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Ben Thapa is a Nepali combat sports devotee who resides and grapples in New York. Despite his deafness, he's usually pretty good at listening and can be found co-hosting The Verbal Submission, a weekly internet radio show.

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2014 Mundials Finals Live Play by Play


Want to know what's going on with the 2014 Mundials? Follow the live play by play here at Bloody Elbow with Ben Thapa.

When Fate Slips Lead into the Boxing Glove


Ben Thapa relates a personal story about a health problem and what his experience over the last year has taught him, then talks about the MMA industry as a whole regarding athletes with similar...

Metamoris 3 Live Stream Blog and Results


Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie headlines this BJJ card. It's a long awaited match, but don't miss the fireworks with the world class grapplers filling up the rest of the card. Rafa and Gui Mendes,...

Metamoris 3 preview


Ben Thapa previews the Metamoris 3 card with a look at each of the gi and no gi matches.

Pat Barry and a Very Bad Day in the Octagon


To flip the tradition of Judo Chops pointing out great technique, we at Bloody Elbow asked ourselves "What went wrong for Pat Barry in his fight against Soa Palelei Hunt vs. Bigfoot"? The answers...

ADCC 2013 Results and GIFs


Select bits of action at ADCC 2013 in Beijing, China were GIFed up by our resident wizard, ZombieProphet. Fifteen GIFs of some of the finest submission grappling and the medal results are within.

ADCC 2013 Day 2 Live Blog, Absolute and Results


The final day of ADCC 2013, the most prestigious submission grappling tournament anywhere, starts tonight in Beijing, China at 9 pm ET. Ben Thapa (@DefGrappler) will be live blogging the three mat...

ADCC 2013 Day 1 Live Stream Blog


The first day of the most prestigious submission grappling tournament kicks off tonight in Beijing, China. Ben Thapa (@DefGrappler) will be live blogging the three mat streams. Join in the comments...

Jeferson Mayca opens up about Copa Podio Future


Ben Thapa interviews Jeferson Maycá, president of Copa Podio, about the 2013 Middleweight Grand Prix and future plans for the Copa Podio series.

Copa Podio MW GP Results and Disaster Fallout


Ben Thapa puts together the results of the 2013 Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix from Sunday, September 8th, and discusses the stream problems that essentially sabotaged the PPV. Can Copa Podio...

Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix Live Discussion


Comment away to your heart's content on the Copa Podio 2013 Middleweight Grand Prix that starts at 3:30 pm ET (12:30 pm PT and 8:30 pm GMT).

2013 Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix Preview


On Sunday at 3:30 pm ET, Copa Podio comes back with a very good Middleweight Grand Prix stuffed full of young competitors looking to make serious names of themselves in the BJJ world. Check out...

UFC FS1 Judo Chop: Flying Scissors Invert Heelhook


Joe Lauzon gave us one of the finest submission attempts in recent memory with his flying scissors inverted heel hook at UFC 155. Follow along as we break it down and show the beauty of the attack...

Roundtable Discussion: What's still good in MMA?


The Bloody Elbow staff talks about what they still find - years after discovering MMA - to be joyful and uplifting about the sport as a whole. Reader stories are welcome in the comments.

UFC 162 Judo Chop: Chris Weidman's Head Control


Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman will fight at UFC 162. What does the challenger's ground game look like? Is it dangerous enough to truly threaten the Spider? Ben Thapa takes a look with photos,...

Roundtable: What are you sick of in MMA?


We air out our grievances with today's MMA in a Roundtable Discussion. Are we a bunch of cranks or is there something to this? Read and find out.

Metamoris II: Kron vs Aoki Live Blog Play by Play


Want to know how Kron Gracie vs. Shinya Aoki in a grappling match turns out? Or Brendan Schaub vs. Cyborg Abreu? Andre Galvao vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.? Rodolfo Vieira vs. Braulio Estima? Follow along...

Braulio Estima wonder submission at 2013 World Championships


Braulio Estima hits a kneebar that might be the best submission of the last two years in his first match at the 2013 IBJJF Worlds against Sergio Machado.

2013 Mundials Live Stream Play by Play and Results


All of Saturday's action will be live blogged and commented on by Ben Thapa and the Bloody Elbow community. Join us in our appreciation of the finest angry hugging available on Planet Earth.

2013 Mundials World Championships Preview


Ben Thapa looks at each black belt division (men's and women's) and makes predictions for finals. Do you agree with them? Follow along at Bloody Elbow for live play by play on Saturday and Sunday.

Copa Podio 2013 Lightweight Grand Prix Live Blog


Ben Thapa has the star-studded Copa Podio LW Grand Prix PPV stream all set to go and will live blog the matches. Come follow along and talk in the comments about anything grappling related.

2013 IBJJF Pan Ams predictions & live discusssion


A look at the likely medalists and key match ups at the 2012 IBJJF Pan Ams tournament by Ben Thapa. The black belt open weight division is today and the

Matwork! IBJJF Pro League, Mendes Bros and more


Recent happenings in the worlds of sambo, judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, sub grappling and/or collegiate/freestyle wrestling. If it takes place on the ground and it's interesting, it should be here....

Judo Chop Suey: Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz


In anticipation of the UFC on Fox 5 clash between Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz, a short package of Judo Chops done on Benson and on both Diaz brothers has been put together for you readers to enjoy.

Judo Chop: The Gracie Stomp and Distance Closing


Ben Thapa takes a look at the Gracie stomp, made famous by Royce Gracie at UFC 1 and subsequent tournaments, and the counters, variants and the overall goal of controlling distance in a fight.

Judo Chop: Marcin Held & the Lost Art of Toe Holds


At Bellator 81, Marcin Held submitted Rich Clementi with a toe hold - a submission rarely seen in high level MMA. Ben Thapa explains with GIFs by Zombie Prophet just exactly how Held held Clementi...

Matwork! 2012 Judo Team Champs, Sambo Worlds


All kinds of combat sports results, videos and odd notions from the last few weeks. Judo, sambo, Brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling all show how busy the combat sports world is beyond the dozens and...

Robert Greene on Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao


An excerpt from Mastery, the new book by Robert Greene, on the relationship between Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao and how it shows us strategies we can use to achieve goals faster and better.

Robert Greene on Mastery and Combat Sports


Robert Greene, multiple time bestselling author, talks with Ben Thapa about boxing, hustling, fear, achieving great things and life lessons. Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao, Jon Jones, Benjamin...


Matt Lindland's video of 2012 No Gi Worlds DQ loss

After being disqualified in his purple belt match at the 2012 No Gi Worlds, Matt Lindland took to the official Team Quest Facebook page to post a 2:40 minute video calling the DQ the result of a...

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