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Of all the amazing information that has come out over the past 24 hours, the most amazing is

That somehow Jim Dolan is a bigger idiot than we thought he was. Think about it. He’s the most vilified individual in our community (more than Paul Pierce and Reggie Miller) and the unanimous...


Lawsuit to the Rescue!

Well, maybe not. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up too much. But a lawsuit was recently filed that addresses many of the problems with Cablevision/MSG/NYK that vex all of us so. Click here a...



How awesome is it that Tyson is wearing a Carver High jacket from the White Shadow here?

SETH is the Knicks' next Jeremy Lin?


I wouldn't mind if it were Jerome Jordan or Crandall Higginbottom, but I don't see how the team can lose by unleashing that strapping young man in the penultimate picture enjoying a nosh.

Super Lintendo shirt


Cool shirt only available on March 3 and only $10. I have no connection to this website or this shirt (other than I bought a 2XL to cover my fat body).


UPDATED - Knicks Team Forum giveaway

Greetings Fellow P&Ters (Peters? Nah)- I have two tickets to the Knicks Team Forum this Tuesday night that I can't go to because my wife is traveling and I can't get a sitter. (Note to young...



This is so awesome even though, like most things ShumpShump, I'm not really sure what it is. I wish it were a dance move that I could teach my daughters.

This is so wonderful. Long live the Humpty!


This is so wonderful. Long live the Humpty!


Iman Mic'd Up

Check it out. Check it out beginning especially at 1:36 when he goes platinum third-person on DWTDD of all people! And I quote, "Shump Shump ain't touch you, it must have been Jerry. I looked at...


Blue and Orange Scrimmage

Posting and Toasting People- Our New York Knicks are apparently having an open scrimmage at noon in less than a week (December 18) at MSG. As of this writing, it looks like plenty of good AND...

Amar'e articl'e in Vogu'e Magazin'e


This is decidedly not masculine, but it's still insightful in the way it takes you behind the scenes. My personal highlights from the piece: - The author (Hamish!) calling Clyde "Walter." That's like when Mrs. Cunningham used to call the Fonz "Arthur." - "Coach Phil" (Weber, I assume) taking his task of coaching this guy seriously but still peppering in several Clyde-isms, like Stylin and Profilin and Wheelin and Dealin. - Amar'e wears out three pairs of shoes a gain? Are they made of tissue paper? - "Naturally he dunks the wretched ball right in." Let's just say, Frank Isola didn't write this piece.

Seth does it again


Even the Knicks have started using Landriest as an adjective. Once the name over the number 23 on a Knicks jersey says "DWTDD", Seth's reign will be complete.

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