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Scouting Report From SBNation

Name: Beavis

Gender: Unknown

Number: 25

Species: Unknown

Residence: The inner machinations of your mind.

Drafted with the #1 overall pick by BSOTS on January 17th, 2010.

Position(s): BSOTS staff writer (Retired), Assassin (Pending), Part time Gamer (Active), BSOTS poster (Active), Doctor (inactive), Commando (MIA), King Awesome (Active), Manager of the Rectal Database (Active), Batman (unknown), BSOTS Troll Slayer (inactive until called to arms), Dragonborn (Active), Thread Jacker (temporarily inactive), Butthead (occasionally).

Career potential awards: Superstar poster and Hall of Famer. "Most Prone to Schizophrenically Mutter to Himself" award. "Doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else" award. "Most replies to himself" award. "The #1 comment count" award. "BSOTS Hall of Fame" induction. "Best poster all around" award. "BSOTS Ring of Honor" induction. "Most ridiculous, arduous, intricate and perplexing poster" award.

Assets: Big heart. One of BSOTS's greatest-ever commentators and writers. Makes everyone around him better. Has uncanny vision, anticipation, posting and rosterbation skills. Arguably SBNations most accurate poster and rosterbator ever. A great reccor too.

Flaws: Commits huge rosterbation totals. Can be wrong here and there and doesn't jack as many threads as he could/should. Tends to take nights off. Uses misleading titles in fanposts. Can be a distraction in the game threads: Has a big ego, is stubborn, young and inexperienced. Drives the Veterans insane. Bad example to rookies.

Transactions/Injuries/suspensions: Traded to Fear the Sword on January 2012 for Waveocean. Trade was declined by the SBNation Front Office for "blogging reasons".

Interest: World Domination, Suns Basketball, SpongeBob, Pizza, winning an NBA Championship, Games and Women.

Dream: To defeat the Giant Monkey Men and save the 9th Dimension.

Enemies: Lakers, Spurs, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Ray Allen, Dwayne Wade, Boris Diaw, Lebron James, Micheal Jordan, Jared Bayless, Chris Anderson, Tony Parker, Jon Barry, Sasha Sharapova...

If you would like to know more about Beavis, just read his blogs and follow him on BSOTS.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Phoenix Suns
User Blog

Dudley's hitting the weight room.


I'm sure many of you already know about this as it's a month old, but I didn't until now.


The 2011 NBA Playoff Contest Round 3!

Here we are, Round 3, Final picks. These playoffs have been surprisingly good, haven't they? Who would have thought that SA would have lost in the first round to the Grizzlies and that Dallas...


The 2011 NBA Playoff Contest Round 2!

  Round 2! Fight! Not much to say. To those who forgot the rules..., check here. Remember that your picks must be in before the start of the first game of round two which is likely to be by 3:30...


Phoenix Suns Player Evaluations: '10-'11: Trade Lopez!

Welcome to the fourth piece of the 2010-11 Phoenix Suns Player Evaluations. We here at Bright Side of the Sun have assembled an opinionated and seemingly educated cast of writers to put together...


The 2011 NBA Playoff Contest

For the Phoenix Suns their season may be over, but for the NBA the real season is only just beginning.  It is a time when heroes are born and stars shine. A time of sadness and joy, happiness and...


Game Recap: Suns Beat T-Wolves 135-127 In An Overtime Thriller!

The Phoenix Suns needed 62% shooting from three and an overtime period to beat Michael Beasley and the Timberwolves.


Game Preview: Phoenix Suns Vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Well, three more days and two more games until the Suns will be packing their bags, cleaning out their lockers and goin' fishin'. Yup, the end is near,  just three more days of misery and it will...


Phoenix Suns Visit Minnesota Timberwolves 5PM AZ Time

It's the end of the season as we know it and I'm not fine.... Lets face it, no playoffs, Suns are done, it's over. Is it even worth our time to sit back and watch these remaining, meaningless...


Suns Fall To Kings 113-116

The Darkness Continues For Suns. Kings 116, Suns 113


Suns @ Kings Game Preview 7PM AZ Time

Things aren't all that grand in Planet Orange these days and why would they be? The Suns aren't making the playoffs, they can't close out a game, their franchise player may leave in the off-season,...


Suns Lose Triple Overtime Thriller To Lakers 137-139

The Suns battled back from 21 points down behind fantastic play of Steve Nash and Grant Hill only to finally lose in triple overtime to the Lakers.


Suns Vs. Lakers Game Preview: Phoenix Suns Taking Their Talents To Hollywood! 7:30PM AZ Time On TNT

Phoenix Suns are in Los Angeles to face the Lakers who will be without Andrew Bynum. Can the desperate Suns pull off the upset? Sure, why not.


Suns Vs. Nuggets Game Recap: Nuggets Beat Marcin Gortat 116-97

Recap of the Suns horrible performance in a blow out home loss to the Denver Nuggets


Suns Vs. Rockets Game Recap: Carter, Warrick Lead Suns past Rockets 113-110

Carter, Warrick Propel Suns over Rockets: Suns Vs. Rockets Recap


Suns vs Rockets (A Dragic and Brooks Showdown) 7PM AZ Time

Preview of the Suns vs. Rockets including a look at the Goran Dragic vs. Aaron Brooks show down.


Suns go down with a fight 103-115!

Well, I'm not surprised. It was the Celtics first home game off a road trip. They were excited to be back in Boston and to put on a good show for their fans. The Suns on the other hand look to be...


Phoenix Suns Visit Boston Celtics 5:30 PM AZ Time

Looking at the Suns vs. Celtics match up.


Suns Soar past Hawks 105-97

Suns Hang On, Soar Past Hawks, 105-97


Phoenix Suns Host Atlanta Hawks 7PM AZ Time

I bet most of you are looking forward to this game, right? After all, it is the first game post all-star break, so why shouldn't we be excited? In a way it's like starting fresh kind of like your...


Suns Play One Quarter And Get Blown-Out By Denver Nuggets 132-98

                                                Sad, just sad. Going into this game I wasn't expecting a win, but I was expecting some fight. The Suns got off to a good start against a Denver team...


Phoenix Suns Looking For First Win Streak Of The Year As They Take On the Denver Nuggets

                                                                                                                                         This is going to be an interesting game. Both teams are...


Suns Bench Gets Defensive And Shuts Down Pistons 92-75

                                           Finally, a win! The Suns really needed this one and they played like it. The intensity, the passion, the fire, hustle... it was all there. The defense...


Struggling Suns Looking For Big Win Vs. Detroit Pistons

Preview of the Phoenix Suns New Year's Eve game versus the Detroit Pistons.


Burning Heat Blow by Fizzling Suns 123-96

Recap of the Suns bitter defeat to the Miami Heat


Phoenix Suns Taking Talents Down to South Beach! 5 P.M. AZT Tip

Suns taking talents to South Beach in a big road match-up vs. LeBron, Wade, and the other Heat members.


Hedo Turkoglu

We need to give him a break. It isn't right to be disappointed in him. I'm defending him because he's probably going to suck for a few weeks or more. I hope not, but he probably will by no fault...


Were going to have to let you go.

That's right, the NBA is thinking about contracting teams. Personally, I'm all for it. It will make the league a bit more competitive. I know people will lose their jobs, but hey, it's life and it...


Dwight Howard

Is he or is he not overrated? Lets have look at his career so far. He's played in 6 seasons averaging 17.5ppg, 12.7rpb and 2bpg in about 36mpg. He's shot around 57% for his career and 60% at the...

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