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RR ESPN World Cup Bracket Predictor Group

Come one, come all, predict the World Cup. It's only the greatest sporting event in the history of history, so join in. I'd publish this in the fanshots, but I'm sure it'll never be seen. So, I...


Food OT: Pizza Pizza

I'm on sabbatical due at the moment due to a concussion and orbital fracture, so I figure I'd reach out for some crowdsourcing. I recently convinced my company that we should try to open up some...


OT: NCAA Tournament chatty chat

Hey guys, let's basketball! I need to write a bunch of words here, don't know what to say. Who wants to talk NCAA basketball? Random thoughts. A. Aaron happy he's graduating. B. Still...


OT: Royals Review 2014 NCAA Tournament Challenge

Who's ready for a tournament? Here's the basic info, I set up a RR Tourney Challenge group on ESPN, feel free to join. The group is simply called "Royals Review", and the password is "hosmer35"....


Friday OT Thread: Amateur Hour Edition

Can't go two weeks without a Friday OT thread, can we? In the middle of a wild card playoff game race, I sure don't think so. Don't want to include it in the questions, but what do the Royals do...


Friday OT: 59-53 Edition

Friday OT: 59-53 Edition


2013 25 and Under List: Part One

With Spring Training upon us, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the best young players in baseball. Last year's #1 ranked player, Felix Hernandez, along with Matt Weiters, A...

RR NBA Fantasy League v.2.0.


We did this last year, hoping there is interest for this FULL NBA season. I'm thinking auction draft, head to head format, with playoffs at the end. If you're interested, let yourself be heard. Note: The link is just to ESPN, don't bother clicking it, I haven't set up the league yet.

Me: "Odorizzi didn't exactly light up AAA with his K or BB rate, is he a bit overrated?" Keith Law...


Me: "Odorizzi didn't exactly light up AAA with his K or BB rate, is he a bit overrated?" Keith Law : "Depends on what you expect. He's not an ace or even a 2, never really has been. I give him some chance to improve his offspeed stuff because he's so athletic, but there's no knockout pitch and I worry that the fastball is a little true."

-Chat on ESPN

Friday OT Thread: I'm Moving to Montana Edition

All I have to say is Zihuatanejo, Zihuatanejo. Questions....


Friday OT Thread: The Window Never Closes Edition

Jeremy Guthrie!!! The pitching in the minors looks good, 2015 is Our Time. First, a picture in honor of Frenau. via Questions........


Friday OT Thread: Wasn't Kila basically Vitiello 2.0? Edition

Joe Vitiello was a Boston guy, a real comeback kid. Once while in elementary school, when he was dealt three staight "Draw Two" cards playing the popular card game "Uno", he managed to collect...


The Royals and Homegrown Talent

The homegrown talent that Dayton Moore has stockpiled is intriguing, isn't it? With some key players already producing (Moustakas, Perez, Holland, Crow, Herrera), a future Hall of Famer just...


Friday OT Thread: Franklin Pierce Was A Handsome Devil Edition

Every answered question in this thread will result in five cents being donated to the "Robinson Cano Is Going To Hear It Fund". Monies from the fund are used to buy four tickets on the first base...

This Day In Baseball History


Red Sox reliever Ernie Shore replaces an ejected Babe Ruth, who had walked the only batter he faced, and retires the next consecutive 26 batters. The only base runner is thrown out trying to steal second. Was actually ruled a perfect game until 1991. Just thought this was interesting.


Royals Offseason Stories You May Have Missed

With the regular season mere weeks away, now would seem as good a time as ever to look at some of the stories that got buried beneath extensions, trades, and Jeff Francoeur hunting trips. Those...


MLB The Show 2012 Tips


NCAA Tourney


Larry Gura Variety Hour

Indians steal our thunder


How will Dayton Moore respond? This is WAR.


Belated Friday Open Thread: Northwestern Is Not Good Enough For Me Edition

The Winter Meetings have passed us by. How will Albert Pujols survive without toasted ravioli? Will he have them shipped to him daily? Hourly? Seriously, what will he do without toasted...

Jose Reyes To Miami


Rumored to be looking at Frank White also.


Belated Friday Open Thread: Legends Are Mortal Too Edition

First Frank White is canned, now Herman Cain has left us? What a sad 24 hours news cycle. I find the current primary season to be fascinating, as three front runners for the Republican...

Royals Homegrown Talent Team


I would do anything to have Chad Durbin back in the rotation.


Verlander wins AL MVP



What Makes a Hall of Famer: Outfielders

While most of us now assume Alex Gordon is well on his way to the Hall of Fame after his 2011 season, he still has some work to do.  Since the Baseball Writers Association of America started voting...

Powder blue pants for the Royals?


2012 Royals uniforms unveiled next week, powder blue pants in the works? Now that would be something.

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