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New York Mets: the next progressive franchise

The Mets have quietly turned around an organization in need of change. Winning doesn't come easily, and new management has created the makings of a beast in the east for years to come.

Cutters for everyone, from Rivera to Robertson

Mariano Rivera has made the cutter famous, and with his impending retirement, the Yankees might be without a cutter in the pen. Maybe David Robertson has something to say about that.

Adrian Beltre: Consolation prize or better fit?

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre wasn't originally supposed to become a Ranger, but when Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies, the Rangers turned to Beltre. How has that cluster of decisions worked out thus far?

Don't sleep on the AL West, again

It took till the final day of the 2012 season to determine which team would win the AL West, and we may be in for something similar come September 29th, 2013.

Everything You Need to Know About Instant Replay

How should we look at the proposals made for changing the way instant replay is used in baseball? Should we be enthused or disappointed?

Prince Fielder has struggled at the plate

Miguel Cabrera has been awesome for the Tigers this season, but his left-handed hitting counterpart, Prince Fielder, has been seriously lacking. What have been his offensive issues, and will they continue?

A losing strategy

Should teams with sub-.500 records and glib playoffs hopes at best vie for one of the worst nine records in the league? Doing so might allow them to attain a protected draft pick ... but is it worth it?

To keep Him or Let Him Go: Jacoby Ellsbury edition

Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury will become a free agent in November, but should the Red Sox seriously consider bringing him back, or is his time in Boston coming to a close?

What Can Granderson Bring to the 2013 Yankees?

Curtis Granderson is back, once again. Can he offer the Yankees anything more than two months of service? What could the Yankees' season have been had he and the others not been injured for so long?

SaberSphere 7/30: Trades, Josh Gibson, CC Sabathia

The SaberSphere takes you around baseball, and today we've got a lot of great stuff. From Tommy Hanson to Edwin Encarnacion, to making a deal for Jake Peavy. You'll even find some cool articles about Josh Gibson and the inner workings of MLB Network

Could Nate Schierholtz Be Next?

The Cubs are the poster child for sellers at the deadline this season, and after Garza, Soriano, and Feldman, Nate Schierholtz could be next in line to say good bye to Chicago.

Ross Ohlendorf & Starting in Relief

Certain moments in baseball make us take notice. Usually they involve a streak or the breaking of some milestone long held by a player of another era. In the case of Nationals righty Ross Ohlendorf, it's a little different.

SaberSphere 7/22: Norris, Lackey & the Knuckler

Tuesday's whirlwind ride on the SaberSphere takes us from Bud Norris and the trade deadline to John Lackey, the awful Marlins, and even stops spinning long enough to analyze R.A. Dickey's knuckleball.

Red Sox Look to Extend Dustin Pedroia

The Red Sox cleaned house last season, but Dustin Pedroia has remained, and it seems as though the team wants him to never leave.

Carlos Beltran to extend career

The Cardinals right fielder has plans to remain in the game past 2013, but for how long? And what can we expect going forward?

SaberSphere 7/16: Altuve, Homers, and Clutch

Get you daily Saber info, here on the Tuesday of the All-Star Break.

MLB All-Star Game Home Improvement

The All-Star experience is lacking in Major League Baseball. The game, the selection of the rosters, and the air surrounding the experience could use some much needed repairs. Let's get to work.

Biogenesis Probe Gets Stickier after Info Leaked

Who benefits most from leaking information that players refused to talk to MLB investigators? Is it all one big public relations maneuver?

SaberSphere 7/9: PotM, Nolasco, Dunn

The SaberSphere is back! What's an Adam Dunn hat trick? How about the SABR view of the player of the month award? All that and more inside.

Jason Kipnis: Premier AL Second Baseman

It might be time to place the Indians Jason Kipnis amongst the list of top AL second basemen, along with Dustin Pedroia and Robinson Cano.

Should the Dodgers trade Andre Ethier?

With Carl Crawford returning from the disabled list, the Dodgers find themselves flush with highly paid outfielders. Is the solution to trade Andre Ethier, keep him on the bench, or move someone else?

SaberSphere 7/2: Chris Davis, All-Stars, & Marmol

Tuesday's SaberSphere is here, back in action, and packing a punch. All-Star reserves, Crush Davis, and Carlos Marmol being discussed.

Phillies Cole Hamels & the Progressive vs. Arcane

Cole Hamels has had an up and down season, but his performance becomes more newsworthy than it deserves. It leads to discussion of historically bad numbers.

Which Players Add the Most Value to Their Squads?

Some teams rely on one or two players while others have their value added spread around. Which teams fall into which categories, pitching and hitting-wise?

SaberSphere 6/25: Errors, BTBS ASG Starters....

Tuesday's SaberSphere has some great content concerning the All-Star game, the AL MVP race, errors and when they are committed, as well as when we may see Mark Appel on the field.

Bullpen Handedness Leaderboard

With handedness becoming a manner with which to specialize bullpen pitchers, let's take a look at the best relievers platoon split-wise so far this season.

San Jose vs. Selig: Battle for the A's

San Jose has filed a lawsuit challenging the MLB antitrust exemption in an attempt to further and complete the process of moving the Oakland A's to San Jose. Could this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

SaberSphere 6/18: Clutch Bullpens, The Padres....

Let's ride the SaberSphere train to learn more about clutch bullpens, the San Diego Padres recent success, and how to approach the analytics and old school debate from a different angle.

Homey Bailey & The Top 20 in 365

Let's look at the top performers over the last calendar year, it seems to be the hip way to analyze player performance. Which names might surprise you and which won't?

Leyland Continues to Misuse Tigers Bullpen

The Tigers lost to the Royals Wednesday, and it sparked a debate that began with Valverde's struggles, and moved on to replacing him. Could the problem lie elsewhere, on a grander stage?

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