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The 2000's Ute Football All-Decade Team

Ok guys, I know this is an odd time to do this, but I just thought I'd throw it out there. We are still a ways out from opening day and I am getting to the point where I'm tired of camp updates...


Random thoughts-7.8.2012

If you are new to BlockU, I just like to jot down a few thoughts from time to time. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing in-depth, just some impressions I have as we get closer to football season....


Looks like Harvey Langi going on a mission is official

The official Utah Athletics twitter feed is reporting that Harvey Langi has accepted a call to serve in the Florida Tampa Mission for the LDS church. He will leave for the MTC on July 25. I know...


Tired of the media

On Wednesday, BYU had their annual media day. And as we all know, Dr. Hill launched a bomb that landed on target in Provo. Literally, every time I turned my radio on, the guys on 1280 the...


Him or Him, Her or Her, It or It, whatever....the 2012 SLC DUNK Thread!

If you were on SLCDunk last year, you will remember this. If not, its pretty fun. Here is how it works: I'll start it off with a comparison. For example: Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap? T...


Him or Him, Summer 2012 V2.0

You know how it works.....lets do it! Ill start us off here........ Brian Johnson or Alex Smith? BTW, I hope we are having fun with this. The last thread created quite a bit of discussion...


Him or Him, it or it, them or them, etc....the OFFICIAL BlockU Summer 2012 Thread!

If you have been on BlockU for a while, you will remember this. Here is how it works....... I start off with a comparison, then you comment on it of which you would rather have. You then comment...


We want to be the very best (A Pokemon parody)

If you are a 90's kid, chances are you watched Pokemon growing up. I don't know why, but for whatever reason, this parody of the theme song just came to me this morning.


Question on the Golden State pick....

Ok, so I am unclear on the Golden State pick. I know it is "top 7 protected". What I want to know is.....does that mean it is really top 7 protected (meaning, when the lottery order is announced...


Favorite Boone/Hundley moment

I have nothing against David Locke, Craig Bolerjack, or Matt Harpring, but to me, Jazz games will never be the same without Hot Rod Hundley and Ron Boone. (I know Boone still does the radio,...


Runnin' Utes land first 2013 Commit

Julian Jacobs, a 6'2", 170 pound point guard from Las Vegas has given his verbal commitment to Ute coach Larry Krystkowiak. He also had offers from St. Mary's and Santa Clara. Here is the link...


Possible signing for Basketball

On Monday, I was listening to the Larry Krystkowiak Coach's Show on ESPN 700 with Bill Riley (@ESPN700bill). First of all, that is a fantastic show and if you can make time to listen to it on...


Transfer Watch

I did this last year and I want to do it again. For the past two years, the Runnin' Utes have faced a mass exodus after each season. And with this season coming to a close soon, its time to...


A pro-style/spread hybrid and other random musings....

-Like many of you, I have followed twitter a lot this morning as news has come out of the Brian Johnson promotion. On twitter, I caught a back and forth between @jazzyvandalute and @Dan_Florence...


The Jazz Fan Wave!

These last few years on Twitter have been interesting for me. It creates a whole new dynamic in watching a Jazz game. Before, it was the people at the game, and the people watching at home. ...


Jiggy Watkins dismissed

Multiple reports are coming out that Larry K has dismissed Jiggy from the team. As of right now, we only have the report, no details have been given. This is strange to me. It appeared that...


Northwest division thoughts

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I am a Jazz fan. In the two games we have played this year, it has been fun for me to watch your team. I have been impressed with the...

Midwest division breakdown

My midwest division review so far, the good and bad of the contenders.


Paul Millsap.....looking back.....

Every time Paul Millsap has a game like he did last night, I think back to that night in 2006 when Utah Jazz nation first became acquainted with the beastly beast that is Paul. I wanted to do...


Cheering for your guys once they leave.....

I was watching the 49ers/Saints game last night and a thought occurred to me, which inspired this post. As a fan of the Utah Utes, I was so happy for Alex Smith. I tweeted out "If you are a Ute...


Reviewing the history of Utah's commitments

As we get closer to February 1, I thought it would be fun to look back over the years at the commitments that Utah has received and how they panned out. If you follow this site, you know that I...


Jazz winning, having fun.

Most Jazz fans remember the 2003-2004 season. The team was coming out of the Stockton to Malone era with a lot of question marks. Frank Hughes (whatever happened to that clown?), a Sonics beat...


Jazz rotation will pay dividends at end of season

I had a scary experience a few years ago. I was driving home from work. As I turned to get on the onramp, I heard a strange noise and felt a strange movement from my car. I was alert, but...


New changes could help, but call me skeptical.

If you didn't see it already, it looks like big changes are coming to the BCS. Here is the article discussing it. Of course, there are no specifics given, but we are assured that things...

I am ashamed of myself....

Fellow Jazz fans, I sat down and made a team of my "All-time starting 5" and as I looked it over, I realized that all of these guys were either direct rivals/on rival teams......Im ashamed.

Big Bens all time starting five....two Lakers make it!

I made my all time starting five and amazingly put two of your Lakers....which, as a big Jazz fan, surprised me.......if you can surprise yourself....

An interesting look at TT

Yeah, you have seen it all, I know, but just in case you are bored.


Two Three star lineman to decide TODAY....Utah in top 3 for both...... Thought this was...

Jiggy Reinstated

I liked our offensive flow much better last night w/o Jiggy. But we couldn't hit a thing. Oh well.........uh...........welcome back?


Rebuilding the Ute basketball program.......(long long post!)

To start off with, let’s do a little exercise. I want you to go and scour the internet for me. I want you to find a college basketball program in the western United States that is more...

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