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CBS-Leinart Quotes


Good write up on Leinart with a quote from OD that they've been catching passes from him all season in practice anyways. Made me feel better about the switch. Also, CBS Sports has Houston on two of their three main tabs this morning. 1 on the Texans 1 on the Astros. Kinda nice to get some attention for a change.


TV question for Houston people

Since I don't play for the Texans I think it's safe for me to look down the road a bit on the schedule. Hopefully our boys in Battle Red won't do the same. I noticed in week 16 we get the joy of...


Injuries and the season that could have been

For this year we've had our top three RB's injured and forced to miss time, our top WR miss multiple games, our top rusher out for the season, and our QB is banged up. On top of all of that we've...


Gameday Threads

During the first half of tonight's game between the Colts and Packers I jumped over to Stampede Blue to view their thoughts on the game. I noticed something while I was there that forced me to...

Reliant and the Final Four


Nice write up about the food and the atmosphere around Reliant stadium.

RIP Drew Hill


I don't care if he didn't play for this franchise, he played for a Houston team and i enjoyed watching him when I was a kid.


Tate done with Rehab, ready to join team (on the couch)

According to this article and Ben Tate's facebook posts, he's fully recovered from his injury and is cleared to fully participate on the couch with every other football player during the lock out.  ...

VY is toast


That's right, Radio is expected to be cut or traded very soon. May the VY fanboys start committing suicide at any time.

Jags QB and RB likely out


Anyone want to put money on whether or not our efense can still figure out how to lose? Oh, and damn them if they can't get at least 24 points to give us the record. Gotta have something to play for, right?


Season tickets vs PS3

I need some advice. If you have the choice between season tickets next year, or a PS3 with 2 games and accessories ($600 total, including the console) which would you go with?  On one hand, I've...

Minnesota roof collapse


Pretty cool, albeit small, video of the roof collapsing due to snow.

In case of lockout...


At least the NFL has acknowledged that fans aren't going buy tickets for games that might not happen unless there's some sort of guarantee they can get their money back. Long story short, refunds or credit for future games will be possible.


Season Ticket Question

This season has been my first as a Texans season ticket holder and I need some help from fellow season ticket holders! I do NOT have a PSL and I'm planning on buying season tickets for next season....


My son's first game

I was born in Houston, raised in Houston, lived here all my life (except for the 2 years that I lived in Huntsville in college). So naturally football is in my blood. The day I've waited for since...


What home games to go to

I posted this question in the comments section of the schedule post and got a good response, so I figured that I would open the question up on a FanPost to get some additional feedback.


A visit to Reliant Stadium in March

So I decided to bite the bullet this year and get on the waiting list for Texans season tickets. An inside glimpse of the stadium after the jump...

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