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Born in L.A. in 1958, moved to Des Plaines in 1966, moved back to L.A. area in 1974. Because of Jack Brickhouse and WGN, I most definitely bleed Cubbie blue.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAB UCLA Bruins
  • NCAAF Shrine-West All-Stars
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • Golf Carl Spackler
  • NASCAR Ricky Bobby
  • MMA Tonya Harding
  • Boxing Muhammad Ali
  • Soccer Dempster Jr.High Gone But Not Forgottens
  • General The Mark Prior Marching Towel Drillettes
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Everyone Should See The Lou Gehrig Video

Lou Gehrig's Speech This is footage of the legendary Yankee first baseman giving his "Luckiest Man On The Face Of The Earth" farewell speech on 7/4/39, interspersed with first basemen of today...


Report: Angels and Trout near an extension

Allegedly six years, $150M Sports Illustrated is reporting the Angels and Mike Trout are near a deal that will keep him an Angel for the next six years, or until he's 28 years old. The article...


Garza Passed On Angels' Offer

I can't be bothered. It is what it is. Apparently Matt Garza is a Milwaukee Brewer as opposed to a Los Angeles Angel from Anaheim because when the Angels made their four year, 52 million dollar...


Jerry Hairston, Jr. Retires To Be A Dodger Broadcaster

Anybody who says they saw this coming is kidding themselves

What is this pop up on SB sites about opening google analytics from site meter?


Every time I go to any new page on a SB site, from the home page to a new thread, this pop up appears? It's bullshit. Our computers gets invaded enough as it is.

Family Suing Easton For Skull Fracture Suffered By Pitcher Son


From the article: "LOS ANGELES - An Ohio teen baseball pitcher who suffered a skull fracture after being struck by a ball during a game is suing the Van Nuys-based manufacturer of an aluminum bat. Cole Schlesner, 18, filed the products liability suit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Easton Sports Inc. and some of its subsidiaries, alleging its BT265 bat is defectively designed and "unreasonably dangerous." He is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. He also wants an injunction preventing Easton from claiming the bat is safe when the company knows, according to the plaintiffs, of its "serious propensity to cause injuries" during play. "Easton designed its bat so that players could hit a ball harder and faster than any other bats," the suit states." At first glance this seems ot be a case of sue whoever has the deep pockets. It's terrible about the injury, but it sounds as if the bat did exactly what it is supposed to do, and the family wants to say that, in and of itself, is the defective part of the equation.

R.I.P. George "Boomer" Scott


He passed away at age 69. For Cub fans to relate to Red Sox or possibly Brewer fans over this, this would be like if Randy Hundley or Don Kessinger or Glenn Beckert or even Billy WIlliams died. Scott was a big name in baseball for me as a kid growing up learning about all the players and who was good. He helped popularize the term "taters" for a home run, as the article says, and could also field a bit too, winning several Gold Gloves.

Bleacher Bum/Ray's Bleachers tribute


I was cruising the 'Net and came across this video. In case some of you didn't know, the Original Bleacher Bums' "home bar" was Ray's Bleachers, which is now Murphy's Bleachers. I'm pretty good friends with Ray Meyer, Jr., who literally grew up in this bar. When Ray was a kid, he'd run hot dogs, hamburgers and all sorts of beverages out to the bullpen during games. He's still good friends with Fergie to this day. It looks like somebody took some old pictures from that time and made the video. Pretty cool stuff.

Indians Sign Bourn To 4/48M


So he gets his money, but not a shot at a ring.

Happy Birthday, Ernie


I didn't see this anywhere else. Ernie Banks turned 82 years young on Thursday.

Bobby Scales' New Job


He's the Angels' new director of player development.

OT: Mutiny At Fenway Park


What happened to the players being professional and doing the job they’re being paid millions to do? Valentine might have left Lester in to give up the runs, but just the same, Lester's supposed to be able to get guys out. Valentine wasn't the right choice, but it isn't all on him as to why the Red Sox season is over and the team is 11 1/2 games out. Buncha crybabies.

"Blinkin' Fertilizer"


The incomparable Vin Scully.

OT: Angels release Trevor Bell


Bell is a former first round pick who never quite hit the sixth bucket in the Grand Prize Game. Like many, his dream was to ride home on that Schwinn Fast Back bicycle, take loads of Polaroid pictures, and enjoy lots of other prizes. It remains to be seen whether he will get another shot at the center ring, or will just fade away on that Grand March.

OT: New Owners Overpaid by $600M for Dodgers


Says Forbes, who lists the latest valuation of sport franchises. Man United is number one. Dodgers are sixth. Cubs not in the Top Ten.

OT:Lasorda has "mild" heart attack in New York


He's 84 and has been in New York for the draft representing the Dodgers. He had one in 1996 that prompted all the Slimfast stuff, but he's been rotund again for some time. Mild or not, it can't be taken lightly at age 84.

OT: And now Frank McCourt's problems REALLY start


Some of us have been saying it all along, and it has begun to happen. The Tax Division of the U.S. Attorney's office here in Los Angeles is looking at him for possible tax evasion and "other financial misconduct" while he owned the Dodgers. Never, ever think you're smarter than the Feds when it comes to this kind of stuff Frank.

OT: Oh, Oh, New Dodger Owners May Be Just As Shady As McCourt


Frank McCourt didn't use a dime of his own money when he bought the Dodgers. He borrowed it all. He started out in trouble and then borrowed even more. Well, Mark Walter, who is the point man for Guggenheim Partners, apparently is using other people's money. Namely, insurance premium money, which is supposed to be invested and show a return. The link here is to an overview, but there's a link once you get to the LA Observed website to the New York Times that's very interesting. The new owners have been slow to produce details of their financial structure, so far providing only the bare minimum, and now people are calling this purchase "a lawsuit waiting to happen", because McCourt may have found in Walter a similar soul, Magic Johnson just being a front man used to make it all feel good.

OT: Shark Player Touches Puck From Bench


This happened last night during Kings v. Sharks. Apparently if you play San Jose, you need to worry about Ryane Clowe being the seventh man on the ice. Amazingly, no penalty despite a linesman beng right there.

Some of you will want to kick yourself again for not going to Hundley's camp this year


My excuse is I have a torn mensicus and stress fracture in my right knee and will have arthroscopic surgery this coming Thursday. Left to right: Eddie Vedder, Theo Epstein, Chris Chelios.

OT/Cuban and Gilbert Eliminated From Dodger Bidding


This doesn't mean he can't subsequently partner up with one of the remaining bidders, but what this means is at least 8 don't share Cuban's belief the Dodgers aren't worth a billion.


OT/Questions about reserve/futures contracts

Once a player gets signed to one of these contracts, do they draw a paycheck or do they have to wait until a certain, specified time? Is there a league minimum figure they all earn when on one? ...

McCourt Agrees To Sell


The deal could still fall apart, but the L.A. Times reports Frank McCourt is close to selling the Dodgers to an anonymous buyer for over a billion dollars. The sale would include the team AND Dodger Stadium, and other entities he's created to siphon money off the team. Apparently, he's finally had that epiphany everyone else had about his finances a while back, in that even if he had his way in the BK proceedings, after paying off everyone he owes including his wife, he wouldn't have enough to renovate the Stadium and run the team. Updated: It's official, the jerk is out.

SI Report: Sabathia Opting Out


He's walking away from an average of $23 million a year for the next four years. The Cubs are so interested the article mentions them twice: "The Yankees have already made a new contract offer to Sabathia and remain the favorites to keep him, although the Cubs, Rangers, Tigers, Blue Jays and Cubs are also considered possibilities. The Yanks' offer was made over the weekend, but no details have been announced."




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