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Fran McCaffery Announces Starting Line-up Remainder of 2014 Season.

IOWA CITY, Ia -- Changes are afoot. Iowa Head Basketball Coach Fran McCaffery announced his season-closing starting lineups today. Trolls are disturbed. "Going forward, as the head basketball...


Brian Ferentz Status Questioned.

This is often an accurate source of coaching gossip, and it says that Brian a) did not accept the Texas job and b) is staying in Iowa City. If true, I'm curious if Brian made a market and Iowa...


Letter from a Country Reprobate: Spartan Preview.

Whew. I arrived in Minneapolis last week a gentleman. I left with shattered faith in same. Arrests were not made, so at least there's that. Meanwhile, on to this week's game. Below is my...


Letter from a Country Gentleman.

(Wherein our observer of things pastoral shares a Saturday morning colloquy with his urban correspondent.) Stoops, If there is a Ferentz 3.0 -- if -- it is revealed today. It's not...


On Davis and Strategic Transformation: JC Penney, Maytag -- or ALCOA under Paul O'Neill?

Iowa now has the most NFL-laden coaching staff in the Big Ten. This fact is poorly studied and acknowledged. There's much to be learned about Ferentz' intentions from this fact. However, Greg...

Reasons To Be Cheerful.

The madness of crowds notwithstanding, this team now intrigues me. If one believes that football is a game that demands fundamental virtues, Iowa is closer to an above-average year than I think...

Protecting the Public from Private Behavior at Home


I really have no idea what armed LEOs are doing arresting a man in the middle of the night for being "publicly intoxicated" in his own lavatory, when he blows less than .08, to boot. I don't get it.

Accusations, Prison Time, and Refusing to Cop.


I wasn't around during the Holm case, so forgive some of my astonishment at what happened to this guy. I agree with the commenter to this Hlas story, since he happens to be me, but I am unwilling to drop this for reasons that affect all men in college, outlined below. THESIS: Holm never would have been sent up had he received a jury trial, because normal humans do not convict someone of sexual assault if the witness/third person -- 24 inches away -- says it never happened, and the physical evidence is exculpatory, and the defining logic for the judge was that the accused had more to lose than the accuser. (Under such logic, all accused criminals are automatically convicted.) And he never would have been charged if Pierre Pierce hadn't happened, and created a political and social firestorm: he simply wouldn't have been charged. And, I daresay, he never would have been charged if he had been black, because the specter of false rape charges against black men over the past 200+ years would have had the Johnson County DA running for the Mississippi first, before attempting to ruin a young man against whom NO evidence could be compiled, save that of an erratic, drunk, and angry young woman whose own boyfriend (the sole third-party witness, physically proximate to the supposed assault) disputed her claims. So I realize I am puncturing about eight PC balloons at once here. No need to comment and suggest that we do not speak of such things on a happy sports blog. DISCUSSION: But sexual assault, and we are reaching the point now where it doesn't mean what the words say it means, is the third rail of big time sports. A certain boy scout, physics major and stud hoss Iowa RB may have been run out of town by a certain university president because -- although cleared of any wrongdoing by law enforcement -- he refused to apologize for something that neither he nor the police nor the ostensible victim said happened. This is not a long reach from Holm refusing to accept a get-out-of-jail card because he was supposed to admit he did something that no one ever showed he did. Universities now lose funding from the US Dept. of Ed. if they allow accused men to question or otherwise test the accusations made against them by alleged victims of sexual assault. That is correct: if you are accused, you may not defend yourself properly, if your college or university wishes to retain critical federal funding. Anyone who is the parent of a boy or young man in this environment had best discuss these matters with his or her son. College is a time of great social and sexual experimentation, usually under the influence of this or that intoxicant, and never more so than today. Feminist cant suggests that because rape is a serious crime, a few eggs will be broken (i.e., a few innocents will be destroyed) in order to further social justice. This principle now controls the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars to places like the SUI. I know that I am thrilled that my own son, a competitive freestyle skier (not exactly choir boys, they) has matriculated from his New England university without incident. I started in on him five years ago with suggestions such as this: "Yes means no. No means no. Yes means maybe. No means try me. Don't ever mess around with girls unless they are sober and have been chasing you for at least a couple of weeks." Be careful out there. This case wasn't a case where "No means yes". This wasn't a case of "No really means yes." This was a big case of nothing, unless you were Jordan Holm. PERSONAL ANECDOTE: I was a reporter for the DI who watched James Wendell Hall get sent up for the murder of Sarah Ann Ottens. I was naive and 17 years old; I was shocked at the ease with which the state convicted this guy, and I have never forgotten the cheesy theatrics and bad suit worn by the state prosecutor. After seven years that conviction was thrown out because prosecutor Woodward lied to the court and abused the process that all accused are owed. I am new to the Holm case and have only been reading about it for a couple of days. But I would be stunned if the Johnson County DA would ever retry this case before a jury, and really, that is all we need to know if I am correct. FOR FURTHER REVIEW: For other comments and a fairly lengthy and sensitive blogress' interview with Holm, go here: and here: (She's a Carleton/Smith grad, she's thorough.) For more on how universities may no longer investigate claims of sexual assault by alleged victims, go here: Here is a (rough) scan of the Press-Citizen coverage of the Hall case, mostly by Mark Rohner, who was the best hard news reporter at the P-C for a couple of decades. Note how Hall was not arrested until after six months of interviews, obviously accomplishing nothing, and perhaps proving that a DA or assist AG could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. Meardon, Sueppel, Downer and Hayes were the ace law firm back then, and, I believe, did not abandon this client when it would have been convenient: In 1993 Hall was convicted of strangling to death Susan Hajek in Cedar Rapids.

13 Years.


"13 years of silence ... You can't be a part-time man of principle ... This way it only saved the reputations of the football team [i.e., the reputation of the university was discarded to protect the football team] -- for another decade [both are wrecked now].

Dana Holgersen Doesn't Care Which Defense You Run -- Provided It's Not Iowa's


With Leach on the wagon, and on the beach, Dana Holgersen has to be the most refreshingly candid head coach working today. Well, except for the OBC. Here he discusses how he game plans -- and makes clear that if he has the choice between staying up all night staring at tape, or maybe playing a few hands at a convenient casino, it's time for some blackjack. The money quote, however, is just the latest encomium thrown Norm's way. Remember, Holgersen is the most prolific OC of the past 10 years. Quote: "But there have been occasions during his coaching career when good defense simply shut down good offense. He's quick to point out the 2001 Alamo Bowl when he was an assistant at Texas Tech and the Red Raiders played Iowa. Tech had another of those high-powered offenses with Kliff Kingsbury at quarterback. "'They were really good and they've always had a really good defense. And you can turn on their tape right now and it's the same defense it was back in 2001,'' Holgorsen said. "They were just as bland as you can possibly be - 4-3, cover four. And that's all they did every dang snap. And they whipped us.'' "Tech scored one touchdown and lost 19-16 on a last-second field goal." "There's a whole bunch of good defenses out there,'' Holgorsen said. "It's all about what they believe in and what they feel like they can execute.''


MGOBLOG.COM IS STILL PERFECT. Football universe: relieved. Thankfully, life goes on.

MGOBLOG.COM, and that is capitalized for a reason, today announced that it is still perfect. "Hey, don't you get it yet?  We are perfect, you are not, and move on, nothing to see here, and I get...

Floyd of Rosedale and Willard Boyd


For the Times, a remarkably respectful story of midwestern culture, racial integration and strife, football -- all leavened by Sandy Boyd's warm memories. Older BHGP'rs can't help but contrast the bureaucratic fungus that is the current Mason administration and the handful of devoted, smart people who ran the SUI in the 50's and 60's.


This Week with Bo Schembechler, or, Flag Football is for Girls.

Wow, that was close.  Our hidebound devotion to such ridiculous conventions as "tackling", "blocking", "running to daylight", "backside contain", "keeping the QB in one piece", and the like, almost...


Does Michigan Even Have a Football Team? Or, All Hail the World's Best Flag Football Club

Good stuff from Bellanca about how the Iowa Hawkeyes match up against the Michigan Wolverines.


The Hawkeye Index, Part the First.*

  Cruising the Stats Sheets.   Current national Iowa ranking in rushing defense:  2.   Alabama ranking in rushing defense:  19.   Score of intergalactic mega-game, Alabama v. PSU:  24-3.   Score of...


Gazette, Afflicted by Readership, Kills Website Experience.

The Gazette Company, flag of convenience for Marc Morehouse and Mike Hlas, has breached a new frontier in web design and usage: they have relaunched their site and created a broken muddle of...


Doing the Metaphorical.*

  On Domination (and Pride, Delirium, and Unearned Triumphalism). This is a lot of fun and all, and far be it from me to rain on the SMA "We're actually gods in black and gold" meme, but as a guy...

Smallest O-Line in the Big Ten


Click on the Big Ten row label to open chart. Iowa has the smallest O-Line in the Big Ten, and second-least experienced group of starters.

Welcome to the Big Ten (snort)


Nebraska gets two pecks on the cheek and the toughest schedule in the league.

"I think Marshal Yanda can be as good a right guard as there is in the league."


OC Cam Cameron on Yanda. Yanda also was one of the coin-toss captains for the Giant game. So it would seem that he is becoming extremely well-established in Baltimore.

Oh, man.


These guys, DiNardo and Griffith, actually know what they're talking about, and they say the weakest, most uncertain element (other than our depth and maybe playcalling) will get it done. In dreams become responsibilities, I guess. What they're saying, in effect, is that this could be one really good club.

Nota bene, running QBs.


This is a great piece on the Ryan family and how Buddy et fils have changed football. I thought that this quote from Rob Ryan informs the whole discussion on running QBs and whether or not it's smart in a physical league. "Rex used many of their ideas, mixed with two cornerstone principles. One: Stop the run. "Say what you want about me," says Ryan, "but if I want to, I'll stop your run." Two: Knock the quarterback on his back, for the simple reason best expressed by Rob Ryan (who in 2009 was Eric Mangini's defensive coordinator with the Browns). "The more you hit the quarterback," Rob says, "the better you're going to do.""


Bradford object lesson

Well, the argument has been that any junior who can get drafted early should exit college and take the money.   Last year in particular it was common to reference Sam Bradford's shoulder injury,...


People who say 'I told you so' have zero class.

But it is fun, and that's what a good internet pseudonym is for, n'est-ce pas? *** So, Michigan self-reporting major violations to the NCAA.  How is it possible that [they found the cash in the...


Big Two-Hearted Iowa River

The train went on up the track out of sight, around one of the hills of burnt timber and illusions, around the low hills and coruscated ground of the late Iowa autumn.  The sky was the hard, hard...


Sixty-Minute Men Abuse Media Expectation Once More; SadBadgers Cry, "No Fair!"

Bellanca's latest BHGP article is a masterpiece.


Portfolio Theory, Chekhov, and Misplaced Iowa Modesty.

Iowa and the Slow Reveal.   As OPS says at left, the stats all favor Wisconsin, and even some of the trends. If I were a betting guy, I guess I'd have to take the men in red: yes, logic suggests...

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