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Buddy Jackson, can he help the Colts?

Hey Pitt fans, Buddy Jackson is getting quite a few Colts fans excited about his potential. He has the All Pro body and speed, but never seemed to be able to crack the starting line up. Did he...


What would You do if your were the Colts New GM?

Here is the situation, Bill and Chris Polian are gone, YOU are the new GM. It is March 31st, you have the #1 draft pick, for the 2012 draft. Peyton Manning has gotten a clean bill of health and has...

McClendon claimed by Lions

Didn't give this guy much time to develop, did they.

DeVan picked up by Eagles

I guess they didn't know a good thing when they had it. Good job Colts, solid move I'm sure Richard is worth it. lol

Colts re-sign DT Antonio Johnson

The Colts also signed defensive lineman Eric Foster, a restricted free agent and offensive linemen Kyle DeVan and Michael Toudouze


Weekend ramblings on Freddy K. the 2008 Playoffs and Pat A.

Hey folks Rob S. here, also known as BetterD, I have that name because the first post I ever did was a post on the Star web site arguing against a poser Colt fan named BET, I was arguing that the...

Some insight on Jacques McClendon from the Vols fans.

After the Polian draftd Jacques McClendon, I looked him up and couldn't find much on him so I decided to ask the guys over at Rocky Top Talk what the Colts get with their new giant OG. After hearing there input, I think JM will do ok, for the Colts.


Jacques McClendon what can he do for the Colts?

Hey Vol fans, I was hoping you could help me out with some insider info on recently drafted Jacques McClendon.  It is a bit of an understatement to say this kid has come in under the radar.  I...

Star reports C. Johnson re-signed for 2010

Charlie will be around for at least one more year.


The Colts are no longer drafting Zone only Corner Backs

  The Colts are no longer interested in zone only corners, if they wanted a zone only corner these guys would still be on the team.   Daymeion Hughes – "Lacks top playing speed, is slow...


questions about the 46 defense

Hey Jets fans I was wondering if you guys would share some of your knowledge with me.  I am a Colts fan, but also a fan of great defenses.  I have always been a fan of the 46 defense dating back...


UDFA's of 2009 revisted

About 6 months ago I put together a post about which UDFA's, I thought were going to make the roster or practice squad.  Since then this community has really grown, so here's a link to the orginal...


Recap of the 9ers game

  The right side of the O-line was a sieve, most of the game. Pollak looked terrible.  Diem had help from  the TE and still the 9ers were in the back field most of the game.  Manning was...

more in on Ed Johnson at 18to88

It provides some insight into Ed's release


Tim Jennings, time to give this guy a break

For most of his career Tim Jennings has been a favorite whipping boy for Colts fans.  It seemed that any and all problems with the secondary can be attributed to TJ.  If the Colts gave up a big...


Gonzo thoughts - Info on: Patten, Hacket and Jackson

 Any one else a little skeptical when comes to injury reports form the Colts?  Didn't Marvin Harrison miss, like, a whole season with a knee "bruise?"  That's not the only time the FO has been...

Mayo out 6 to 8 weeks, sprained MCL

Jerod Mayo out with a grade 3 MCL sprain. This looks bad for a defense that gave up 24 points against a team that doesn't have an NFL caliber tackle on their team


Which Undrafted Free Agent makes the colts roster this year?

Every year the Colts seem to find a diamond in the rough from the UDFA scrap heap.  For the past couple of years I have spent some time and tried to guess choose who might make the squad and...

New Bronco D Ried switching to OLB from DT, WTF

Ok I have some spare time on my hands and I'm board. So I stumbeled accross this and was a little shocked. Well our old buddy and special teams ace and reserve DT Darrell Reid has been asked to switch to OLB for the broncos, I thought well maybe there moving to ILB, ala teddy bruski, nope to OLB he goes. He is losing weight and lined up with the starting unit at the team OTA's. It's true check out the link.

Freeny give Garrard worst/best hit

Trying to get this right but I am not having much luck

Freeny give Garrard worst hit

Thought you might like this article.


Vanderjagt as an emergency option if Vinatieri can't goe.

That is pretty much the theme of an article written at BR, it is also a reoccurring nightmare for me.  There are a few things that I don't ever want to see happen, at the top would be Peyton...


Sproting News Gives Colts draft a D

via     Not sure who Clifton Brown is, but, he can't be too bright, he is grading the colts draft a as a D, what a dumbass.  Every once in a while you see a...


Tip of the Hat to ROTB

I wanted to take a second and thank you guys for your help on my Cards picks, for stampedeblues mock draft. I spent quite a bit of time on your site looking over your articles. I chose Donald...


Draft prospects that fit the 3-4 defense

Yes I know the colts don't run a 3-4 defense, just bare with me. I came accross this link looking at a fan post at, I was there doing research for the Stapede Blue mock...


Big and Slow vs. Small and Fast

It has been brought up that the colts may be changing their philosophy, moving away form "smaller faster" LB's and replacing them with "larger slower" LB's.  The addition of, FA Adam Seward and...


Mock Draft at Stampedeblue

Hey Bird watchers I'm am drafting for the Cardinals at stampedeblue's mocking the draft.  I have been looking over your website and several others trying to get a grip on the Cards needs and...

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