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Who am I and why do I blog?
Dan Valis, a die hard Mets fan who wants to talk Mets baseball all year round.

What is the site about?
The site is about reliving great Mets Moments, following our young players grow and playing the role of Manger and General Manager on a daily basis.

Where do I sit?
On the Promenade level of course, more games for my money.

Favorite food at Citi Field?
Shake Shack burger, best burger ever

Favorite food at Shea Stadium?
Carvel Ice Cream, it just tasted better at Shea.

Favorite moment at a Mets game.
The wild pitch that beat the Pirates in the final game of the 1999 regular season, to force a one game playoff against the Reds.

Favorite Mets of the Past and Present.
Past: Mike Piazza and John Franco
Present: Jose Reyes and David Wright

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Mets
  • NBA New York Knicks
  • NFL New York Giants
  • NHL New York Rangers
User Blog

Are Pitch Counts Ruining The Game?


As pitchers make higher and higher salaries as the years go by, they also throw less pitches. Whose idea was it anyway that 100 pitches was going to be the limit for starting pitchers? I wonder if the person that thought of this great idea also realizes that this idea of limiting starting pitchers to 100 pitches may also have led to the rise in traumatic arm injuries that we have seen in the game lately.

Knicks Executive Wants Carmelo Traded To Bring Back Linsanity?


It’s easy to sit and point fingers at Carmelo, who has helped lead the Knicks to a 2-8 record since re-entering the lineup. He may be the biggest culprit, but he is not the only reason why they have played so poorly.

2012 Figures To Be A Year Long Farewell For Rivera


Yesterday Mariano spoke with Kevin Kernan of the New York Post regarding his potential retirement. He said "I think maybe it will be...

Are Any Mets Worthy Of Being In Your 2012 Fantasy Lineup?


Is there a player on the Mets roster you want to have on your fantasy team?

The Book On Mets Prospect Zack Wheeler


Here is an in depth scouting report on Mets top prospect Zack Wheeler. Even though he is a year behind Harvey and Familia development wise, would anyone really be shocked if he made it to the big leagues before either one of them? This is the Mets were talking about...

The Verdict Is In For N.Y. Baseball Fans…Reyes Or Jeter?


When discussing this debate, I almost feel like I am comparing Tim Duncan to Lebron James. Who would you rather have, the clutch not so flashy leader, or the immensely talented exciting player.


Young Pitching Prospects Show Promise early

This post is about the promise being shown by our young pitching prospects down in the Minors, if you are interested in what they are doing take a look. The trio of Jeurys Familia, Jenrry Mejia,...


You need Personalities like Reyes to win the WS

Injuries and a crappy supporting cast are the reasons why Reyes and Wright have not had the opportunities year in and year out. Just look at the garbage Omar put around them, and then asked for...


Have the Phillies become the Yankees of the NL?

As if I didn’t dislike the Yankees enough, now there’s two of them. I know the Phillies are not quite the Yankees, but at this time they are the closest thing in the National League. In recent...

Burning the Mets: Scott Kazmir Trade


The 2004 trade of Mets pitching phenom Scott Kazmir is still as puzzling today as the day he was dealt. What the Mets got in return was hardly equal value for one of the best pitching prospects in the game.

Sandy Is A Breath of Fresh Air


Hey Omar, he actually tells the truth and makes well thought out baseball decisions.


Why is Right Field a black hole for the Mets?

In recent Memory Right field has been a position that the Mets have been searching to solidify, but continue to come up empty. Guys towards the end of the careers such as Shawn Green, Derek Bell, G...


David Wright's Quiet Calm, Before The Mets Storm

David Wright has flown completely under the radar this spring, which is extremely important for the Mets. A year ago at this time, all of the talk was centered around Wright's unexpected power...


2011 Player Spotlight Preview: Jose Reyes

The Story: It was Spring Training 2009, full of excitement and optimism. We all saw the video's on SNY of Jose Reyes running sprints in the gym with the biggest grin on his face. It was good to...

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