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Freeze steals recruit from Kentucky


The link is to the rivals page on Darone Bailey, a three star offensive lineman at Coahoma Community College. He had committed to Kentucky over the summer but decided to switch his commitment to the Rebels this week due to familiarity with Freeze and some other Rebel staff members. Good choice, Darone.

Malzahn takes Arkansas State job


In my opinion, this is either the most unforeseen hire of the 2011 coaching carousel thus far or the second most unforeseen hire (Charlie Weis to Kansas!). It's strange that his stock seemed to plummet so quickly after being mentioned in connection with the coaching searches at Ole Miss, UNC, Kansas, etc. I'm going to assume that he either A) wants to be back in Arkansas and relatively out of the spotlight or B) likes having more responsibilities for less money as long as it's away from Gene Chizik. Your guess is as good as mine.

Serderius Bryant named to Freshman All-SEC Team


Good for you, Serderius. With D.T. back next year, our linebackers should be one of the stronger position groups of the Rebels in 2012.

Moronic Fan Is Moronic


I found this article to be a humorous reminder of the difference between being a fan and being an idiot. In summary, a woman in Florida who named her son "Spurrier Urban Wiley" now wants to change her 4-year-old son's middle name due to Meyer's apparently treasonous jump to Ohio State. The mother, Jen Wiley, says any name would be better than Urban. The 4-year-old Spur's suggestion for a new name? "He wants to be Spur Willy Nilly Silly Bear Wiley," said Wiley. We could have an Ole Miss fan in the making.

Flight from Starkville to Happy Valley


While I hate to give attention to State or their asshole of a coach (on this day especially), this is a link that shows a flight from Starkville to Southwest Pennsylvania that landed about 8 hours ago. Is this the creepy and over excessive type of fandom that makes me cringe slightly? Yes, but it's interesting to note nonetheless. I think it at least shows that last week's report, which stated Mullen would interview for the Penn State job today, might have been accurate.

BYU QB Jake Heaps to transfer


Is Hugh Freeze in the people heppin' business?

Bobby Petrino calls Les Miles a mother fucker.


Bobby Petrino calls Les Miles a mother fucker.

Completely Biased Article Comparing Grove to Junction


In summary, State fans think that the Junction is better than The Grove because their football team has a better record than ours this year. Also, they consider tailgating in the Junction a "true" form of tailgating since they don't spend money on food or dress up like we do. What a crock of shit. A comparison between the two is insulting, and it shows that State fans' insecurities even go so far as having a bad case of tailgate envy, which we knew already.

Kristi Malzahn Interview (Disclaimer: The video has some annoying editing from someone who is...


Kristi Malzahn Interview (Disclaimer: The video has some annoying editing from someone who is most likely a raging Alabama fan)

New Book Examines the Firing of Mike Leach


This link is to an article about a new book by Michael Lee Lanning that looks at the circumstances surrounding Leach's firing from Texas Tech. The author spent close to a year examining court documents and conducting interviews to discover the real reasons behind Leach's firing. The name of the book is "Double T--Double Cross." Leach was not used as a source.

Nutt Suggest Leach Would Fit at Ole Miss


In an interview on Tim Brando's radio show, Nutt says he thinks the next coach should bring something different on offense to Ole Miss. He then mentions Mike Leach. If nothing else, it's interesting to note.

Even if he hasn't done much else this season, Houston Nutt at least provided inspiration for some...


Even if he hasn't done much else this season, Houston Nutt at least provided inspiration for some Halloween costumes.

"Forward Rebels" Calls For Immediate Termination Of UM’s Boone


I think most of us are in favor of getting rid of Pete Boone, but this is getting ridiculous. There's a way to do things, and there's a way not to do things. The above link is an example of the latter.

Marcus Temple and Wayne Dorsey out for the season


Not only does Alabama put up 52 on our defense, they also managed to knock out two of our better defensive players for the remainder of this miserable season. Both of them had surgery in Jackson this morning. Depressing news, but news nonetheless.

Stoudt to start. Bolden could be back by the Georgia game.


Looks like Zach Stoudt is our man for now. I think it's a good move until he gives us a reason to bench him. Obviously, the big news is the possibility of having Bolden back by the Georgia game. This would be huge considering how badly we'll need him for the meat of our SEC schedule.

Someone please take Nutt's cell phone away from him.


It's the worst public relations tool I've ever seen.


A Plea from a Downtrodden Rebel Fan....

I, like many of you, have witnessed firsthand the roulette wheel that is Ole Miss football.  To keep it brief, I will stick to recent memories: The 2008 Florida masterpiece and glorious, unexpected...

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