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Jimmer admits cheating in college


My daily drug fix of all things Jimmer. Sweet sweet Jimmer. Cheating as cheating on defense that is.

What If Jimmer Fredette Went By A Different Nickname?


Daily fix for all things Jimmer by some dude I've never heard of.

JImmer's YouTube channel on his kings workout. Just my daily fix for Jimmer, nothing...


JImmer's YouTube channel on his kings workout. Just my daily fix for Jimmer, nothing new here...(Editor's note - Nothing new except for the forearm shiver that Jim Crandell gives Ailene Voisin throughout the interview - classic!)

Jimmer Fredette's stock rising with every workout


Here's another fix for you Jimmer fansboys. Did you know that Ricky Rubio is a gateway drug for Jimmer Fredette? They are a drug I cannot quit.

Kentucky's Calipari sees a lot of Stockton in ex-Wildcats' Knight


Kentucky men's basketball coach John Calipari discusses former Wildcats point guard Brandon Knight.

Draftexpress: Podcast about prospects.


Interesting stuff from Jonathan Givony about this draft. Lots of stuff on Internationals. Talks about Brandon Knight at 15.00 and Jimmer! at 16.40

Possible trade between Kings-Jazz


Disclaimer:Bleacher Report. Pure speculation, plus you would have to be drunk and or high to make the trade. I like knight but not enough to give up Reke.

The fall of the Laker Empire: I Heart You Vanessa Bryant!


Kobe Bryant's wife is responsible for the fall of the Laker empire. Hugs and kisses LaLaLand! I know it's not kings related but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Hope is back in Sacto


From Mr. Barringon for his Hoopshype Blog

Leaders of the Revival


Tyreke and DeMarcus on

Kings Could Be This Year's Thunder


"We've got a great group of guys that want to be together, that want to work out, play together, and have fun," he said. "That's a group that's going to stick for a long time now, so it's good to keep this good atmosphere and chemistry." From Omri A.K.A. Zohan in the Vegas summer league. Can we start the season already?

I, Darko


This might be one of the funniest things I've read for a long time, from our poor friends at canus hoopus. I heart you David Kahn!


A Beautiful Mind.

    First of all, Let me formally introduce myself.  My name is BearKing.  That's me in the middle with the goofy sminle on my face. Long time troller, first time poster. So, be gentle with my...

I Heart You Geoff Petrie.. Oh and you too David Kahn!


"Another problem for the Wolves was that by passing on DMC, they handed the Sacramento Kings a duo from hell: Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. Say what you want about Kahn's desire for long and athletic players who get up and down the court, the Kings have found themselves a pair of gigantic bruisers who will stop those lean athletes dead in their tracks."

Chris Webber interview with hoopshype


He talks about his life post pro basketball. Good read.

Jason Thompson interview with Dimemag


We need JT and Donte to bust out with a "I'm on a boat" music video!

Omri preparing for the season at IMG with K-Mart.


Omri tells hoopsworld how he's getting into the best shape of his life and working out with Speed. I love the fire he brings. we need that fire baby. Should be interesting to see a lineup with Omri, tyreke, cisco and brockman! Can't wait for the season to start already!!!

Kings immediate needs by Hoopsworld


Hoopsworld breaks down what we need for next year. interesting article, but writer might had been smoking crack at some point. Does mention everyone's object of desire at the moment: Ricky "i wish he would just tell memphis and oklahoma city to just suck it" Rubio. no mention of Donte Greene, tho. However they do mention how much badly beno blows. With all the talk of the Kings need of a point guard, Beno must cry himself to sleep, wrapped in the fetal position every night.

Dime mag's griffin vs rubio


if your sick of the endless debates by king fans, see what others have to say! And let your voice be heard! Rubio all the way baby! And with the fourth pick in the 2009 NBA draft, the kings select...

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