), he was their best faceoff man in the playoffs at 55.4% -scored 3 goals in the playoffs (which is pretty good for a 4th liner… that’s a regular season pace of 13 goals, and let’s remember that scoring is harder in playoffs when you only play good teams) -Scored this pretty sweet goal at a very important juncture in a game against the defending stanley cup champions, which ended up being the game winning goal in game six, staving off elimination (they would go on to win game seven if your recall) So fuck yeah, this guy completely deserves a chance. I’m completely open-minded to see what he can contribute.


The Vancouver Canucks D: A Comedy (Nucks-Preds Game Thread)

Where Canucks fans hang out Game Time!

Harold Snepst next inductee to Ring of Honour

Will happen before the March 14 game against those pesky Minny Wild. Another worthy recepient! Canucks are doing this thing right, I'm very happy to say.

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