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31 yr old man from the tiny Island of Bermuda. Spent considerable time in multiple states as well as Canada. Grew up mostly between Ohio and Baton rouge,La (my heart bleeds blue though, no room for any other team). I watch many other sports too but no sport and no team has my affection in the way that football and the Cowboys do.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
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  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
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User Blog

The other side of the FS vs SS coin

Let me preface this article by stating that this idea was first mentioned by another blogger, either here or on a different blog site, and I wish I could remember who it was in order to give them...

Bob McGinn Inside scoop on many draft prospects


Scouts reviews on some of the more popular draft prospects as told to Bob McGinn. Great read IMHO.

Best Read on the switch to 4-3 I've seen to date


Sorry if this has been posted, I checked and didn't find it. An excellent summary of the Defensive line assignments in the 4-3 Over/Under defense. Also incorporates how our personnel fits this system.


NFL Game Rewind/Preseason Live

I didn't sign up sooner because I had always assumed it would be more pricey than it is. I'm by no means a scout or talent evaluator but if anyone has any questions involving games or players on...

RGIII Signs...May the Dominoes Fall


This ought to get things really moving for the rest of the top picks, hopefully Mo is not far behind.

Broaddus on OTAs


He has some good things to say about a few guys. Scandrick in particular sounds like he's doing his thing. Also seems Dez is sharpening his route running. It's early yet.

Full Games LSU


Some film on Claiborne just in case any of you are interested.

Doug Free on switching to RT


Gotta love the team first attitude. Besides he probably realizes his strengths are better suited on the right anyway.


Kirkpatrick & Rob Ryan

Let me start off by saying this is in no means intended to be a scouting report or an in depth analysis of Kirkpatrick because that'd be a waste of time since we've all (presumably) read countless...

New Englad Looking to trade up for Barron???


Just saw this on twitter, could always be a rumor. If there is any truth to it it brings two thoughts to my mind. 1. New England seems to scout well if they really want to make that move for Barron maybe he is as good as those of us that are pulling for him think he is, maybe. 2. We may very well be able to take advantage and trade with them if we want to stockpile two 1st, but I'd rather not.


Mock for the Buc

Good day Bucs fans, Bermystar here from BTB (The Cowboys Blog). First of I'd like to extend a congratulations to you guys for your FA haul, I'd be happy if I were a fan. We are doing a community...

Cowboys Thoughts

This draft comes down to one thing in my opinion...depth. There are many things to consider when heading into a draft , the main two things that get talked about are BPA and need, the one thing...

Josh Norman


Further to Chia's scouting on him. The response he gives when asked about jumping routes screams of instincts. Chia, if he's already being talked about in the top 100 as you say, then by time the combine is over he may be in play at 45...who knows?


Let's Mock!

I know it's pretty early (OK really early), but boredom has a way of making me want to mock.  I considered many things looking at this upcoming draft.  I thought about the stable (at best)...


Murray Impresses

A well deserved congratulations to DeMarco on a great game.  For all of us Cowboys fans watching the way Murray ran and the way the O-Line blocked for him was a very pleasing sight, can't forget...


How I Feel About Our Linebackers

I briefly touched on a subject in a post I wrote earlier  (20 Toes Weather) and I decided that I had so much to say in regards to this topic that I'd get back to typing (it's a really bad storm...


20 Toes Weather...Cowboys Offseason

My Jamaican Physio Therapist turned girlfriend (who recently helped me recover from a broken leg) put me on to the term "20 toes weather". It simply means bad weather, since it's a good time to be...

Dave Talks with SBNation's Crimson and Cream Machine in regards to DeMarco Murray


Just gave this a listen and found it very informative. Thanks dave and good job. I went to the sight hopping to get some insight from the bloggers on our recently drafted running back and stumbled across this audio clip. You asked everything that I wanted to know about...again good job.


Stop and think, for just a minute

Everyone (well the majority) is mad about taking Demarco Murray at 71 and I understand. Personally I feel it was a bit of a reach myself. I want to get one thing clear though...I am not mad at all,...

More Peterson talk/rumors


Not sure of the source. It could be legit or it could be garbage but I came across this and thought I'd share it with the community.


The way I see it...

First and foremost I need to announce that his is BY NO MEANS my attempt at a mock draft. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for those of you that do mock the draft as I find mocks to...


Evolution of a Draft

The thing that makes the draft so enticing and so addictive, is that there comes a point in the season (way too early for us this year) where there isn't much else to discuss. Henceforth, we look...

Blain Gabbert declares for draft


Just saw this over at Mocking the Draft posted by Mocking Dan. Another talented QB sure to go ahead of our pick, thus allowing talent to slide into our laps.


Pick 6 - Draft Perspective from Bermuda

I really wanted to wait until the season was officially over and our draft spot had been cemented, but after receiving a lump of coal on Christmas Day from the Blue Starred Sleigh I couldn't help...


My reason for optimism

I've been a member of BTB for about a year now and i sporadicly comment or respond to other bloggers post, but not regularly by any stretch, nor have i ever posted myself.  I do consume all of the...

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