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The Israeli Football League



A full documentary - In Hebrew but lots of English. Enjoy!!

Bostic fined for hit on Chargers!!


Bostic's hit illegal. Hit on dustin keller. Legal.

— Lance Briggs (@LanceBriggs) August 21, 2013 https://twitter.com/

A Preseason/Roster Cuts Proposal

One preseason game is in the books already for our Superbowl bound Bears, and the staff has to reevaluate the players. Currently, there are 90 players on the squad, and what wouldn't a fan give to...

A Possible DE signing?


Just the name alone would go great with Peppers, "and that's another Frosty Peppers for Rogers". Most probably can be had on the cheap - there aren't too many 4-3 teams left. Only 4 sacks but in rotation behind Peppers, Wooten and McClellin, it might work out better than Issy and Ozougwu

For all Hanie fans!!!!


He made the Broncos 53 man roster, and Mile High Report is none the happier.

Lovie's Sweating!!


Let's face it. The only one who had what to gain from last years Game 16 was Lovie Smith. The Bears weren't going anywhere, and losing would have been even better, even though no one throws away a game. Why was Urlacher playing at all? Did Lovie put his own personal welfare ahead of the team? For two years Levi Horn was developed, and didn't even get any playing time. He was tossed and now our investment is being utilized by the Vikings. If Urlacher isn't ready for the preseason, Lovie is in the hot seat, big time.

Should the Bears keep their eye on DaJohn Harris, DT?


He is rated the highest DT that went undrafted, and it doesn't seem like he will make it with the glut of DTs over at Tennessee (home to Tim Shaw and Al Afalava). He might be a good pickup to break in on single gap defense against the run.

Maybe next year the Bears will come!


If there are any other WCG followers from Israel, May 17th, kickoff at 19:30.

Kicker Dave Teggart (UDFA) offered tryout with Bears


Does an invitation to minicamp count against the 90 man roster?

WR Jabar Gaffney says Redskins are shopping him


maybe can sign him on the cheap for a one year ontract till Knox gets better, and this way relieve pressure on need to draft a WR?

Would Samuel Asante be of any interest to us?


Seems like he is better fitting for the Cover - 2 scheme. Wouldn't trade for him. Posters there mention Briggs but definitely not. Question is if he will be cut, and we can pick him up cheap on the rebound?

SB Nation Writers Mock Draft


Our very own Dane Noble with the 50th pick in the SB Nation NFL writer's mock draft, selects Clemson defensive tackle Brandon Thompson. Reminder - first round pick was Micheal Floyd,WR. 2 Solid picks - ready to start players that can both come in and contribute immediately. Banned will be the he who dares say otherwise. Of course, I would have picked Dre Kirpatrick who was still available in the 1st, or even have traded down, as I rate CB and DE as needs, and WR only as a want. In fact Kirpatrick is rated higher and therefore a bigger steal than Floyd @ 19. Additionally, Dan Kadar mentions Melton and Paea, but not Toeaina, so DT might already have a good rotation, and it would have been better to take Currey at DE, but this year DaBears have the advantage of going BPA, which in this case is definitely Thompson. All in all, here's praying that Emery learns from JA's mistakes and starts reading WCG.

Would Ravens deal with Bears this year?


getting closer to the all important draft, and recalling last years' fiasco with JA at the helm.

4 Prospects (CB, OLB, DE & WR) for DaBears


These prospects are late rounders that any one of them might be a good solid pickup to develop - emphasis on develop - for Chicago. In fact, can anyone remember when we last developed a project? Someone we took in the 5th -7th rounds and is now playing at a top level? J'Marcus is definitely improving and I really have hopes for him, Lance as well, who else?

To all those who think we need a OL in the 1st


Saw this over in MTD where Viking picked a Claiborne instead of Kalil, and think we have what to learn from it. We need depth but not before the fourth round...

Quinton Coples falling to Bears in NFP Mock 5.0


which would be very interesting, and is due to all the FA moves over the past couple of days.

Can someone tell me the difference between Campbell and Hanie??


The Redskins chose Campbell with the 25th pick after Aaron Rodgers went to the Packers. So why didn't Campbell end up like Rodgers? One is Campbell this year will have a new offensive coordinator for the sixth time and a new head coach for the fifth time. The Redskins often were not able to minimize Campbell's weaknesses and highlight his strengths. "He has a big arm, a very good arm," "He's athletic. He can run. He can make first downs with his legs. He can make all the throws. "The negatives are he holds the ball too long at times. He fumbled a lot from the pocket. And he has just average anticipation. He gets in trouble some from holding the ball." Campbell's anticipation might have been enhanced if he had been able to stay in one system. He really is an example of how not to develop a quarterback.


The Mathematics of Football

16 hours away from Free Agency and six weeks away from the draft, and life couldn't be better. Or then again, maybe it could.... After reading all/most of the articles, fan posts and shots here, it...


Don't throw the baby out with the bath water

Haven't posted in a long time - especially when I had WCG Twitter on my BB! But really enjoy the insights here, some really professional writers and even the amateurs are head and shoulders over...

Inactives by week


Well, I've been on the inactive list here WCG especially since signing up for the "ridiculous" twitter feed of WCG, but watching from the sidelines. Anyways, the big question is who will be on the inactive list with all the big names coming back. My guess is Addison, Mario; Omiyale, Frank: Williams, Edwin; Enderle, Nathan; Walters, Anthony; one of the TE and then one other. What do you guys think?

Close to Deal with Forte


Will JA and Front Office offer Matt one hour to sign? And then Lovie will say it's a team decision?

Possible Rule Changes in NFL


This article was already mentioned in a den, but due to its importance as well as the author's modesty, I believe it should get its own fan post/shot. As mentioned, the IR/PUP ruling is pretty outdated and with the fast pace and increased financial consequences, there definitely should be some rethinking in this matter. Two other areas should be mentioned as well, and I'm sure the WCG readers all have ideas of their own which they can add here. The first issue (of mine) is the cutdowns to the roster. What in the world is there to gain from having an extra 27 players on the roster for 4 days, or 22 players for 5 days in regular years? I propose 90 player rosters with cutdown to 80 after the first preseason game, 70 after second, 60 after third and 53 after fourth. In regards to camp bodies, no problem, establish a practice squad of 20 after the first cutdown where all teams can raid players to their rosters (not to their practice squads) with a final cut down when rosters get cut down to 53. Next proposal, which i think I once mentioned is in regards to the challenge rule. Presently, the only calls that can be challenged are what I like to sum as placement/possession/personnel. I would like to extend it to penalties as well. Yet, I believe that as football is a competitive sport, the other team should be the recipient of the challenge, not the referees. Each team is allowed three challenges, and after the challenging team states its challenge, the challenged team should either agree to the challenge, or disagree. Upon disagreeing, the refs review the player, and the loser, if it's the challenger, then he forfeits a challenge and a timeout, and if he's the challenged, then just a challenge, unless he's out of challenges, then he forfeits a timeout. What happens if a team is out of challenges and timeouts and gets challenged? Don't know but hoping to hear from you guys.

Any one good for us?


I must modestly state that i think i was the first who foresaw the Gholston pickup, and I've kept saying over the past few weeks to watch the Ravens who are overloaded with OL and CBs. Well, the first cuts are in, and more specifically, 2008, third-round pick Oniel Cousins, UDFA C Ryan Bartholomew and UDFA LB Leon Anthony

3 UDFA OLs that can very well make the 53 roster


I wanted at least one of these three for our Bears, but JA is a lot smarter than all of us. Right? Matt Birk may not be ready for the season opener after undergoing knee surgery a few days ago, which means two undrafted rookies, Ryan Bartholomew and Tim Barnes, will be vying for the starting center spot. http://baltimoreguide.com/http:/baltimoreguide.com/yanda-grubbs-not-practicing-815/ OWINGS MILLS — Offensive guards Marshal Yanda (back spasms) and Ben Grubbs (undisclosed) are not practicing Monday. For Yanda, it’s the third consecutive practice he has missed. Undrafted rookie offensive guard Justin Boren is starting at left guard with Grubbs out. He’s still a work in progress. and where is our one UDFA Center? Anyone hear anything?


Trade Bait

With only a few days to go (hopefully) till there will be a signing frenzy, with all teams tripping over each other to sign the hottest FAs and UDFA, we have been seeing a lot of interesting posts...

JewBear Baseball Caps


Well with Gabe on board, this might interest him - I'm sure he's an avid reader of WCG - and other Jewish fans, and maybe others as well. There's a Biblical law forbidding the wearing of clothing containing wool and linen interwined, so practicing Jews have wool clothing inspected by labs speciallizing in this purpose. Guess that in the Dominican Republic they couldn't believe that JA would draft an Offensive Lineman so early.

Guards | Chicago Bears Insider: A Way Too Early Look at the Bears Offensive Depth Chart | Bleacher Report


I know! I shouldn't have!! I can't believe I did it!!! The lockout is going to my head!!! I bring disrespect on myself and on my heritage. I actually went to B/R and saw that Roberto Garza is projected to start at RG and LG in the 2011 season. Now that's a unique proposal. It's up already 3 days and no one has made any corrections yet.

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