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Mumme Poll Position

Hawks at #6. I don't know, it seems a little high. But I'm from Iowa. My DNA says "Be modest. Expect bad things to happen."


Genius, personified.

This is what you get when undocumented athletic aliens evaluate complex systems -- like football.



a. Michigan didn't get a rush play for more than 12 yards. To me this is the key to the game. It certainly was my biggest concern, their capacity to break big ones. This is the only game this...

Smart Football on End-Game Decision Science

Bellanca discussion of the difference between propensity modeling and stochastic optimization in the comments section.


Red Zone Efficiency is a Dumb Statistic.

Notes on numbers after grazing the NCAA summary statistics:    


Breaking: tUNI Swaps October 10 Dates with tEIU, Brags on 240 lb. Spread QB Grace.

[Bumped. Classic Bellanca. --OPS] CEDAR FALLS, IA -- Sept. 28, 2009 -- The athletic world reacted with wonder, ill-disguised glee, and mild horror today at the late-night decision by the presidents...


Nic Grigsby, Carrying an Entire Offense.

Arizona has something going on: they lost to USC by 7 last year, in mid-season.  However, since then they've lost their two best offensive playmakers (QB and TE (Gronkowski is reportedly out)....


Not Satire: Real Story of ISU game?

[No reason for us to write today.  Gracias.  Bumped. -- Ed.] I've been working nonstop and not scanning the intertubes much the last few days, but I offer this modest proposal, which I don't...

I've never read anything like this.

I guess the inability of the MSM to write this story is one reason why I am reading less and less of the MSM. I still don't think Pryor would start for Iowa. If Tressel is this retarded our new ultra-multi-variate O and 4-5-2 give us a fighting chance in Columbus. Either Pryor isn't authorized to check off, or doesn't see what he needs to see.

Rich Rodriquez has a negative net worth.

You might wonder if it's a good thing to owe WVU $4mm, and a bank in South Carolina another $4mm. You might wonder if it's a good idea to hire a coach in a game where gambling is central who owes $8mm in middle age. You might wonder what the coach would do to keep his job and win, in order to have the opportunity to dig his way out from an accumulated $8mm liability. You might ask if the UM will still help the coach pay back WVU some of the $4mm they successfully sued to achieve (breach of contract), if the UM fires the coach. You might ask if the coach even wants to be at UM anymore, now that he's under investigation by his own AD, owes people $8mm, and cannot buy a cup of coffee without being asked about 3-9. This is a very strange situation that we have here.


Brian Cook Named New Attorney for 'Freezer Cash' Congressman William Jefferson

[Bumped, because Bellanca's got your jihad right here. -- Ed.]   ANN ARBOR -- Famed entrepreneur-savant Brian Cook, fresh off the heels of his stirring, mind-numbing defense of Rich...


Pollard Announces Auction of 2009 ISU Home Schedule.

[Bumped, obviously. -- Ed.] AMES, IOWA -- Iowa State University Athletic Director, noting Indiana University's decision to sell one of their home games in 2010 to noted punk (and little man...

Zorn Risks Snyder's Disfavor; Elevates Ladell.

Evidently, Zorn would rather try to win than suck up to The Dan.

Bryan Mattison now an OT for Ravens.

The Ravens signed Mattison last year and moved him to offense. Could be on the field next to Yanda, who was beginning to dominate at RG prior to tearing every living fiber in his right knee last year. (It was a McGahee-type virtual amputation.) Yanda is off the PUP and practicing. Once they moved Yanda inside, before the injury, what I noticed in games last year was that if he made contact, he had a startling physical advantage; he didn't push, he punched guys back on their heels. The only way to beat him was to make him miss. Mattison's dad is now DC for the Ravens.

National Football Post Pities Iowa Opponents.

This guy Wes Bunting is actually pretty hard on most of the teams and athletes he rates. Here we see the NFL love for Ferentz, as he suggests we have two NFL starters on our 2009 team (Bulaga, Edds), one possible starter (Calloway) three other linemen (Doering, Dace, Raph) who could be in camp, a "tightly wound" linebacker sort (guess) who will be an NFL special teams and backup MLB. Oh, and Bulaga is the best tackle in the country this year. If you read a few of his other reports, the positive nature of his reviews jumps out. As Bowen notes in the comments, 12-0, BCS championship, evidently.


Just saying.

As you know, the Iowa d-line coach with too many consonants in his name said none of the three all-world DEs we got on this team would move inside.  He said that a couple of days ago. Ya, like we...

Just three?

Morehouse reviews wide-out, sorting through an intriguing if inexperienced group, trying to decide which two will start, and three will play. He notes that last year's rotation was really three wideouts and three tight ends. But consider: not too many people remark on this, but we went four wide (ooooh, awwwww) against Pittsburg. We spread the field. I think there is the depth to do this. There's also the size. Davis, McNutt and Stross are no smurfs. When before did Iowa split three guys out, this tall, before? And until Pre-existing Condition Moeaki pre-exists something, he has the quickness to play slot (see: Dallas Clark), as well. I just think Stanzi and the air game is going to be interesting, and maybe even a little novel, this year..


uh ... Sober College?

Google just placed a "Sober College ... Not your ordinary rehab (ages 17-26)" ad on the BHGP site.  I know they do quantitative marketing and all but that's a little too smart for my taste.   [...


Lucky Seven.

Just seven questions: 1.  When was the last time 40% of an Iowa scholarship group in any varsity sport quit? 2.  When was the last time Iowa's leading scorer posted 11 ppg? 3.  Who, among...


Call It Off

[Bumped. Wanton hubris has a warm home at BHGP.--OPS] We really should call off this Outback Bowl thing.  I just spent an hour looking at their stats and this team makes Minnesota look like the...


Brewster steps up, blames someone else.

Brewster's O-line coach Phil Meyer  "resigned to pursue other opportunities" yesterday.  Meaning? It's not the head coach's fault they ran for 7 yards and were "physically outplayed."   This is...


P-C reads BHGP, waits a week, fills column-inches! It's moments like these when getting the P-C online, free, seems to make the paper reasonably priced. The Takeaway, November 11: "Three and out the KOK Story" nails it. 1) Vaunted backs. We’ve played vaunted RBs all year (Pitt, MSU, WI, PSU), and perhaps even against PSU, after nine games, our guy was discussed as the second-best back on the field. However, all year our guy out-runs their guy. We shut down their guy, Shonn gets it done. He also has mastered the Jim Brown art of getting up slow. All the great ones do. 2) No parade raining, but... we did actually give up a 100 yard rusher this year. The vaulted tailback of the Maine Bears, Jhamal Fluellen, had 104 on 21 carriers. However, I believe the point stands, that the D’s ability to hold the string of rushers it has faced since to under 100 is pretty amazing. by three and out the kok story on Nov 11, 2008 8:57 AM PST reply actions 0 recs


Favorite Stat of the Week.

We're deep into the season, now, so statistics become meaningful. I've been struck at the befuddlement of the PSU message boards, which I would summarize as "WTF?  Why in hell didn't we do crap...

And Stanzi sucks... Or so we were led to believe. Looked like freakin Brady Quinn during the 4th...

And Stanzi sucks... Or so we were led to believe. Looked like freakin Brady Quinn during the 4th puarter. by JeremyInDC on Nov 9, 2008 6:53 PM PST

Best message board quote. target="new">

I'd say that's a little weird.

"JJohnson-Koulianos was a regular at the team's Tuesday gatherings with the media early in the season. That, too, has changed since the start of October. More specifically, it changed after...


Rock-Paper-(null set).

  Rules for Game Planning Iowa: Do not game plan the unknown.  There is no unknown when playing Iowa.   They play offensive rock-scissors-paper with just a rock and a pair of scissors; the...

Play of the Week.

Who Else has the network's play of the week. While you're looking at the other nine, note the Illini's speed.


Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Foremost among them: 1.  PSU is our next Ferentz Signature Game.  And it's at home.  PSU is not better than Texas a few years ago.  And Wisconsin held them to 3.x...



That was an R&B song in the day.   Anyway, the reasons why I think this Iowa team is special: a.  We have a Prodigal Son at RB, and he knows it.  The guy must have been really fat, because...

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