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Edmonton 0ilers - New York Ranger5 Post-Game


Do you want the complete scoop and details and post-game analysis of Edmonton's 5-0 loss to the New York Rangers? If you do, what the hell's wrong with you? Don't click on this then.

#12 - Martin Gernat


Falling behind in the rankings but not, apparently, on the ice. Martin Gernat slips to #12 in our Top 25 Under 25 but there's reason to hope.

Canada's Permanent Victory


Canada's women's hockey team put on a show for the ages, and that deserves to be remembered.

Kevin Lowe Offers to Go, Katz Protects Mate


The primary piece in the scattered and broken puzzle that is the post-2006 Edmonton Oilers offered to step down? And the owner, the guy writing letters saying we'll get back to the promised land, said "no"? I am beyond even anger.

Permanent Revolution: Oilers Trade Smid for Dreams


In a time of great change in the National Hockey League, at least we have the Edmonton Oilers to show us that their incompetence is eternal.

'Nucks Nut Punch: Edmonton Endlessly Eviscerated


The Edmonton Oilers lost because they were bad at hockey, and I am obliged by blog law to write an article about it, and this is that article. At the end I get bored and write down some song lyrics. Please click on this. Thank you.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins: You're Welcome!


Promo blurbs are stupid.

#7 - Darnell Nurse


Darnell Nurse's first appearance on the Top 25 Under 25 is at number seven.

#21 - Brandon Davidson


A 21-year-old who played 37 games last year seems like an odd choice for a middle-tier defensive prospect. But nothing about Davidson's career has been normal so far, why start now?

Edmonton Oilers Acquire "Player" Jerred Smithson


Jerred Smithson at least isn't offensively bad at hockey, Mike Brown style, but he's pretty bad and certainly not worth a fourth-round draft pick.

Oilers - Preds Post-Game: Nothing Has Ever Changed


This was that rarest of things: a game with no bright sides in the midst of a string of equally catastrophic play. Well, rare unless you're an Oilers fan.

Oscar Klefbom - #8 in the Top 25 Under 25


If healthy, everyone agrees that Oscar Klefbom has the material of a skilled NHL shutdown defenseman. If healthy.

Colten Teubert - #18 on the Top 25 Under 25


Colten Teubert is not very good. But lots of players aren't, and at least he has some things going for him.

Oilers - Kings Post-Game: KHABIBULIN!


Nikolai Khabibulin is bad at hockey, which reduced the Oilers chances of winning a hockey game.

Oilers - Kings Post-Game: It Got Worse...


No matter how hard Tim Kowal and Greg Kimmerly tried, that just happened.



My first post on Eighty Six Forever was on August 10, 2010[1]. I said "hi". There was a picture of the Vancouver Whitecaps home at Swangard Stadium, starting goalkeeper Jay Nolly warming up in the...

Rennie's Negative Tactics the Best Available


It wasn't pretty, although it was certainly exciting. It didn't result in many chances, but it provided enough. Martin Rennie's bunkering tactics yesterday were the right call for the Vancouver Whitecaps.

424 Words on the Whitecaps


We should probably wait until tomorrow, when our blood has cooled and our buzzes have worn off, to really hit the Vancouver Whitecaps' 2012 post-mortem. Tonight, Vancouver did well most of the...

Whitecaps Almost Doomed in Los Angeles


Everyone knows the Whitecaps are underdogs tonight in Los Angeles, but even the pessimists might not realize just how far back they are.

Plan the Parade


I have been accused of excess negativity about today's Vancouver Whitecaps playoff game. To make amends, here is my proposed MLS Cup parade route.

Happy to Be Here


Nobody expects anything from the Whitecaps in the playoffs, so let's just enjoy the ride rather than worry about the result.

Darren Mattocks vs. Kenny Miller, by the Numbers


Is Martin Rennie hurting the Whitecaps offense by starting Kenny Miller over Darren Mattocks? Or is it not making much of a difference?

2012 Whitecaps Awards (With My Corrections!)


The Vancouver Whitecaps announced their 2012 award winners yesterday, which is all well and good but could use a little correction.



As we established earlier today, I don't give a damn about the history. The Vancouver Whitecaps making the playoffs for the first time since 2010 will be a big deal to MLS-era-only fans, of course,...

So. Vancouver vs. Portland.


It's a big game, but not historically big. It'll be suspenseful, but the Whitecaps should win if they have any illusions of being a playoff team. That's it really.

Stephen Hart Resigns; The Canadian Candidates


This afternoon, the Canadian Soccer Association announced that they had accepted the resignation of men's head coach Stephen Hart. The immediate and obvious question is who within Canada can replace him?

Gordon Forrest Named Whitecaps U-18 Head Coach


The Vancouver Whitecaps have gone back to Scotland to fill a major vacancy, naming Dunfermline native Gordon Forrest manager of coaching development and U-18/U-23 head coach.

The Canadian Disgrace


Now cracks Canada's noble heart. Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Jonathan de Guzman: No.


Even if Julian de Guzman is telling the whole truth about his brother for once, Canadian national team fans should have more pride in their team and their colours than to let Jonathan hop into the relay halfway through the race.

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