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A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humyankind.

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2 Round Mock Draft - Bare Bones

Involved in a bigger project, but I wanted to get out a quick mock to see what you guys thought of these picks. It'll help me out once I get started doing the larger volume mock drafts. It's...

Post Combine Mock Draft

Exactly what it says. 1 round goodness. Feedback appreciated.

BBI's Pre-Combine Big Board (Top 75)

With Dan's big board coming out, decided to put out the one that I have, pre-combine.Disclaimer - My opinions and observations. Will definitely change post-combine.

My "Mike Mayock" Mock

One of the most well respected analysts and draftniks out there, without question, is Mike Mayock. He recently had a media conference call this past week. You can find the transcript right here I...


State of the Union - The End.

Yessir, its that time again. Had a SOTU at the beginning of the year (which you can find right here, and again, midseason (which you can find right here. Only makes sense to get one at the end....


The Jerry Reese Game! v2012

Hey there, just wanted to take some time out and look at our salary cap situation. Understanding the salary cap can give us fans a more realistic idea about how much we can spend and who we can go...


NFC bEAST Eternal Thread #34: The Glory of the East Returns.

So a Lombardi trophy is added to the hallowed halls of the NFC East, the greatest division in NFL history. Boom.

Post-Superbowl Mock Draft.

I have no voice. Still hasn't really hit me yet. Already have gotten the official SB XLVI NYG T-Shirt. Didn't sleep last night. You get the picture. Won't stop me from mocking though. I am only...

4 Round Mock of Champions

I promised myself I wouldn't mock until the Giants were out of it. Oh well. If the Giants lose, you can blame me. My bad. New England fans, I expect a check in the mail. Only one trade:...


NFC East Regular Season Player Review

Hey there, BTB. I've posted this at BBV and BGN, but I wanted to also post this at BTB as well because, hey, it pertains to the NFC East. Let me know what you think and where I messed up! Now that...


NFC East Regular Season Player Review

Now that the 2011 regular season is in the books, decided to just take a retrospective look at individuals in the no-longer vaunted NFC East. Wanted to give out the most valuable player at each...


NFC East Regular Season Player Review

Now that the 2011 regular season is in the books, decided to just take a retrospective look at individuals in the no-longer vaunted NFC East. Wanted to give out the most valuable player at each...


Examining the Culpability of Jerry Reese

Exactly what the title says this post is going to be about. Let's get at it. There's a couple different responsibilities that the GM has.


If Giants Players Were Portrayed By Movie Titles

If any of you enjoy, they have a ton of these. If not, go read Cracked now and thank me later. That website is friggin' hilarious. But I digress. I figured I would propose a contest. R...

BBI's "Lack of a Creative Name" Mock

3 Round Mock. I have a feeling this one won't be too popular, so I definitely look forward to the criticism. Tried adding descriptions to the 1st round, but decided they suck by the time I was...


NFC EAST ETERNAL THREAD #24: Because when your team sucks, you still have Bewbs

Hello there, NFC East friends. The Eagles blow. The Giants suck. The Redskins are on par with what they do. The Cowboys don't stink yet, but they probably will. Such is the life of an NFC...


A Game Recap For A Family Website

Usually when I try and write fanposts, I try to have some sort of rationale behind them. Make them meaningful. Try not to let emotions carry out what I do. This time [REDACTED] that. This is a...


30 Observations About The Giants

30 Observations About The Giants

BBI's Mock Draft Week 10 (Bare Bones, 2 Rounds)

2 Rounds. No Trades. No Frills.   Constructive Criticism always appreciated.


NFC EAST ETERNAL THREAD #21: It's Giants - Eagles Week.

I don't care if the Eagles are teh suxx0rest. I know that they aren't mathematically eliminated yet and they would love nothing more than knocking the Giants down.   Meanwhile, in Giants...


State of the Union - Here We Go Edition.

  "RESPECT ALL. FEAR NONE." - Tom Coughlin.

BBI's Mock Draft, Week 8 - 3rd Round + Trades

Been really busy with school, but I couldn't resist coming up with a mock. This was based on my rankings of players and how I think things will shake out. I included trades, even though I know they...



Here's to hoping for a Miami Dolphins win and a Jets loss. The 0-4 Dolphins come to Giants Stadium to take on the 2-3 underachieving Jets.   C'mon Phins! Show 'em who owns this city. But DO lay...

BBI's Positional Rankings, Wk 5 (QB, RB, WR, CB, DE, ILB, OLB)

Right now, I got knocked on my ass by some ridiculous cold, so I've been out of commission all of this Saturday. So after watching hours and hours of college football, decided not to make a mock...


NFC BEAST ETERNAL THREAD #16: Why the hell are the LOLskins winning the division?

Howdy Y'all.   No Politics. No Religion. No Conspiracy Theories. Yes Trash talk. No attacking people. GIFs good. Girls....great. Please for everything that is holy, when posting put a title.


BBI's 'Kudos And Wet Willies' For The 1st Q Of The Season

Going to do this a bit differently. Going to look at the entire 53 man roster, and give them a ranking from 1 - 10. 10 being the kudoiest of Kudos, and 1 being the wettest of willies. 5 is about...

BBI's Mock Draft, Wk 3

Some prospects definitely shining, and some definitely falling. 2nd round added.

BBI's 2012 Mock Draft, Wk 2

It's gettin' drafty up in here. More kneejerk reactions, of course. Tried to keep in mind the suggestions put forth from last week, and took into account this past week's slate of NCAA games.


Keep Pushing.

Look at those stat lines: Eli Manning: 18-29 for 200 yards, 2 TDs and a pick. Ugly. Ahmad Bradshaw, our leading rusher: 59 yards, 3.9 YPC. Ugly. Mario Manningham, our leading receiver: Only 3...


Can I get thoughts on my fantasy team? Also, Week 2 question!

What's up peeps,  Very much appreciated if you can take a look at my fantasy squad.

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