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I'm a Colorado native and a die hard Denver Broncos supporter.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Arizona Wildcats
  • NCAAB Arizona Wildcats
  • NHL Phoenix Coyotes
  • Golf Phil Mickelson
User Blog

After Stewing for 36 Hours

After stewing for 36 hours after the Sunday night loss, the last thing I want to do is state the obvious. Penalties, turnovers, Holliday, Hillman, and no calls all added up to huge disappointment....


Obvious Concerns

We looked pretty bad in Seattle. Preseason, yes, but we still looked bad. Peyton Manning always looks good and good to see him hook up with Welker, but we have a long way to go. The run defense...


Isn't This Great?? Why Not Us??

Denver BroncosDenver Broncos scheduleBroncos vs Patriots coverageBroncos vs Patriots preview Oh BoyThis Great! Why Not Us? I am in Hawaii on a nice trip with my wife and I've got...


3 Random Thoughts

Steelers vs Broncos coverage, Steelers vs Broncos preview, Behind the Steel Curtain 3 Random Thoughts Let Tebow Run We all know the state of the what. Let Tim run for crying out...


Right to the Source!!

Rich Starr @RichStarr no #Broncosschwag 4 x-mas but #itsallgood#newera starts the1st of #2012 ur the Man John, @TimTebow#shine Lets#makeitcount For this big game of ours today,...


Coincidence?......I Think Not!

Coincidence?....I Think Not! I know what the Bronco Nation thinks of when they read "Coincidence?......I think not." you all are thinking about the 24 beers in a case 24 hours in day...


Are You Kidding Me? Hopefully Champ Takes One to the House

Patriots vs Broncos coveragePatriots vs Broncos coverageDenver Broncos schedule Are You Kidding Me? As this football season winds down to the end of the regular season schedule, who in heir...


Without a Response Tebow Shuts Down the Haters

Down with the HatersDenver BroncosDenver Broncos roster The #Teboweffect is so right on in so many ways. One of the aspects to me is that without one retaliation response to the...


Eddie to the House? Football Gods Please Shine on US Tomorrow

Eddie to the House?? May the Football Gods Shine on US Tomorrow! Two years ago when the Broncos played the Dolts in SD when we were wearing the throwback bananas with the lollipop socks, we...


Time for Tim! Orton has had his chances!

Who would you want running your team??? This dull as a door character???????? OR  THIS SPIRITED, HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER AND TWO TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION??? NO BRAINER...PICK THIS GUY COACH FOX....


The Last Time We Won

Hopefully this You Tuber will spread some good chi out to the Bronco Nation and we can keep it close until late in the game against the Pack tomorrow. Super Bowl XXXII anyone????? Orton does...

Knowsho left his Mojo in GA Where o where is the Bulldog? He isn't even in the State of CO. I...


Knowsho left his Mojo in GA Where o where is the Bulldog? He isn't even in the State of CO. I expected Knowsho to be owning the league and leaping to the end zone like all those highlights He isn't. He looks awkward and uncomfortable when he rarely gets in the defensive back field. How many 100 yd games does he have? My guess is three max. and this is his third year! Another McD hangover? After the Oakland loss (a ritual) now, we are staring straight at the possibility of being at or near the bottom in rushing! AGAIN.


What a Stinker in Phoenix



We are Going to Be A Running Team?

Denver Broncos                                                                Denver Broncos schedule   Raiders vs Broncos coverage                                                     h...


Much Stranger Things Have Have Happened   Bear Down Mile High Forum would like to thank the Mile High Report and SB Nation for the opportunity to post and...

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