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Been a Blazer fan since the Sabonis days. Yes, I graduated from UC Berkeley a while back. Never mind how long, exactly. Live out in the country north of Eugene, OR.

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  • NCAAB California Golden Bears
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Camby for big man coach ?


Marcus may be available for a coaching career. Someone we could use !

Zach is back !


Special ops training has him in great shape. Good to see him realizing his potential, and I like Memphis making trouble for the favorites.

Larry Brown hungry to coach again !


Yearning to return: It makes perfect sense that a former coach with 17- and 15-year-old children would be feeling the itch to get back on the sideline. But Larry Brown is 71, is in the Hall of Fame and has already accomplished an unmatched feat, becoming the only coach to take teams to NCAA and NBA titles. But on a visit with Brown at his Bryn Mawr, Pa., home, the New York Daily News' Wayne Coffey finds a restless Brown still very much in the mood to coach again. "It’s been hard, oh man," Brown tells Coffey. "I’ve been active every day of my life, doing something I love. I don’t know if it’s an emptiness, (but) it’s a heck of an adjustment." Brown has not had an official job since he parted ways with the Charlotte Bobcats 15 months ago. Brown takes issue with the way the decision by owner Michael Jordan was characterized at the time. "Michael said it was a mutual thing, but it wasn’t mutual at all; I was fired," Brown says. "that was pretty devastating." Brown has spent some of his time hanging around Villanova practices, and also visiting other top college programs. Last year, he got an interview for the Minnesota Timberwolves job that went to Rick Adelman. "I just want to be back in the game," Brown says. But he just can't get the opportunity.

Stat geeks dream come true


New camera/data analyst system give you MORE numbers to savour. Minny has it - Portland doesn't !

Nice Quick article on Andre


fans probably are missing them some Andre Miller.

Let all the players vote please......


Come Monday night, National Basketball Players' Association leaders Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher need to take the best offer put forth by the owners and put it to their people. Anything less is a disservice to their constituents and the fans who deserve better. Let's get real representation of the players views, not just a few.

Paul Allen's #4 !


World's 4th largest yacht - how wonderful for him. Personally, I think it has class to NOT so indulge just kuz you can. Props to Bill Gates for NOT being listed - better things to do.

T-Wolves want to interview Adelman


Love, Rubio, 2nd pick, then Adelman.. Things could be looking up for Minny. Could be interesting.


Who wants Greg Oden ? (with poll)

We have a lot of speculation on what the team should do regarding Greg Oden's contract, which is expiring.  Yes, the Blazers did the smart thing by not already signing him.  Rather they took a...

First season power rankings: Blazers #6


Blazers ranked #6 to start the season - a pleasant surprise for me, what with preseason record, Oden out, etc.

PG Sergio Rodriguez, New York It turns out that Spanish Chocolate is actually the big winner in...


PG Sergio Rodriguez, New York It turns out that Spanish Chocolate is actually the big winner in the Big Apple, not Me-Mac. The worst kept secret in the league is how terrible Chris Duhon is, and the fact that he's been masquerading as a starting PG for nearly two years as a Knick is shameful at best and downright unconstitutional if we were to analyze it politically. Rookie Toney Douglas certainly deserves a shot at extended minutes so the team can see what he's capable of (like can he run the point?), but Rodriguez is also going to see plenty of run, too, since he's under contract for at least one more year and there are rumors that he might start the first game he's in uniform. He can be a huge boon in assists, steals and threes, though he's not a particularly good FG% or FT% guy. The big loser here is obviously Duhon, whose deal with the Devil is coming to a close as he figures to lose his starting gig.

Australian DMC champ


We should get this guy for, say, and opening cermony at the Rose Garden. Would be awesome with that sound system. Check it out.... may have to click on artist performance.. DJ PERPLEX.

Blazermania '77 CD page


Can lightning strike twice in Portland ? I just happened on this page with some '77 championship nostalgia. Didn't buy the product, but the page is fascinating by it's self. Yes, I missed it, lived in Calif. at the time. Had to be fantastic for fans and players. Inspirational. Thought some others might enjoy.

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