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Coach Ogre Also Being Investigated For UT Recruiting Violations


Not a big surprise, considering the news about Lame's violations. Ironically, the incident that triggered this involved one of our recent transfers, Brandon Willis, who arrived via UT and UNC.

Recruiting and Academics: a Different Perspective


It seems like a regular part of any recruiting season for us is sweating out whether a kid will be academically qualified enough to get into the school. Found this story in the Dallas Observer about SMU actually reneging on two scholarships due to academics, one of which would have gone to Darryl Jackson, a player the Bruins were supposedly recruiting and who, according to the story, is now planning to enroll at UCLA. In the SMU system, if your GPA is below 2.5 or your SAT is below 900, you go before a board that can deny admission if they think your chances of graduating are under 50%. They twice rejected an OL recruit who'd been accepted into Ivy League school Penn, which makes me wonder what goes into the 50% determination. Anyway, just thought this would provide some perspective on our admissions - and how Trogan standards might as well be using a Limbo pole. Comments?


ESPN's Jay Bilas tries to drag Coach into Trogan/Bush mess via Sam Gilbert

Somewhat appropriately hiding behind a subscription wall at the evil 4-letter, Jay Bilas just threw up a blog post (which I won't dignify with a link) dragging Coach Wooden into the Trogan/Bush...

Halos History: One Bat For Nine Batters (8/4/99)


WARNING: Includes shots of Moo Vaughn and the infamous Disney periwinkle jerseys. :D Was watching a show on MLB Network and they brought up this moment from Angels history, when hitting coach Rod Carew suggested the team break its post-ASG slump by having the entire lineup use the same bat - Jim Edmonds' bat, it turned out. Not only did they go through with it, our old buddy Orlando Palmeiro nearly got ejected for leaving the bat at the plate after he struck out to lead off the game! Plus they won the game 4-3! Does anyone actually remember this happening? It certainly caught me by surprise.

Yahoo: Hello Kiffin = UCLA Ending the Football Monopoly?


"...after two years of quiet mediocrity at UCLA, it's the crosstown Trojans who find themselves welcoming the new gold standard among NCAA scofflaws even as they're under the NCAA's thumb for possible sanctions accrued by the old regime, and next to Kiffin's unearned bravado, Neuheisel's trash talk comes across as positively meek..."

OT: Gerhart to Enter NFL Draft


One less problem for CRN and Bullough to gameplan for next year...

One More Thing To Look Out For In 2010


If you take a look at the Angels' entry on this BR page, you'll notice that we're only 34 games under .500 all-time (3,887-3,921). If Soth manages a record better than 98-64 in 2010 he'll truly have made this a "winning" club.

The Indians are willing to move Kerry Wood, who has one year remaining on his two-year, $20 million...


The Indians are willing to move Kerry Wood, who has one year remaining on his two-year, $20 million deal. Signing Wood made all the sense in the world for them a year ago, when it seemed the Indians might compete in the AL Central. But in the aftermath of the trades of Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee, Cleveland is in rebuilding mode and thus Wood is an expensive bauble. Given that there are so many closers available on the market, however, the Indians might not be able to move Wood's contract without eating some money.

Buster Olney Insider

Do you notice the cheerleaders at other schools? An overwhelming 81 percent answered yes. Players...

Do you notice the cheerleaders at other schools? An overwhelming 81 percent answered yes. Players singled out seven schools: Clemson, Cincinnati, Florida International, Louisville, South Florida, UCLA and their No. 1 -- Oregon.

Joe Posnanski: GMJ contract only #6 worst contract in baseball


Rejoice! We're not that bad after all. Money quote (not sure if this is damning with faint praise): "One funny part of this, though, is that I don’t think the Angels have a lot of buyer’s remorse here. They are a weird team, the Angels. They just chug along, year after year. They pretty wildly overpay for a player now and again. They give players odd roles. They do odd things that make you wonder what the heck is going on over there. But they make the playoffs almost every year, and they seem to deal pretty well with whatever mistakes they make. Matthews plays quite a lot for the Angels, and he has a 69 OPS+, but the Angels continue to score runs like crazy. It’s just weird over there."

The Unlikeliest Bruin NBA Draft Pick


Fun story about how the NBA Draft used to be incredibly long, which once led Larry Brown to select his equipment manager at UCLA for the New Jersey Nets (four picks ahead of future baseball HOFer Tony Gwynn!).


Free Agent Options?

A quick search reveals the current list of FAs for 2008, pending any options to be exercised and all that.


Halo Autograph Advice

Thinking of going early (around gate opening time) to the Friday game and continuing a quest to get a team signed ball...


Should We Be Looking Into Hiring Another Former Dodger?

Tonight's game drove home a point that Chone Figgins has apparently been trying to make to us all - he has the speed of a leadoff hitter, but not the skills.


Attempt at a Constructive Rant

Maybe it's seeing Wash come in and pitch well in Anaheim for once, or the schizo creature that is our offense. But last night's game made me want to hurl. Verbally, anyway. Pay no heed to the crazy...


Diary Question

Newb question...

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