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Scouting Report From SBNation

Name: Beavis

Gender: Unknown

Number: 25

Species: Unknown

Residence: The inner machinations of your mind.

Drafted with the #1 overall pick by BSOTS on January 17th, 2010.

Position(s): BSOTS staff writer (Retired), Assassin (Pending), Part time Gamer (Active), BSOTS poster (Active), Doctor (inactive), Commando (MIA), King Awesome (Active), Manager of the Rectal Database (Active), Batman (unknown), BSOTS Troll Slayer (inactive until called to arms), Dragonborn (Active), Thread Jacker (temporarily inactive), Butthead (occasionally).

Career potential awards: Superstar poster and Hall of Famer. "Most Prone to Schizophrenically Mutter to Himself" award. "Doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else" award. "Most replies to himself" award. "The #1 comment count" award. "BSOTS Hall of Fame" induction. "Best poster all around" award. "BSOTS Ring of Honor" induction. "Most ridiculous, arduous, intricate and perplexing poster" award.

Assets: Big heart. One of BSOTS's greatest-ever commentators and writers. Makes everyone around him better. Has uncanny vision, anticipation, posting and rosterbation skills. Arguably SBNations most accurate poster and rosterbator ever. A great reccor too.

Flaws: Commits huge rosterbation totals. Can be wrong here and there and doesn't jack as many threads as he could/should. Tends to take nights off. Uses misleading titles in fanposts. Can be a distraction in the game threads: Has a big ego, is stubborn, young and inexperienced. Drives the Veterans insane. Bad example to rookies.

Transactions/Injuries/suspensions: Traded to Fear the Sword on January 2012 for Waveocean. Trade was declined by the SBNation Front Office for "blogging reasons".

Interest: World Domination, Suns Basketball, SpongeBob, Pizza, winning an NBA Championship, Games and Women.

Dream: To defeat the Giant Monkey Men and save the 9th Dimension.

Enemies: Lakers, Spurs, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Ray Allen, Dwayne Wade, Boris Diaw, Lebron James, Micheal Jordan, Jared Bayless, Chris Anderson, Tony Parker, Jon Barry, Sasha Sharapova...

If you would like to know more about Beavis, just read his blogs and follow him on BSOTS.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Phoenix Suns
User Blog

Superstars, lets define em.

What is a superstar? Here is my opinion on the matter. When it comes to determining superstars, I look at 8 aspects.  Skill, Potential, Mental Toughness and High Basketball IQ(both usually come...


What are your main concerns about the Suns going into the season?

The goal of this thread is to help you feel more optimistic about the Suns going into the 2010-11 season, so what I'm going to do is go over all the major concerns looking at the glass half full.  1...


Enough talk about the "Nuns", GO LAKERS!!

Now that I have your attention, I just thought it would be cool if we talked about something else to pass the time instead of talking about a bunch of trades that won't ever happen, so lets talk...



This roster doesn't feel complete without a rebounding big. I think we need to make one more move and bring in another big-man that can still play for cheap. Kurt is the perfect guy. He can be the...


Why Nash>Lebron, Kobe...

After seeing Lebron humiliate and shove a dagger into the heart of the franchise that gave him his career, I realized how blessed our team really is. We may not have Championships, but we have S...


Why can't we get over the hump?

Barkley's Suns- Couldn't get past Hakeem and his Rockets. Couldn't get past Jordan and his Bulls either. Nash's Suns- Couldn't get past Duncan and his Spurs. Couldn't get past Kobe and his Lakers.  ...


Your favorite games of the 2009-10 Suns season.

Now that the season has sadly come to an end I think it is time to look back and reflect on all the good times. Let's forget about the Amar'e situation right now and just look back at this season...


Question for Suns fans.

Alright, so I'm in this NBA Member Mayhem contest. It's a writing contest made( just for fun, no award or money involved) by well known and respected posters on the NBA CBS boards. The way it works...


How confident are you in these Phoenix Suns?

We're in the stretch run and I can't see us losing more than 3-4 games. That should put our record at 52-30 or 53-29 by the time the season is over. Every time we've entered the playoffs in this...


Should Nash sit out on Friday?

As you all know we play the Lakers this Friday. If we beat them we can even the season series 2-2 which would give our team more confidence for when we meet them in the playoffs. However, If Nash...


How can the Suns improve their defense?

I would like to get the opinion of my fellow Suns fans on this. I would like to get some details and examples. I know that heart, effort, practice, determination... play a big part in defense, so...


Should we pursue Micheal Finley?

According to sources from ESPN, Finely is soon going to be released by the Spurs, so he can pursue other options with other teams. He is averaging 3.7ppg in about 15mpg in 25 games with the Spurs....


Suns haven't ruled out Beasley.

According to ESPN, they said the Heat have been pushing even harder for Amar'e and are wiling to part with their draft pick and Beasley who the Suns have said that they aren't interested in. The...


Amar'e to Cleveland only if they...

According to inside sources an Amar'e for JJ. Hickson and Illguaskas trade is serious, but may only happen if...   Reports out of Arizona are saying that the Suns want Cleveland to throw in a draft...


Barbosa for Battier?

Why not? Contracts match-up perfectly. They desperately need a shooter and we desperately need a defensive stopper. Battier is so versatile that he can guard  anyone and play any position from...

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