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Penn State senior on the Penn State athletics beat for his 4th year. Political science major but looking for a sports writing job.

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  • MLB Baltimore Orioles
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Philadelphia Eagles
  • NCAAF Penn St. Nittany Lions
  • NCAAB Penn St. Nittany Lions
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyers
  • Golf Tiger Woods
  • MMA Phil Davis, Anderson Silva, Clay Guida, GSP...
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User Blog

Welcome To My Lecture

Ok folks, I'm here. Say hello to the college world.

Joe Paterno Injured At Sunday Practice


Joe Paterno Injures hip, pelvis at Sunday practice.

Penn State Position Previews 2011: Quarterbacks


Kicking off three weeks of position previews, Black Shoe Diaries looks at Penn State's 2011 quarterback battle.


Weekend Open Thread

                              Haven't had one of these in a while. Get to it.

Kevin Newsome Departs, A Valuable Lesson Is Left Behind


Penn State quarterback Kevin Newsome is looking to transfer. He leaves behind a valuable lesson in composure in the public eye.

It's 1964, And Penn State Still Needs A Starting Quarterback


Looking back at Penn State quarterback controversies past, today Black Shoe Diaries looks at the QB battle of 1964.

On Joe Paterno, the Penn State Way, and the Future of the Program


On Joe Paterno, The Penn State Way, And Looking Ahead: A commentary on Paterno's impending retirement, and Penn State's path forward.


BSD After Dark

So who's around tonight? Got some stories to tell and some tech I want to try out. Just have some fun with the thread for now, but in about a half hour I'm going to live stream to test out some...

It's 1980, And Penn State Still Needs A Starting Quarterback


It's 1980 And Penn State Needs A Quarterback


Paul Jones Likely Out For 2011-12 Season

[Ed. Bumped...big news. JJ] Speaking to the media in Chicago Friday morning, Joe Paterno mentioned that 3rd string quarterback, redshirt freshman Paul Jones is likely out for the 2011 season. The...

It's 1970, And Penn State Still Needs A Starting Quarterback


Looking back on Penn State quarterback controversies past. Today: 1970, with John Hufnagel, Bob Parsons, and Mike Cooper.

For Silas Redd It's Time To Shine


If you were able to crane you neck over the horizon, the flashing lights of New York City would just be visible from the streets of Stamford Connecticut, a town of 120,000 living in the shadow of...


Real Talk

                                                        Ok. I've avoided this whole OMGSSSSS NEW BSD WRITERS (MINUS THE 2 GUYS WHO DIDN"T LEAVE) argument for a while. I think for the most part it...

Anthony Hubbard forced out of Iowa


The 4 of us who care about this story will find this interesting.

Pat Chambers Making The Most Of July


An in-depth look at Penn State basketball recruiting for summer 2011.


Basketball: Brandon Taylor Interested In Penn State

                              For the most part as you know, my work over here at BSD has been pretty much linkage. For those of you who followed me at Victory Bell Rings know that my corner of...

Nitt Links Has An Entourage


    Just my efforts from the other day.     ---Hot Topics---  Offseason fun'n'games: Penn State football 2011 over/under scenarios | It's never a bad idea to take the over. Outdoor...

Nitt Links Likes The Crossover


Can you imagine if Jamelle Cornley played football? A little undersized for some positions but I bet if you gave him the ball he wouldn't go down after first contact. The context of this will make...

Nitt Links Is Secondary To None


I apologize for that. Season is getting closer, which means we're getting even closer to obligatory positional rundowns and previews of games against teams you've never watched, and will probably...

Nitt Links: A Blast From The Past


I'm taking the Joe Paterno and Media class right now over the summer and I've got to say it is a pretty impressive course. Far from the hardest thing I've taken, but getting to look at old videos,...

Nitt Links Is Less Far Away Than The Day Before


100 days til basketball season, and even fewer days until football kicks off. We're so close yet so far away. Have no fear though, I've got a lot of links to remind you how far away we still are....

Nitt Links Is Shamelessly Self-Promoting


Just a friendly reminder from your friends at BSD to go grab a copy of Nittany Lion Kickoff 2011. It's full of stories you could tell your children as they fall to sleep. It's interesting enough to...

Nitt Links: An Ode To Zack Mills


Last night a few of us on twitter were talking about Zack Mills and his general level of awesomeness. It got me thinking about next season and this whole quarterback situation. Zack Mills was the...

Nitt Links: Blogroll Please?


Get it? Drumroll, blogroll? Anyway, now that we've all seemed to have calmed down from our proverbial internet panty bunching yesterday, it's time, well it is past time to tell you that you need to...

Nitt Links: Deadspin, Jail, and Planking


All I'm going to say is Penn State is on Deadspin. Yea, this. I'll admit to knowing almost everyone in this video, so I can't act like I don't think this is cool. ---Hot Topics---

Nitt Links: Is Trying To Make A Castaway Joke


Thanks to Jacobi I'm sitting here on my bed listening to Nyan Cat for what it says has been 8 minutes and 34 seconds. I'm somewhere between crazy and insane right now so we'll just get down to it. R...

Nitt Links: Brains Are Allowed


I'm not one to call somebody out. Well I have, but online slap-fests aren't really my cup of tea. That being said, some seriously mindless things are coming out of Fugi's end of the state. Joe...

Nitt Links Is Watching The NBA Draft


Whats up people? I'm back. Long week and I needed to focus on some stuff before I could give you my full attention. But lets be real. Hopefully I'm not the only source of you news, and you haven't...

Nitt Links: Well Hello Michael Robinson


---Hot Topics---  Penn State's Bradley reflects on Pitt rivalry - York Dispatch Tom Bradley says at the end of the article he hopes he's alive when the game comes 5 years... Ohio...

Nitt Links: Nothing But Baseball, But 80 Days Until Kick


With the NHL season over, we're in the worst part of a sports fans year. Nothing but baseball and more baseball. Maybe that's your cup of tea but I was brought up on a strong diet of hockey,...

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