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For all your whiny "woes me" and "finally acting in our own self interests"


I give you this lovely article I'd trade ACC irrelevance for whatever you're going to deal with for eternity any day.


Thoughts on why this is taking so long?

Ok, so I know that Maryland's bed is still warm and Rutgers isn't really even out the door yet...what time is it on the East coast...maybe they've just left...but I can't help but wonder if the...

How to win any argument with a Georgetown fan


An oldie (and not SU related) but a goodie. Anytime a Georgetown fan talks up how awesome their team is (historically, or otherwise) play this clip for them and remind them on how they are idiots. All of them

Boeheim Strasse - Germany


Ok. So I've been living in Germany for four and a half months now, but I've finally managed to get a street (strasse - in German) named after James Arthur. I know I should be embarrassed because it took me so long, but German red tape is intense. Check it out in Google Maps. I'm sorry there were no pictures of the ceremony, it was beautiful. No road games here!


Apparently, I'm easily confused

So, I was trolling Casual Hoya. I admit it, I go from Big East site to Big East site, looking for the most recent Big East info and to see what they're saying about SU (and Pitt, and the move to...


Honest Question

What are you guys going to bitch about once 'Cuse is no longer in the Big East or playing you guys? Every thread you have turns into a 'Cuse hate session, which by all means, is your right. But...

Big East Sues TCU


Not to mention that I've seen the Exorcist about 157 times; and it keeps getting funnier every time I see it!


For Sugar Honey Ice Tea and Giggles - A story on how I clicked on a link today

I visited the Smoking Musket today...whatever, I was bored... and they have already gone all Big 12. Is there a reason we still have them listed as part of our Big East links? Should we be...

NY judge: Boeheim slander suit moving to Syracuse


I know Sean will probably have more on this later today, but thought the link was worth posting. Looks like this party is moving upstate.


Hey Big East! Did we ever get any other schools to join the conference?

I mean, it was just last week when Boise State was going to say "yes" and the Service Academies were going to sign up, and Houston was on board, and UCF was next in line, and Temple was going to...


Locked out by the NBA, Knick guard Andy Rautins crashes at his parents’ house

Poor kid, somebody take him out dinner.

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