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Banned from Athletics Nation for being a feminist. Oh well. Free Kraut for me.

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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
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  • NHL San Jose Sharks
  • MMA MMA is for closeted gay frat boys insecure about their masculinity
  • Winter Olympics Winter Olympics Team USA
  • Figure Skating Figure skating is not a sport. It's dancing on ice skates.
  • Summer Olympics The Summer Olympics is boring.
  • NASCAR NASCAR is not a sport. It's just a reality show about bad driving.
  • MLS Who gives a f*** about soccer?
User Blog

Six-Man Rotation: How It Could Work and Why We Should Do It

Get ready to have your mind blown. The A's should totally go with a six-man rotation. Not six dudes going in order, each taking a turn, but six dudes who are each technically part of the rotation....


Nick Punto is No Cody Ransom, I'll Tell You That Much

It is time. Time for me to once again talk about Cody Ransom. Cody Ransom, that poor wandering soul unjustly robbed of his chance to shine, again and again, by the heartless general managers of...


And Then What?: An Examination of A's Starting Pitching Depth

It's actually a pretty worrisome time right now to be an A's fan, but not for the reasons (Daric Barton, Nick Punto, Josh Reddick) that some wags would have you believe. The real concern is that we...


Steroids Did Not Win the 1989 World Series

Apparently Roger Craig just publicly said something to the effect that the San Francisco Giants lost the 1989 World Series to the Oakland Athletics because of steroids. Well Roger, you're wrong,...


5 Reasons You Shouldn't Hold 2011-2012 Against Daric Barton

Look at me, I'm on a Fanpostin' tear! This one will probably be shorter, but I realized after posting the previous one that I hadn't really looked into Daric Barton's batted ball profiles to see if...


Who's More Likely to Get It Together: Reddick or Barton?

In a comment thread on something, I think the post about The Odd Man Out, there was a subthread involving my previous fanpost in which someone asked who was more likely to get it together: Josh...


Why We Should Keep Callaspo, Punto, and Barton (and Drop Fuld)

via media.theweek.com Update: My thoughts on whether Barton or Reddick is more likely to get it together can be found here. You know how everyone always disparages internet arguments by saying...


What Should the A's Postseason Roster Look Like?

This thing began life as a comment on the Daric Barton front page article, but it's really big and by the end I realized that what had started out as a conversation about the OF/1B/DH positions now...


Reconsidering the Designated Runner; or, The Nate Freiman Problem

Way back in the halcyon days of this franchise, crazy person and Oakland Athletics owner Charlie Finley proposed a proposition to introduce a Designated Runner. Just as the Designated Hitter...


Eric Sogard is NOT a "League-Average" Anything

OK, everybody knows I don't think much of Eric Sogard. He seems like a nice guy, I'm sure he'll make a loving father some day, but he's not a good baseball player. But one of the things I'm...


Who's Actually Hitting Poorly?

In a conversation in the Recap thread for Sunday's loss to the White Sox, a discussion happened/is happening about whether or not Chris Young's defense is enough to justify continued playing time...


So...what DO we do with the infielders next year? Updated with paragraph breaks and statz!

There's an awful lot of talk right now about the playoff push and roster expansion and who to pitch in the play-in game and how to construct a postseason A's team...and that's awesome. It's so cool...


Thinking Outside the Bun, Part 2: Shortstop, continued

So we aren't going to trade for Chone Figgins or Alfonso Soriano. Nice thought experiments, and I think the ideas can make for good conversations, but those are not things that will happen. But...


Thinking Outside the Bun, Part 1: Shortstop

Let's get crazy, y'all! Let's take a look at some creative solutions to pressing needs for the Oakland A's down the stretch of the 2012 season.

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