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Could JJ Watt set a new example?

As we all know, JJ Watt is in the last year of his contract. He's the best defensive player in the league. He's also a down-to-earth, humble guy that just seems to have a great personality. If a...


First Down Dads Movie Night in the practice bubble

I'm sure most of the fans on this site are already on the mailing list, but in case you're not I thought I would pass along this opportunity. Friday, November 8th the Texans are inviting fans to...


If not Kubiak, then who?

On Sunday, October 6th I jumped on a plane and left on a business trip. The two weeks leading up to that day I avoided Sports talk radio almost entirely. When I landed I found out the 49ers...


Texans Twitter Follows

So some writer with Yahoo sports just asked on Twitter who the best Cowboys fan on twitter was. He didn't like my response of "a dead one". In that light though, what say you, BRB, in regards to T...


Dad and 4.5 y/o going to the game on Sunday-HELP Please

Hello all. I'm new here to the Boxes (although I'm on Battle Red Blog pretty regularly). I was born and raised in Houston and have always followed the Astros and every other Houston team at least a...


If you could see the future

Something different since we actually have to work a full 5 days this week and most of us are already tired of the idiot Boston writer. 3 scenarios to ponder: Your team has played well enough to...


JJ Watt love, or the lack there-of

So I dropped cable 2 years ago which means I can easily avoid the junk that is on ESPN, however that also means I only get my sports news online. All of the sites I've been reading the last two...


Will Call Question... Help!

So every game I've been to I've either parked in the parking lots or ridden the light rail to the game. Parking lots were no issue but from the light rail they had people checking for tickets or...


Vote Vote Vote!

In an effort to avoid specific political topics I want to start this post with a message to the great and wonderful Mods. I have no problem with you blocking comments to this post to avoid...


Topic change!

I'm sick and tired of all this talk about the refs. Decision has been made about the Monday night game, the replacements will still be around come Sunday, let's move to a different topic. What's...

SI's COLD HARD FOOTBALL FACTS Huh, the Texans are pretty good

It's articles like this that make me giddy about the season. If the Texans collapse and end up doing terribly, I might have to hunt this guy down. So far out of 2 weeks worth of data, The Bulls on Parade are men among boys.


I'm getting nervous

So the Texans are the popular pick for AFC South and to at least get to the AFC Championship game. This scares the hell out of me. If you look at the Texans final record from last year they only...

Pancakes is still an idiot

He officially put down his picks for this year, with this little nugget: "Score: Broncos 41, Texans 21 Record: 2-1 Summary: In his best performance to date, Peyton Manning throws three touchdown passes and the Broncos escape with a close victory." Define "close victory". 20 points? Not to mention he thinks the Broncos can put up 41 on this defense in week 3. So that you don't have to read his garbage, he thinks we'll go 11-5. Which tells me we're doomed and I might as well start chugging bleach now.


Favorite Fantasy Football Sites

So this is my second year doing a PPR league and it's been difficult to get some decent PPR rankings from some of the sites I normally visit. Now I know it's all speculation and half of the...


Thoughts from Reliant

So I made it to the game last night, thought I'd throw a few thoughts out from the stadium perspective.The crowd: LOUD at the beginning of the game. Full house, great turn out for a preseason game. ...


A different take on the RB situation

With Arian Foster getting his new contract this off season I think we can all agree who is expected to be our #1 RB for the foreseeable future. But multiple people have asked about Ben Tate and...

MMQB - Rookie Symposium

Coby Fleener got a shot to guest write MMQB today. I thought it was a great behind-the-scenes write-up of what happens at the rookie symposium.


SB Nation server issues?

Anyone else having problems lately with BRB and other SB Nation sites not loading? Nothing major, just kind of annoying. Hopefully it'll get more stable before football season gets going again. I...


Best available, really??

We all know the old routine, teams claiming that they take the best player available on their draft board when their time comes. I personally think this is a load of bull manure. And since we're...


Andre traded?

Ok seriously, WTF is going on with this front office?! This link says they traded AJ to Cleveland in order to land Blackman in the draft. I'm all for getting youth and being able to compete for...


Time to piss you off

What if the Texans got a guy at CB to replace KJ? Someone with experience. Someone who can hang with the best number two wide receivers on every team. He could help have single coverage on a team's...


Completely Pointless Exercise

In this time of uncertainty it feels like we're getting a little too stressed out. Will we keep Mario Williams? Will we keep Arian Foster? Will Uncle Bob move the team to LA? (Please don't hurt me)...

2012 Ticket Prices

Average ticket price is going up 8.5% next season. Considering the high expectations and the 2011 results, I guess it could be a lot worse.


Question for non-US fans (especially those in the Middle East)

Hey all, I've lived in the Houston area my entire life, however there is a chance I might be moving myself, my wife, and our two young kids to Dubai some time this year. While this could be very...


Houston Sports Radio-Who do you listen to?

Many of you are probably like me. You wake up in the morning, jump in your car and turn on sports radio. Then you realize you forgot to put pants on and run back inside. After work you're back on...

Playoff Tickets On Sale Tomorrow At 10 a.m.

Per the Mothership. Less than 2,000 tickets will be available, and only online through Ticketscalper. Err, Ticketmaster.


Anyone have last Sunday's audio/video links?

Last Sunday is a day I'm sure we'll all remember for a very long, long time. The feeling of joy when the TD catch was made (and just as importantly, the extra point thereafter) was unbelievable....


Bulls on Parade

So apparently there is a push to call the Texans D Bulls on Parade, mainly because someone at Reliant started playing the song by Rage Against the Machine when they either did something on the...

I hate Prisco, but good piece on Yates

Prisco rarely knows what he's talking about, but he broke down several of Yate's plays this past week. It made me feel better about our QB. He also mentions GQ later in the article.


One more week

I hate bye weeks. I hate them with a passion. I can appreciate the need for players to recharge and heal at some point during the season, but as a fan I hate it. While it was fun seeing the BE-SF's...

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