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OT: Friday Open Thread

Pretty depressing week in the world of news, wasn't it?  To get our minds off that, we need a "Friday Open Thread" don't we?  For the Royals it wasn't a bad week, as community hero Dayton Moore...


Revenue Sharing and the Royals

When it comes to winning, a low revenue team like the Royals faces a tough question.  With the current revenue sharing system in place, it would seem almost wise to just keep running in place.  By...

26 Years Ago Today.


26 Years Ago Today.


What Makes A Hall of Famer: First Basemen

Who's on first?  Well, besides a person who goes by the name "Who", the man on first is usually a big, burly home run hitter who puts men of lesser power to shame.  While many athletes have manned...


The Curious Case of Pythag

A lot has been made about the 78- 84 Pythagorean expectation record the Royals posted this year based on their runs scored versus runs allowed throughout the course of the season.  Were the Royals...


Keith Law Answers My Royals Question

Myles (Litchfield, CT) Does Chris Dwyer make it as a starter? That K:BB rate isn't too pretty. Klaw No.


The 25 and Under List

As much fun as it would be to believe that the Royals are the only team with young talent, sadly this is not the case.  Along with the Royals, teams such as the Braves, Rays, Rangers, Reds and I...


College Football Saturday Open Thread

Another Saturday in the fall means one thing, college football!  Baseball playoffs and EPL soccer too, but we'll keep it to college football I guess. The noon matchups saw some impressive...

Pirates decline option, make Maholm a free agent


A 2.4 WAR pitcher the last five seasons, seems to have settled in more around 2 at this point though. Might not be a bad option for a 1 year deal.

Wil Myers off to hot start in Arizona


Insanely small sample, but the home runs are nice. Don't trade this guy.


Playoffs Open Thread


What Makes A Hall of Famer: Second Basemen

In the 75 years that the BBWAA has voted players into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, only ten times has a second baseman received the required 75% needed for induction into the...


Prime 9 Most Hated Royals: Jose Lind

Toa Baja is a small city with a population of less than 100,000 located in north central Puerto Rico.  Known for its sugar mills and dairy farms, it is a quiet whistle stop some thirty miles from...


Brewers-Diamondbacks Game 4 Thread

Game 4 in Phoenix at whatever the Diamondbacks stadium is called now.

Searching for pitchers, Bud Norris could be someone to target. He strikes out a lot of guys, but...


Searching for pitchers, Bud Norris could be someone to target. He strikes out a lot of guys, but has his share of walks. Playing in Houston, his HR/9 rate hasn't been great, but would figure to come down in Kauffman. Also, the Astros have a lengthy rebuilding process to undertake so maybe the lower level prospects could be included in a trade for him instead of the Royals prospects closer to the majors. Norris also has four years of team control left. Thoughts?


Sunday Night Football Open Thread

via The Colts and Steelers in a huge match up!  At least that was the hope of the NFL and NBC when they picked this game for a prime time slot.  Unfortunately, Peyton Manning's neck...


Friday OT Thread: Brad Pitt Is A Golden God Edition

This has been a rough week.  Only two Royals games over a four day span?  That's just not fair.  Unfortunately, with only six games remaining on the 2011 season schedule, no Royals games for five...

"It's going to be tough to convince some voters to vote for a player who got called up as late as...


"It's going to be tough to convince some voters to vote for a player who got called up as late as he did, versus a player like Hellickson who has been up all year and had a tremendous season. But Hosmer would be in my top two right now. And I'm going to take a good hard look at this in the next few days. Not convinced yet he shouldn't be the ROY."

-Jayson Stark

End of Year Superlatives: Chapter One

As the 43rd class of Kansas City Royals players prepare to end the season, it is only apt to sum up what these players meant to us.  There were highs and there were lows, but this sure has been an...

Hosmer tops long term rookie outlook ranking


Aaron Crow not making the list for pitchers is a huge mistake. Hello, All-Star.


Prime 9 Most Hated Royals: Neifi Perez

When looking at shortstops through the years, the Royals haven't lit the world on fire at the position.  Since 1997 when Jay Bell manned the position, it has been especially bleak.  From Mendy...

Greg Holland In Fun Random Stat Grouping


Holland one of only seven relievers to pitch 50 innings while maintaining an ERA below 2 and a WHIP below 1. Pointless grouping? How dare you!


OT: College Football Predictions

For a sport that doesn't really have much going on in the offseason, college football had a wild offseason in 2011 for not exactly good reasons.  There was tattoo mania at Ohio State, Nixon like...

Indians fall below .500


Playing .402 ball since that 30-15 start. The Royals can still win this division!

Royals 3rd biggest spenders at deadline


Royals come out swinging. White Sox and Tigers barely show up.

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